Is Coach Jacket Really Versatile?

For most men, coach jacket is almost versatile. Italo Zucchelli, the creative director of Calvin Klein’s menswear, once described coach jacket as simple, lightweight and unpretentious.


Initially, this coat was designed for baseball coaches. The elastic cuff, hem with a drawstring, lightweight nylon and snap fasteners are all combined to meet demands of various activities. The neat silhouette and cool shirt collar highlight the identity.

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N.W.A made coat jacket faddish as a street fashion symbol in the 1980s. This hip-hop group from Compton not only contributed to gangsta rap, but popularized coach jacket.

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What’s more, FBI agents also favor coach jackets. You guess right. Because of the outstanding function and the practical quality, coach jackets are chosen as uniforms. Without the golden chains and baseball caps, coach jacket is modern and upscale.

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Up to now, coach jackets have transformed from uniforms into daily fashion items. Thanks to the minimalism in silhouette and style, designers could conceive lots of bold ideas on color and material. Prints, fleece and high-tech fabrics make coach jacket in every season attention-grabbing. Almost all famous fashion brands have their own classic coach jackets.

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As just we said in the beginning, the matching with coach jacket is easy to deal with. You could pick up what you like to go with coach jacket. For example, warm knitted hats, basic white T-shirts, loose work pants, soft track pants or ordinary sneakers are all fit with coach jacket.

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The best match for coach jacket is hooded sweatshirt. Sweatshirt could add depth, and meanwhile the hood is practical and functional. To avoid be voluminous, you’d better choose the larger size.

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In addition, you could also wear a coach jacket in a normcore style. The solid color style, shirts or knitwear in the same tone and a pair of leather shoes could create a Japanese daily style.

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On most occasions, coach jacket can be picked up. However lazy you are, coach jacket can make you dress with flair.

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The Review of 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show


These photos give us an impression that the designs may come from the floral bed sheets in the 1980s. When supermodels come towards you, it is just like walking bed sheets. Well, it is just a funny joke to start our review. Since the first fashion show held by Victoria in 1990, the Victoria’s secret show has been an annual fashion carnival.


Several days ago, 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was recorded in New York. The official broadcast time is 10am, December 2(the United States time). This is the 23rd show broadcast since the 1995 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


Supermodels in the opening of the show were eye-catching. The opening theme of this year’s show is Glam Royal. Taylor Hill was the first model stepping on the stage and showing the collection of Scotland style. Taylor Hill made her debut in 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and she was the youngest. Then she officially signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret and became the real angel.


The Chinese Models

There are four Chinese Models in 2018 Victoria’s Secret Show.

Liu Wen, Xi Mengyao, He Sui and Chen Yu


He Sui Struck a pose on the stage in a black and transparent undergarment with a mechanical style. The golden sun totem wings on the back was holy and impressive.


Liu Wen interpreted the collection of Mary Katrantzou X VS.


Xi Mengyao was paid attention to last year because the mistake she made on the stage. The Downtown Angels’ clothes worn by Ms. Xi was simple and neat with the street girly look.


Chen Yu displayed the Pink collection. The metallic top paired with the orange pants. The waist bag exuded a youthful feel.

The making of the Fantasy Bra, which was paid high attention to, consumed around 930 hours. With the adding of 925 silver and gold, the value of it is about 1 million dollars. Moreover, 2100 Swarovski diamonds are used. The weight of the center part is even over 71 karats. The supremodel Elsa Hosk wore the dazzling Fantasy Bra.

2019 S/S Milan Fashion Week Shows Simple Deconstruction and Classic Details

This report analyzes brands of Milan Fashion Week featuring simple and deconstructed design. Giada, Jil Sander and Max Mara are key labels. Details, silhouettes, accessories and colorways are all mentioned below.

2019 Milan Fashion Week Styles

Pure White

All-over white is an important colorway in S/S 2019, seen at Jil Sander, Rejina Pyo and Victoria Beckham. Mixed materials are key, cottons, silks or knits combine together. Gauze and opaque layers feel fresh. Jil Sander uses white to create sporty, girly or feminine garments.

JilSander style white dress

Draped Look

Soft deconstructed details create draped effects to characterize simple silhouettes. Overcoats, jackets and dresses all employ this design to add newness.

Giada style coat

Deconstructed Detail with Accessory

Metallic buckles result in different looks. Deconstructed details are well-considered, contributing to neat, office-appropriate garments.

Giada jacket coat

Double Breasted

This season, blazers continue their success on catwalks, among which double-breasted looks increase by 69%. Max Mara is a good example. It applies double-breasted design to coats, blazers, jackets and dresses, delivering an elegant style.

Cropped Trousers

Generation Z favors bold looks, therefore, bike shorts and Bermuda shorts grow by 16%.  Max Mara is particularly prominent. Sharp overcoats or jackets pair with cool shorts, bringing a sport touch.

Soft & Slender

Jil Sander emphasizes female power in this season. Slinky knitted dresses, slouch H-line sweaters and shirts team with trousers to flatter slim body shapes, reflecting a soft yet sharp quality of women.

Jil Sander black dress

Meghan Markle In The Spotlight Again

Meghan Markle has always been the topic in English fashion industry since Prince Henry announced that Princess Meghan was pregnant. During the 16 days of the journey to Australia, Meghan changed her stylish outfit many times per day.

This journey to Europe for Prince Henry and Princess Meghan has been halfway. On the banquet of 23th, Princess Meghan was in the spotlight by showing her fashionable clothes. She was in a blue cape dress, which reminds us of the the red carpet dress worn by the queen of Spain Letizia attending the birthday party of the king of Holland.

Meghan Markle's blue evening dress

The blue color represents the nobility of British royal family. Blue is the symbol of authority, nobility and diginity.

The blue carpet dress worn by Princess Meghan was impressive and eye-catching. On this formal occasion, Meghan also chose diamond earrings to be more elegant.

Meghan Markle's

This blue cape dress is close fitting, and it could clearly show the protruding belly of Meghan. The maxi dress made Meghan graceful and the pure blue was high-class. The symmetrical arc design on sleeves are attractive. The small round neck exuded a youthful feel.

Meghan Markle's who wear blue evening dress

The cape is a good match to the dress, which best showed the great body shape of Princess Meghan. Unlike Princess Kate, Meghan didn’t coil her hair, which were girlie.

The red cape dress worn by the queen of Spain Letizia is very youthful. The blonde wavy hair was noble and glamorous.

Spain Queen Letizia's long red mopping dress

That slim red cape dress could easily show the slender body shape of the queen. The unsymmetrical shoulder design is appealing. Generally, the bright red is not for everyone, and only women with unique elegance could wear it to show the nobility of royal family.

Spain Queen Letizia's long red mopping dress

The queen of Spain, who was in a olive green cape dress combines with a pair of snake skin high heels, was present in the National Sports Award Ceremony. The cape dress was sexy and demonstrated the unique features of queen.

In fact, the blue cape dress perfectly combines the features of the red one worn by the queen of Spain and the symmetrical design.

Spain Queen Letizia's green knee length dress

Those evening dresses are very elegant and noble, do you like it? If you want to see more fashion style dresses, you can visit:

2018 A/W Bust Skirt

Some people could keep their style in different seasons, while others can’t.

The key point is the collocation. Bust skirt is what we want to discuss about today. 5 new CP items are perfect to match bust skirt. Don’t know what to wear next week? Bust skirt is the best choice.

How to know whether one bust skirt is fashionable?

Although bust skirt is very common, girls think it hard to wear it in a right way. Choosing the right style is very important. Just check if your bust skirt reaches the following standards.

Length: Below knee and above ankle

Bust skirts can be classified by length to short skirt, midi skirt and long skirt. Compared with cool short skirt and long skirt, midi skirt is neat. It doesn’t cover ankles, delivering a feel of being slender.

Style: Loose and irregular hem.

Sheath dress, tight hem and long skirt are not fit for walking around. If you are not in a good shape, that makes it worse. In comparison, A skirt with loose hem is perfect for activity and suitable for Asian women’s body shape.

Don’t choose expansion skirts with bordure on hem because that style will make you seem shorter. Irregular and lightweight hems are much better.

Color: Pure color is best.

If you want to spend less on matching, just choose bust skirts with pure colors. When you decide to select the patterned bust skirt, avoid complicated patterns.

Tips for wearing bust skirt fashionably

Avoid showy tops

Skirt is the key. You’d better choose ordinary tops to match skirt.

On color, similar or harmonious ones are the best.

The right colors means the right style. The tonal shades are harmonious and delicate. For matching colorful bust skirts, tops with similar colors are better.

Accessories, waistband and CP.

Most bust skirts are made of soft materials and the design is feminine. One waist band makes the style more attractive.

Chinese Fashion Brands Dazzled Us At S/S 19 New York Fashion Week

Chinese Fashion Style

Laoganma sweatshirt? Yunnan Baiyao hoodie? Chinese fashion brands materialized them in the NYFW China Day. There were chic sweatshirts, sport jackets and leisure tracksuits. The fashion brands played with traditional patterns and collaborated with time-honored Chinese brands.

Tmall Style

No.1 Tmall

Tmall’s “New China Fashion Era” partnered with China Pop-up Market at Opening Ceremony.

Angel Chen Fashion Clothing Designer

No.2 Angel Chen

This season, Angel Chen takes inspiration from Mistress Ching, a pirate during the Qing Dynasty. The collection incorporates traditional Chinese references and sea cultures, tapping into a pirate spirit.

Vivo Style

No.3 vivo

Vivo joined force with Angel Chen for a creative show. The technical elements of Vivo X23 were infused into the S/S 19 collection, bringing a visual feast.


Fluorescent Green

Green Fashion Clothing Style

Inspired by the light sensitive aesthetic of Vivo X23, fluorescent green appears on fashion clothes to reflect a rebellious style.

Purple Color Clothing Style

Purple is an auspicious color in China. Patterns against purple bases. The dark graphics mimic Chinese landscape paintings or tattoos of pirates.


Traditional Style

Laoganma Fashion Clothing Style

The famous fashion retailer Opening Ceremony partnered with Tmall for a China Day pop-up store. From Summer Palace, Shanghai VIVE, Yunnan Baiyao to Onecup, the time-honored Chinese brands shone out in New York.


Chinese Drogan Style for Coat

Chinese dragons and corsairs are decorated on garments in the form of treasure map. Dragons are dancing, colorful and brilliant.

The 3 Hottest Styles of Pre-Fall 2018 Womenswear on Tmall


According to the data, consumer groups are getting younger, so designs move in a youthful direction. The post 2000s, 1995s, 1990s and 1985s are main forces of online shopping, and they drive trends. The high-consumption post 90s and 85s prefer simple silhouettes, high quality, well-considered design and light tones. The post 95s and 00s love seasonal items, so they bought summer wear in August. But post 90s and 85s chose fall items such as base-layer sweaters, knitted jackets and lightweight woolen coats.


Sales Data of Different Styles on 3 Platforms

01 Sweet Style–Post 2000s

Girls enjoy sweet and subtle styles. Light tones are dominant in addition to black, white and gray, completing ethereal and vivid looks.

Sweet Fashion Style for Girls

Hot Item: Dress & Skirt

Plain-tone wovens are popular in the market, as well as check fabrics. The commercial success of plaid dresses and skirts continues from August to early autumn.

Sweet Girl's suit

white lace shirt and plaid dress for girl's

Key Item: Knitted Jacket

A must-have for this season, knitwear with comfortable touch is the best seller. Light purple feels girly, distressed placket and hem gains traction.

black and white sweater for girl

02 Smarten Up–Post 90s

Women of post 90s are not that mature. They still prefer girly design, but choose smarten-up garments in neat and elegant silhouettes.

Girl's Smarten Up--Post 90s

Hot Item: Top, Dress & Skirt

Polka-dot items hit the market, while simple shirts continue to prevail. Ruffles, lacings and shirring feel sophisticated yet sweet. Short-sleeve design has commercial appeal in this season.

Top, Dress & Skirt for girl

chiffon wave point dress for girl

blue shirt and white short dress for girl's

floral chiffon shirt and black dress for girl's

Key Item: Check Coat

Check suits or coats give women a mature twist. Office-appropriate style also plays a role. The post 90s is the main force of online shopping and sets trends, so it is important to win their hearts.

Check Coat for Girl

Check Girl's Set

check coat for girl

03 Mature Women–Post 85

The post-85s is a high-consumption generation. They prefer simple silhouettes, high quality, well-considered design and light tones. They opt for items to keep warm in early autumn, so base-layer sweaters, knitted jackets and lightweight woolen coats become hot items.

autumn sweater item for girl

Hot Item: Sweater

Soft and comfortable, base-layer sweaters are undoubtedly popular. Simple silhouettes are neat and refined, but tones go diverse, often in solid color.

pink color long sleeve sweater for women

wine red long sleeves sweater for girl

Key Item: Double-faced Woolen Coat

Loose silhouettes, appropriate length and soft tactility are design features for double-faced woolen coats. They pair with exquisite items for graceful looks.

Double-faced Woolen Coat for Women

biege long double-faced woolen coat for women

Meghan, Nicky and Selena Wore the Same Oscar De La Renta Resort 2019 Printed Dress

Meghan, Nicky and Selena‘ Prints Dresses
Meghan, Nicky and Selena’s Prints Dresses

Female celebrities occasionally wear the same dress. At 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week, Nicky Hilton, a international socialite, happened to wear the same dress as Meghan Markle’s and Selena Gomez’s.

Nicky’s Oscar De La Renta Prints Dress

The same dress they wore is a Resort 2019 printed dress, which belongs to Oscar De La Renta. Although the styles are different, they are from the same collection and have distinctive features.

Nicky Hilton’s Resort Dress

Yesterday Nicky Hilton was present at 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week. With that resort dress, she looked more elegant. Nicky has two children, but that almost doesn’t affect her body shape. Slender body shape in a printed dress conveys freshness. With a handbag and a pair of white high heels, resort style shows elegance and freshness.

Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress
Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress

In June, Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress at the “Hotel Transylvania 3” premiere. The separate top and skirt set has the high waist design. With the perfect matching of a clutch bag and shoes, the overall style is eye-catching.

Princess Megan’s Loose Dress with Blue-white Porcelain Printing

In June, Princess Megan and Prince Henry joined the wedding of Princess Diana’s niece. She wore the loose dress with blue-white porcelain printing, which also belongs to Oscar De La Renta. In addition, a white hat and symbolic hairpin were worn to match the dress.

Oscar De La Renta’s Model With That Blue-white Porcelain Printing Dress

Just taking a glance at the model with that dress on, we can assume that this dress is not for everyone. A slim body looks a little draggy, while a fat one appears a bit swollen.

If one item is often in the sight of people, that certainly proves it is too attractive. Those three celebrities shows three different kinds of style. Which one do you prefer?

Mirage Pink — 19/20 A/W Color Trend for Womenswear

2019/2020 Trend Mirage Pink Color
2019/2020 Trend Mirage Pink Color


Mild pink is a favorite of girls. Although it is not dominant on A/W 18/19 catwalks, it still plays a role on fashion week streets. Pink perfectly reflects the softness and romance of women.

Trend KOL Leader Who Wear Pink Color Coat
Trend KOL Leader Who Wear Pink Color Coat

Mirage Pink

The pink world in the smog takes us to a mirage, ultimately intriguing.

Mirage Pink Color
Mirage Pink Color

Mirage Pink — Clothing Collocation

Ruffles with soft touch use ethereal mirage pink for a sweet yet rebellious style, reminding of the fairy world.

Pink Clothing Match
Pink Clothing Match

Mirage Pink As Key Color

Girly mirage pink is prominent, accented with khaki and berry red, feeling warm but not intense.

Girly mirage pink
Girly mirage pink

Clothing Collocation

Puffer jacket is a key item. A pink padded coat reinforces the vivid quality of women. A shirt and a sweater are decorated with romantic ruffles, paring with a woolen skirt for a warm and feminine look.

Mirage Pink Clothing Collocation

Mirage Pink As Complementary Color

Fiesta green is a main tone, applied to plush fur items. Mirage pink and white are important complementary colors, embellished with some red for a covetable palette.

Fiesta Green and Mirage Pink Color Style
Fiesta Green and Mirage Pink Color Style

Clothing Collocation

The fur coat is a core item, with curly hairs to emphasize a sweet feel. Mirage pink complements an ethereal effect.

Green and Pink Fur Clothing Collocation
Green and Pink Fur Clothing Collocation

Here are chic jackets for both fashion-forward men and women

PowerPoint 演示文稿

1. Color-blocking Jacket

As sports style hits the fashion world, sporty jackets become must-haves for fashionistas. This season, color-blocking effects and loose silhouettes are key to create a street style.


Balenciaga opts for check panels, while Burberry utilizes color-blocking design. Slouch cutting and bold colorway have commercial appeal to young customers.

Deconstructed Bomber Jacket for Women and Men

2.Deconstructed Bomber Jacket

Classic bomber jackets are important in autumn and winter. They are more chic with deconstructed design. The application of zippers on sleeves is functional and well-considered.


From mixed materials to well-proportioned details, deconstructed design is frequently used by designers. Moschino combines a business zebra-striped vest with a stylish bomber jacket for a unique charm.

A stylish bomber jacket for Women and Men

3.Yokosuka Embroidered Jacket

Yokosuka embroidered jackets are a mix of Japanese and American styles. They apply oriental patterns and emphasize subtle embroidery.

Eastern references are indispensable details for Yokosuka jackets. Dragon patterns are key of this season. They blend with texts or paneled embroideries to make a fashion statement.

Dragon patterns for Men

4.Jacket with Fur Collar

Jackets with fur collars keep warm in autumn and winter. Fuzzy collars are important for both denim and check jackets.
Fur collars are widely used on A/W jackets. They deliver different styles on various items, but all of them are undoubtedly stylish.

  Fur collars A/W jackets for Men