Three Points To Wear Boots

In winter, shoes should be warm yet stylish. Today, we will take a look at celebrities’ outfits to get some inspiration.

Boots are always prevalent for women in winter. The key is how to match.

fashion style boots

Firstly, the best length of boots is above knees, which can perfect the look of legs if your legs are not that straight. The way Song Xi wears boots are fit in warm areas. If in northern China, you need to wear leggings.

Secondly, the design of bootleg is important. The basic style is the straight, and another common one is with lots of creases. If your legs are a little bit fat, you should avoid the creased boots. Wang Ziwen wears those two styles in the pictures. You can check them.

fashion boots

Thirdly, there are many ways to wear boots. You could just put your legs in, or do it with leggings inside, or even with slim jeans. Temperature should be taken into account. Boots with high heels could make body shape more attractive. So do you like these boots?

fashion boots 1

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