19/20 A/W Popular Coats Trend Analysis in Womenswear Markets

fashion coat

In May, dominant is the simple & sophisticated, followed by the neutral leisure. H-line holds 56%. Layer-style piecing is mainly applied. Volume and size are key to play with deconstruction.



In top 10, mid-length coats dominate. Wool and plush each hold half of items. H-line, loose and practical, is most popular.

fashion coat

In this season, plush is often used in a large scale and piecing. Plush coats are exaggeratedly voluminous. Mid-length pieces, suitable for daily activities, are more commercial.

Plush Coats

Super exaggerated floor-length coats create a powerful look. Checks are attractive to young consumers. Silhouettes are very versatile. Small dropped shoulders add a directional edge.

Floor-Length Coats.jpg

Self belts and waist-cinchers accentuate form and femininity. Loose hems deliver a urban feminine sentiment.

Waisted Shapes coat.jpg

Mid- and High-necks make a comeback. Leather buckle loops add a warm and directional edge. New necks are experimental and interesting.

High Neck coat.jpg

INÈS LUO, a designer brand, was founded in 2014. Founder INÈS LUO graduated from ESMOD in Paris. INÈS LUO celebrates simple yet impressive lifestyles which are presented in her designs.