The Butterfly Color Trend for Womenswear


Butterfly is a color that embodies a longing and yearning for nature in Spring/Summer 2024. This fresh and vibrant hue is full of vitality and is suitable for a variety of products such as dresses, knitwear, and shirts in the young women’s fashion brands. It has excellent expansibility and will be popular in the Spring/Summer 2024. A low-saturation green with a hint of gray shadow also provides a calming and peaceful force, making it an ideal color for young women’s fashion. When paired with bright colors and used sparingly with stripes, it creates a comfortable and cozy feeling, revealing the calm and peaceful side of young girls.

Key Color Butterfly

This season, Butterfly is mainly used in tops such as T-shirts, shirts, and polo shirts. The bright and vibrant Butterfly gives a visual effect of energy and vitality. It is paired with common achromatic colors and earth tones as the main colorways. Small areas of pastels or warm yellow are incorporated to add a youthful and energetic vibe to the outfit.

Runway Looks

The use of Butterfly in patterns is mostly focused on floral and striped designs, which feature repetitive and regular shapes. Knit fabrics with heart-shaped cutouts and hand-crocheted textures effectively display the sweet visual effect of the color for young girls. At the same time, the use of fabrics with burn-out textures, seersucker, and smocking all express unique tactility.

Fabric & Pattern Craft

The focus of pairing Butterfly is with warm-toned pastels. When used as the main color and paired with Afterglow, it presents a pure and gentle tone with a sense of vitality. Adding Orchid Pink lightens the visual effect without being too garish, while incorporating Downtown Brown adds more practicality to the color palette.

Colorway Inspiration

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