Play with Fashion of Brand INXX


Dragon patterns go through the collection. Embroidery dragons are vivid. Popular silhouettes and dragons are mixed.

INXX Fashion Style

Stand by is a subline of INXX, showing a more youthful street style. Inspiration from subcultures make pattern bold. Fashion and statement are mixed. Easy-to-wear and hot garments are key.

INXX-Stand by

PILGRIMAGE features the unisex style. Silhouettes, crafts and cuts show the mixing of fashion and trend.


Black and Blank is a subline of PILGRIMAGE. “Black” means neutral cool girls, and “Blank” means anything. Details are emphasized. Easy-to-wear garments are key with a youthful style and colorfulness.

INXX-Black and Blank

For A/W 2019, INXX Sports collaborated with Kappa to release high-end sports fashion garments. Kapppa BANDA’s logo and dragon are mixed. Black, white and neon green are main colors. Daily sports wear include tees, sweatshirts, jackets and anoraks and goggles.

INXX-inxx sports x Kappa

Inxx street is a fashion platform created by INXX, featuring a more youthful and rebellious street style. The bold and directive styles are combined with statement natural elements.

INXX-inxx street