Simple Urban of Silhouette Trend for Men’s Knitwear


In this season, jackets move forward with youthful, simple, clean and cosy qualities. Contrasting colors, piecing, geos and letters are key elements. Colors and techniques are combined with currently popular elements. The neat silhouette of jackets is kept.

fashion trend jacket

Functional sport pockets are applied to the chest and left arm. Contrasting waterproof zippers add appeal.

Functional Pockets

The contrast piecing of different materials is often seen at the hood, closure and hem. Smooth wovens and matte knitwear make a contrast, emphasizing the outline and creating a dissecting effect.

Piecing at the Edge

The mixing of knits and puffa is common. In this season, cuts and dissecting are more dressy. Color, stitch and yarns are key.

Warm Puffa

Heavy-gauge geometric textures are key. Square textures work well with jackets, and kwise and purl stitches make a contrast. Transitional stitches are used. Solid all-over textures play a key part, and melange yarns make textures stand out.

Square Textures

Jackets with refined plain surfaces work well in transitional periods. Wool yarns are mainly used. Silhouettes and textures are underlined. Striped textures and pointelle are combined, as seen at Reiss. Regular stitch is applied to the neckline, hem and cuff to keep the crisp silhouette and add depth. Concealed zippers feel delicate.

Refined Plain Surfaces

Plain colors are chosen for all-over letters. Stripe-like effects are applied with asymmetric details. Different sizes and colors add newness.

All-Over Letters

Portraits and figures make a comeback this season. Letters are teamed up with portraits and figures. Prints are often seen at the back. Print can be paired with jacquard and embroidery.

Letters and Figures


Fashion T-Shirt of Spring Summer 2020 Silhouette Trend for Menswear


Men’s T-shirts continue the street style for S/S 2020, and incorporate new influences such as functional patch pockets, Chinese characters and plaster sculptures. The most important point is that the whole presents a vintage and technical trend. The classic mock-layer T-shirts make a comeback.

fashion men's t-shirt

The functional style gains pace. Patch pockets, buckles and straps are widely used on short-sleeved crew neck T-shirts.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Functional Patch Pockets

Chinese characters start to emerge with Chinese brands attending four fashion weeks.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Chinese Characters

Classic plaster sculptures are reworked on men’s T-shirts through creative approaches.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Plaster Sculptures

Fashion webbing brings a street feel to short-sleeved hooded T-shirts.

fashion trend t-shirt style

Mock-layer T-shirts and letter prints are combined to show a vintage feel.

Long-Sleeved Mock-Layer T-Shirt -- Letter Print


Minimalism of The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Business Casual Jackets


Minimalism in jackets are more popular among business people. The boxy zip-out jacket with a shirt collar, short jacket with a lapel and short panelled jacket with a baseball jacket neck show the strong comeback of minimalism for A/W 20/21.

men's jacket

For A/W 20/21, business casual jackets move into the minimal and industrial style. The boxy silhouette, industry and workwear elements add a youthful edge.

The Boxy Zip-Out Jacket with A Shirt Collar

With the increasing popularity of vintage styling, the short jacket with a lapel gains traction for A/W 20/21, as seen as Ermenegildo Zegn and Anrealage. Different materials and detailing updates the short jacket, and nostalgia and modern minimalism are perfectly merged.

fashion jacket

The short jacket with a baseball jacket neck are coveted. The minimal shape and details underline the luxe texture. The mixing of different materials make the new jacket stand out. Different textures and a range of colors provide a youthful and casual finish.

The Short Jacket with A Baseball Jacket Neck

The neat and slick shape accentuates form. Large patch pockets or hidden ones are key for A/W 20/21. What’s more, Wool-like fabrics and checked fabrics work well this season.

The Minimalist Short Jacket with A Stand-Up Collar

The boxy hooded jacket is functional. Shiny PU and functional fabrics add a luxurious edge.

The Boxy Hooded Jacket


2020 Spring Summer Silhouette Trend for Dresses


Dresses are fit for summer. The silhouettes of dresses in S/S 2020 tend to be more feminine and slenderer. Deconstruction is key. Light and airy chiffon, sheer and checks are mainly used. Multi-layer splicing and deconstruction and contrast color splicing are both noticeable.


Transparent Cover-Up Dresses

Key Words: transparent cover-up dresses, detachable cover-up dresses, transparent lace.

transparent dresses

Puff Sleeves and Florals

Key Words: floral prints, puff sleeves, organza, light chiffon.

floral dresses

Slender Waist Line

Key Words: extended waist line, slender fit waist line, natural pleats on chest.

Slender Waist Line dresses

Sleeveless Slim Dresses

Key Words: deep V neck, high slit, lace.

Sleeveless Slim Dresses

Suspender Dresses

Key Words: ruffles spliced to hem, sequins, deconstruction, metal buttons.

Suspender Dresses


Cosy and Functional Bras Silhouette Trend of Women’s Underwear

fashion trend

More brands start to pay high attention to cosy underwear. Sports bras and corsets are increasingly popular. In S/S 2020, consumers prefer soft and lightweight bras. At the same time, nude, honey, spice color and coco color are essential. Simple cut, elastic lace, knits and neat edges elevate items.

fashion trend style

Cosy and leisure corsets are ideal for layering. The support structure on two sides provide support, and it is fit for summer looks.

Soft Tube Top.jpg

Minimal and cosy high-waist knickers and bras without linings feel smooth. Translucent sheer-like fabrics with stripes add interest.

High-Waist Matching Sets.jpg

The tight one piece feel modern. The low crew neck and adjustable straps are functional and chic. Soft cotton fabrics feel comfortable.

Second-Skin One Piece.jpg

The combination of underwear and loungewear is more popular. More functions and details are mixed. The soft jersey bra is cosy and fit for exercising. The elongated bra provides better support.


The classic triangular bra is ideal for summer. Bold trims add newness. Sportif elastic straps add a leisure aesthetic. Long-line bras and high one are popular for mass markets.

fashion style 1


Vintage Revolution Silhouette Trend of Dresses


Dresses are must-haves for women. In this season, Layered structures, cosy wide silhouettes and straight shoulder silhouettes are key for A/W 20/21.

Silhouette Inspiration.jpg

Woven fabrics and decorative silhouettes are combined to make high-neck Victorian dresses. Cutouts and pleats decorate the waist and sleeves. Decorative buttons are recommended. Comfortable fabrics like shirting and chiffon are mostly used.

Victorian High-Neck Dress.jpg

The adding of shoulder pads forms a right angle shape. The nipped-in design and waist belts accentuate form. Buckles and D-rings are underlined. Wool and outwear fabrics are recommended.

Straight Shoulder Dress.jpg

Widened silhouettes are cosy in for A/W. Pleats are mostly used for decoration. Small-scale piecing updates looks. Shirting, knits and lightweight worsted fabrics are recommended.

H-Line Dress.jpg

Trenchcoat-style dresses have 3D pockets and waistbands. Shirt collars and lightweight outwear fabrics are mostly used. Decorative buttons and waistband buckles are impressive.

Trenchcoat-Style Dress

Cut pieces are attached or sewn to dresses to form a layering effect. Uniquely textured fabrics are recommended for layering. Metallic embellishments and decorative buttons are highly recommended.

Pieced Dress.jpg

Leisure and Stylish Silhouette Trend of Men’s Sweaters

fashion men's sweater

Street culture dates back to the African-American rapping in the 1970s. In the 1990s, the rapping culture was spread to Asia. Just within dozens of years, rapping became popular all over the world. Men’s sweaters in this season show a stronger street sentiment: vibrant colors, color blocks and nonchalant accessories are impressive.

fashion style.jpg


According to POP’s data, casual and relaxed sweatshirts are most popular. Ryota Murakami’s similar colors create a pleasant feel. The crisp silhouette is slick and neat; the super long sleeves are impressive; delicate stitches create uneven textures. Graphiste Man.G and KYE elevated fashion through letters.

top10 fashion sweater.jpg

With the rising of several Chinese fashion brands, Chinese characters have prevailed. Chinese characters are often combined with graphics in many ways. INXX and Guuka combined Chinese characters with color blocks.

Chinese Characters fashion sweater.jpg

Letters are timeless for Sweatshirts. In this season, letters are arranged randomly. ABOW arranged letters in a stripe form on cuffs.

fashion Letters style.jpg

The unisex style gets more and more popular. Oversized loose silhouettes are relaxed and casual. Ballantyne and Les Hommes used bold colors to interpret nonchalant and cool styles. Louis Vuitton updated the dimensional look through understated stitches.

fashion unisex Looks.jpg

The materials of sweaters are durable, soft and warm. Diesel puts white skull patterns and slogans on black sweaters. Off-White brings a vibrant and playful feel through jacquard patterns.

Embrace Darkness fashion style.jpg

Athleisure still prevails and provide inspirations. Bright color blocks feel nonchalant. MCQ Alexander McQueen and Diesel combine fashion and motor sports.

Motor Sports fashion style.jpg

Crisp silhouettes and dense stitches are key for solid sweaters. The masculine looks are cool. KENZO and Calvin Klein use the ottoman texture and curved sleeves to add newness. SNOWFORTE’s layered look makes a statement.

Statement Culture fashion style.jpg


Unrestrained Silhouette Trend for Women’s Dresses


Dress silhouettes for A/W 2020 continue to be renewed. In addition to simplicity and cosiness, innovation on details and styles is more accentuated. Modern femininity prevails in dress markets. The day-and-night style and durability are key here.

fashion trend dresses

Elongated shirt dresses are more suitable for winter. Straight shirt dresses are relaxed and cosy. Plain fabrics work best for simple pieces.

Straight Shirt Dress.jpg

Boxy sleeveless dresses for A/W 19/20 become more popular. The dressy 3D design create refreshing feminine boxy silhouettes. Structural woven fabrics, knits and stripes wools are used for unrestrained looks.

fashion trend style dresses

The combinations of color and silhouette are key for oversized dresses in A/W 19/20 to create different mainstream styles. Oversized silhouettes continue to prevail. Warm and cosy fabrics for oversized dresses work well for day-and-night wearing.

Oversized Dress

Dresses in A/W 2020 renew the vintage style in order to suit the young generation. The leisure dress collection on catwalks gives a 80s sentiment. Loose and relaxed bowknot dresses are popular among women.

Bowknot Dress.jpg

The sports style gradually gains traction. Sportif seams and loose silhouettes add a commercial value. Innovative mixed looks are directional. Relaxed silhouettes and elastic fabrics are combined to create novel shapes. Sports influences are applied to show street fashion.

Sportif Dress.jpg


How Do Young People Become City Travelers?


Common Gender is a new contemporary menswear brand affiliated to EPO. Basic items are key, and all other styles are designed on the basis of basic pieces. A stable development mode has been formed through the updating of designs, cut, materials and silhouettes. The A/W 2019 collection Transmetro of Common Gender inspired by contemporary moving traces and urban life put the dynamic lifestyle on the catwalk in Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal.

fashion style

Unlike ordinary catwalks, that catwalk was special. Models walked in groups to form a confusing situation. The same model in the same outfit walked for many times to express the repetitive commuting scene. Singers, models and guests were invited.

Live atmosphere.jpg

Utility is key for commuting garments. Windproof coats, puffa jackets, multi-pocket vests and other functional details can be stylish and practical.

fashion Catwalk Looks

“See Now Buy Now” has started in the official website. T-shirts, shirts, bags and hats seen on the catwalk have been for sale.


All accessories are for commuting: bicycles, shopping bags, vegetable bags, sweat bands, water bottles, delivery packages and earphones. Nike and Specialized sponsored this show.

clothing details.jpg

Garments made of classic leather, synthetic lambswool, weather-proof fabrics and quality cotton, puffa jackets and windproof coats are practical and stylish.

fashion details.jpg


20/21 AW Piecing and Deconstruction Craft Trend for Women’s Coats


women's clothing craft

Deconstructed silhouettes are a focal point. Deconstructed closures are key, and piecing of multiple color blocks will be the direction. The mixing of fabrics in different styles is more focused on.

fashion style

Color Blocking
Key Words: bright color blocks, multiple color blocks, deconstructed closures, placement bright color piecing, half-and-half piecing.

women's color block clothing

Quilting Piecing
Key Words: lightweight quilting, contrast quilting on sleeves, quilting cape, bodice insert, detachable quilting layer.

Quilting Piecing

Sportif Piecing
Key Words: sportif and functional fabrics, weatherproof materials, workwear silhouette, big work pocket.

Sportif Piecing

Irregular Closures
Key Words: Irregular deconstructed closures, eccentric deconstruction, petal trim, irregular volume-adding closure, asymmetrical multiple closures.

Irregular Closures.jpg

Deconstructed Closures
Key Words: waist split, opening-and-closing, front breaking-and-linking style.

Deconstructed Closures.jpg

More Craft Techniques

More Craft Techniques