The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Complicated and Pretty Cut Yoga Wear

Yoga Wear

The fast-paced urban life affects the fitness way of sports lovers. After working hours, they can enjoy the hot sweat therapy of yoga on weekends. Ensuring the comfortable functionality, the yoga wear should be more delicate and individualized to meet the fashion requirements of urban yoga lovers. The contrast-colored seam design and the layered waistcoat cut present the new fashion of yoga. Mock-layered cut-out T-shirt, complicated and pretty layered underwear and exquisite-cut sweatshirt present the diversification of the new yoga wear under the cut process.

Yoga Wear

Setting long-sleeve waistcoat over the sports underwear greatly satisfies the equipment requirement of some conservative fitness lovers. The flexible detachable silhouette and the cut-out under the armpit can avoid the restraint feeling during the body stretching. The design of contrast-colored seam and color-blocking splicing and the combination with cropped fitted top silhouette presents the soft beauty of women and forms the new yoga fashion.

Yoga Wear

Elasticity and comfort is the basic of yoga wear. And to satisfy the beauty-appreciation of urban fashionable fitness lovers based on the basic requirements, the yoga T-shirt in this new season has more stylish silhouettes and crafts. The complicated and pretty cut-out and mock-layered cut are regrouped and combined to present a visual mismatching, which better presents the sexual appeal and gentleness of women. The irregular cut around the neck is also noteworthy this season.

Yoga Wear

Early autumn 2022, there have been more changes on the yoga underwear. The additional splicing fabrics are overlapped on the basic sports underwear silhouette. The asymmetric layered-cut and heterogeneous splicing crafts are noteworthy.

Yoga Wear

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Indoor Sportswear | POP Fashion

The pursuit of maintaining body shape and health and the longing for social interaction arouse consumers’ interest in indoor gym. And the design target is changed from elites to those who just started to exercise and need physical assistance. Tight-top, one-piece suit, knitted suit, elastic shorts and cycling shorts all apply fit tailoring to stimulate wearers’ confidence and inject comfort and fashionable elements into every item.

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The Vigorous Colors Trend for Women’s Sports Themes

Sports Themes

The digital culture causes the emerging of synthetic highly saturated tones which bring more options for sports and break into the market of Gen Z. The multi-functional quality is underlined, and the request for cross-season, cross-gender and cross-age features is made. FIBO CHINA was held on Aug. 22 and lasted three days, and the exhibition proves the development of Chinese fitness industry and drive the sales of sports garments and accessories. S/S 2021 keeps up with the trend combining technology and life. Digital designs and synthetic colors are used to show a renewed aesthetic and hybrid looks.

Vibrant Digital Colors

Cyan blue is the best color for 2021, moving into the womenswear market. It has a calming effect.

Cyan Blue

MSGM, Reebok and Sirloin all use cyan blue as the main color. Black and white are incorporated. Color blocking enriches the palette.

Cyan Blue -- Catwalk Looks

Cyan blue is mainly used on tops such as coats and tees. The thin or thick bottoms in grey tones work best for the inside or outside activities and the transitional periods.

Cyan Blue -- Clothing Collocation

Primrose yellow has the potential to affect people’s moods. Its warm and elegant tones stand out for S/S 2021.

Primrose Yellow -- Inspiration

Influenced by Vivienne Westwood, Spyder and Artistix, Primrose yellow will be further expanded.

Primrose Yellow -- Catwalk Looks

Primrose yellow is applied to the utility coat, functional sporty styles and sneakers. Black, white and grey are used to add a classic effect. Minimalist consuming concepts are a kind of sustainability.

Primrose Yellow -- Clothing Collocation

Vermillion orange is intensely bright, giving a warning effect.

Vermillion Orange -- Inspiration

Large-scale vermillion orange is applied widely for S/S 2020. The vibrant and confident tone works well with running or cycling outfits.

Vermillion Orange -- Catwalk Looks

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