20/21 Autumn Winter Women’s Fur Trends

women's fashion fur style

Sheepsink is high-class. It has swept almost all catwalks. Sheepsink can be applied on check overcoats or dresses. This report will gather trendy points of sheepsink: combination of fur and other materials, mixing of multiple kinds of fur and color-blocking effect.

fashion fur style
Splicing of Different Materials
The integration of sheepsink and other materials is individual, casual and stylish.

splicing of different materials trends
Large Color Blocks
Large color blocks can be arranged and mixed in plenty of ways. Color, pattern and fabric should be considered to enhance the effect of color blocks.

large color blocks fashion fur style
Hooded Coats
Athleisure Sheepsink or fur jackets have been popular. Cristiano Burani uses noticeable stitches to make garments refreshing; XII BASKET applies fox heads on sleeves.

Hooded Coats
Small Turndown Collar
Small turndown collar can keep more heat and improve neck line. Pockets on the front are three-dimensional. Short- and middle-sized designs are much neater.

Small Turndown Collar
Midi Coats with Waist Belts
Waist belt is elegant. The midi silhouette can better show feminine qualities.

Midi Coats with Waist Belts
Voluminous Silhouette
Sheepsink overcoats in large silhouettes are fashionable and functional.

Voluminous Silhouette fashion style fur
Straight Overcoat
Straight overcoat is very common. Its silhouette is neat, and the shoulder line looks clear and tough.
Straight OvercoatThis fashion trend report is from https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_5907-col_127/?pid=0000021