The Item Trend for Women’s Sweet Cardigan Knitwear

Sweet Cardigan

Youthful knitwear design shows sweetness through silhouettes and details. The development of silhouette pays more attention to the slimmer fits, crops and puffy sleeves. The sophisticated stitched textures, ruffle details and flowers improve the sweetness. Navy-style cardigan and middle-length cardigan are also noteworthy.

Sweet Cardigan

Cropped silhouette is the key point for knitwear development, which accents body shapes and reveals the sweet vibe. Details as cutouts, sophisticated textures, letter print plackets and 3D bows elevate the delicacy.

Fine Textures Sweet Cardigan

Puffy sleeves improve the volume on shoulders. Cables and ottoman stitches increase the texture of knitwear. Special-shaped buttons, embroidered flowers and embellished pearls are sweet and fun.

Mini Floral Cardigan

Textures brought by fine stitching show sophistication. The all-over design is the main expression. Slim-fit cardigans are decorated by geos and hearts to present sweetness. Besides, ribbon ties are also decorated for agility.

Ruffled Cardigan

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