Uniqlo x KAWAS


The last collaboration collection of Uniqlo x KAWAS was release on June 3, and it was soon out of stock. Consumers were almost crazy to buy this collection. The highest price of the T-shirt is 99RMB, but in the flea market, the price has reached up to 500RMB. It is estimated that the price will go up to 800RMB.

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Most celebrities wore the collaboration items. Yang Yang’s outfit and Roger Federer’s T-shirts are handsome and appealing.

Celebrities' Influence.jpg

The sixth collection includes 12 T-shirts for adults, 6 ones for kids and 4 canvas bags. The classic “XX” eyes, “Companion” and “BFF PINK” are included. Also, some celebrities made this collection much hotter.

Uniqlo x KAWS UT.jpg

Zara collaborated with Disney to release the Zara x Disney collection in summer. Classic Disney characters are shown on T-shirts.


H&M joined hands with Pokemon. Pikachu is printed on T-shirts.


More brand collaboration: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/blog/label_177/