Elegance and Romance of Brand KEEPSAKE

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Founded in 2011, Keepsake emphasizes decorative art. Traditional eveningwear serves as a key silhouette. Romantic and modern designs, special fabrics, high-class prints and popular silhouettes are combined to create a pared-back Australian style.


Ruffles feel feminine. Small and delicate ruffles are applied to shoulders and sleeves. In this season, big brands like Louis Vuitton and Max Mara uses dense dimensional ruffles, while Keepsake once used that kind of ruffles in A/W 18/19. Ready-to-wear garments and knitwear are suitable.

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Elaborate cut and innovative designs are employed to diversify sleeves. Creative sleeves in solid knitwear are more eye-catching, with refreshing and soft colors. Keepsake chooses delicate pointelles and layered ottoman, which are renewing and practical. The lotus root-like sleeve looks puffy and appealing.

Sleeves fashion trend style.jpg

In this season, Keepsake uses the more dense pointelle texture to interpret delicate romance in summer. Different widths make a contrast. The fine and long transfer stitches are more orderly. The triangular stitch and intersected stitch bring more possibilities and create a noble quality.

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C/MEO COLLECTIVE is an Australian womenswear fashion brand founded in 2010. Special aesthetics are emphasized. Every year, it centers around a design theme to create multiple collections. Simple lines and neat cut interpret women’s purity and confidence.