The Craft Trend for Men’s Sports Sweatshirts


Influenced by sport core, loose leisure sweatshirts are still important. Adaptability is the core theme of items. Based on simple and loose silhouette, design details such as decorative accessories, protective function and craft deconstruction are added. And the comfortable and eye-catching appearance is created. Many optimized designs for sportswear will bring you out of the comfort zone.


As the important item to span the season, sweatshirts with detachable sleeves are suitable for both seasons. And the dropped shoulder design is voluminous and comfortable.

Sweatshirts with Detachable Sleeves

Snap fastener and velcro are important links of pockets. Funny design caters to young market, and adds the avant-garde sense.

Sweatshirts with Detachable Sleeves

The rise of outdoor sports improves the functionality of sweatshirts. As the leisure item, sweatshirts with crashworthy bar create a refreshing and energetic vision, and enhance the safety at night.

Sweatshirts with Crashworthy Bar

Buckles and binding-style straps are helpful for sweatshirts to show the outdoor extreme function, and suitable to tie up sports equipment. And they are decorative, too.

Sweatshirts with Functional Strap

Half-zip in the neck is breathable and moisture-wicking, and suitable for the changing temperature.

Half-zip Pullover Sweatshirts