The Design Development of Practical & Chic Women’s Dress

Women's Dress

Color Scheme

Women's Dress color scheme

Key Silhouette — Wrap Waist X-line
X-line with wrapped waists is the most popular silhouette in this season. The random folds and radial lines beautify the body shapes. Beyond the stable solid colors, designers also try ditsy florals to enrich the visual layers.

Women's Dresses

Key Silhouette — Ruched Wasit A-line
The combination of A-line and ruched waist is a sustainable trend. The adjustable drawstrings and wavy hemlines brings richly layered visual effects.

Women's Dresses

Key Silhouette — Slim-fit High Neck
Slim-fit high neck dress optimizes the neck lines. The fitting silhouette improves the neck-to-shoulder ratio and shows straight lines. The stretchy body underlines the charming curves. Artistic prints and jacquard velvet are the delicate techniques.

Women's Dresses

Clothing Collocation

Women's Dress clothing collocation

Design Template

Women's Dresses design template

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Looks of Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Boots are indispensable for fashion bloggers on Instagram, and they return back in S/S 2020 with a powerful momentum. High boots, the one-piece dress, the sexy slip dress and the shirt, all display the free Instagram style look.

The one-piece clothing is combined with boots and a bag, quite simple. Blair Eadie wears a long white dress and color-blocked or tonal high boots, pretty eye-catching.

The slip can be worn singly or worn with a shirt. Boots weaken the feminine feel and add a cool feel. A piece of outerwear is added to bring a layered sense.

Boots can work well with either loose jeans or straight jeans or well-fitting jeans, neat and clean. Lisa combines well-fitting jeans with above-knee boots, slim and tall visually.

Knowing The World Though Staying Indoors of Clothing Collocation for Womenswear

Clothing Collocation for Womenswear

The plague leads to the combination of work and life. The compulsive change of life habit allows “stay-at-home-economy” to rise quickly. “Stay-at-home-economy” refers to working or doing business at home while consuming at home, including telecommuting, online shopping, social community, take-out life, entertainment videos, online games, online education and financial management. Influenced by these trends, clothing collocation is also changing.

The tough suit is paired with the soft cape-style knitwear which brings a warm and cosy home feel. They complement each other to show the integration of the tough and the soft.


The knitted pullover is a main item in this kind of clothing collocation. The knitted vest is warm and eye-catching, with a pair of sporty hiking boots and soft stockings to display the new travel look.


The long shirt, the dress and knitwear are layered match with comfortable knitted trousers, displaying the relaxing and lethargic life style.

The Layered Match style

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Urban Exploration – Clothing Collocation of Men’s Knitwear


As the post-1995 generation enters the workplace, business menswear keeps changing. The boundary of office uniforms and leisure clothing is vaguer. Outdoor elements are added to business knitwear. Melange yarns and casual blurring bring a retro feeling. Fluorescent colors decorated in geometric graphics create a younger and more practical business style, and show the new business style combining urban style and fashion.

nen's knitwear

Blurring is mostly used in men’s leisure and sporty styles. In the new season, it is also reflected in business style. Earth color tones and basic grey and black are main colors. Printing and dyeing technique displays the erosive color change. It is suitable to pair with suit sets to bring a mixing look.

Artistic Blurring

Polo shirts of business style emphasize the silhouette and the quality sense. Fine-gauge is the key point in this new season. Different stitches are used to show richer architecture texture. A solid color is the main, and few similar colors are also added to decorate. It can be styled with crisp khaki pants and well-fitting suits.

Fine-gauged Polo Shirts

Armhole design which is widely used in men’s knitwear could fully wrap men’s shoulder. It is combined with texture to change the angle of seam. Purl stitches make the item younger and more casual. It is suitable for basic pullover. It emphasizes the fine stitch and the texture of cashmere, and pursues the natural comfort.

Armhole Design

3D geometrics with a architecture sense like checks and small color blocks are main patterns in business knitwear. Regular all-over arrangement expresses the rigorous business feeling. The S/S 2021 highlights the integration of basic natural colors like burnt olive and skylight.

Colorful Geometrics

Business style adopts introvert technique to display the quality of clothing. Woven lining added to knitwear jackets is more functional. Etro adopts industrial rough cameo and classic folk printed lining to make a texture contrast.

Knitwear Jackets with Lining

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Womenswear Trench Coat Clothing Collocation

Original Style.jpg

As an item with a history of over a century but still popular, the trench coat is the classic representative of elegant and meaningful temperament. It is beautiful, versatile and graceful. So it is an important thing to have a chic and graceful trench coat in autumn and winter. Now let’s have a look at new collocation trends for the trench coat.

women's coat

When styled with pants, it is neat and casual and the drawstring can accentuate form. At the same time, with a hairband and a sportif bag, the entire look is beautiful and eye-catching.

The Drawstring Trench Coat

The versatile trench coat matching a skirt is suitable for southern girls, and in the meanwhile, the mixing of skirt and sweatshirt is warm and cool.

The Color-blocking Trench Coat
Color-blocking Trench Coat for women in 2020/2021 Autumn Winter

The microstructures like attached panels and the cutting or the misaligned design in the placket, matching a simple and stand-up collar knitwear, is designer style and added by thigh boots, is cool and charming.

The Trench Coat With Attached Panels+ Microstructure

With some fine details like workwear pockets and multiple row buttons, the mid-length trench coat and the retro check shirt show exquisite and retro style.

The Mid-Length Trench Coat

The trench coat with strong sense of draping and pleating mostly match draping style skirt, a silk chiffon blouse and a pair of tipped fish-scale shoes. The entire look sweeps off the heaviness with clear layers and slim-highlighting visual impact.

The Trench Coat With Shirring Sleeves

Unique Delicacy Clothing Collocation of Women’s Shirts

clothing collocation

Silhouettes play a key role for shirts. Basic versions, oversized options, cinched shirts, cropped options and layering effects are still popular for S/S 2020.

shirt and pants fashion style.jpg

Three-quarter sleeve shirts with roomy cuffs can be styled with cotton & linen trousers to create a feminine and grown-up feel.

Three-Quarter Sleeve Shirts.jpg

The lapel is suitable for commuting. Patchwork adds interest. The wide-leg trousers further enhance practicality.

Shirts with Lapels.jpg

The cape silhouette, shirting and denim are used, styled with shorts or wash denim trousers.

fashion style.jpg

Ruching and cut elevate shirts styled with the black wide-leg trousers.

Press-Pleating Shirts.jpg

Deconstruction creates a extra pair of sleeves. Tying sleeves adding interest. Straight pants or slight flared trousers create a strong lady feel.


Cutout details on the shoulder and deconstructed shirts, linked with other cut panels, add interest. Jeans and straight pants add delicacy.

Cutout Shirts.jpg

Cropped silhouettes accentuate feminine form. Pleated skirts and hip-wrapping skirt feel directional.

Cropped Shirts

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POP-Up Stores are Coming. Which Style Do You Like?


POP-up stores are seen as short behavior art. “Limited”, “First Launching” and “New Product” are often seen in pop-up stores. POP-up store are always eye-catching through using new technologies, unique storefronts and varying colors. For fashion industry, spring is the fashion season for new styles.



Peacebird Men re-interprets the classic characters in Sesame Street. Trouble Andrew and Reilly show their 2 special collaboration collections, exploring new possibilities.


Oishi x AKOP

Oishi joins hands with Han Huohuo to release the Oishi x AKOP collection. Salted egg yellow is the main tone, with black and white tones. The inspiration comes from the salted egg potato chips of Oishi. Oishi’s garments in collaborated collections will be for sale in pop-up stores. The interesting point is that the outside fitting model wears a large salted egg, and the new salted egg chips are placed in the yellow shopping cart.

Oishi x AKOP.jpg


The Lacoste x Keith Haring collection uniquely interprets street fashion. Lacoste keeps a balance between classics and fashion, while Keith Haring is rebellious and unruly. The walls are inspired by Keith Haring’s classic works. The dancing figures set a basic tone. The collaborated items are bright and vibrant. The vintage subway seats and street vending machines are placed in stores. The soft colors and light are artistic.



UNDER PEACE once collaborated with HELLO KITTY, SpongeBob and others. In 2019, UNDER PEACE joined hands with Junji Itou, a famous Japanese horror cartoonist. Junji Itou’s best work Tomie is chosen. The grown-up, classic and interesting style is combined with Under Peace’s military, street and skateboard.


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Converse’s Collaborated Collections


Converse has released the special collaborated collection called Reimagined. Koche, Feng Chen Wang and Faith Connexion were invited to reinvent fashion, street and contemporary art to renew Converse.

The Best-Ever Collaboration

The CONVERSE X KOCHÉ collection reveals the mixing of haute couture and sports. Asymmetrical motifs are used a lot. Feminine details like lace are creatively combined with the logo of Converse. The collection shows a elevated feel and the girls’ power.


The CONVERSE X FENG CHEN WANG collection interprets the collision between basketball and femininity. Wide silhouettes, colored tapes and ribbed cuffs show a vibrant street feminine style.



2020 Pre-Fall Base Sweater Collocation for Women


Base sweaters are versatile and classic. They blend with other items to complete cozy and elegant looks, reflecting the individuality of urban women. Knitwear against silk or three-layer look marries softness with toughness.

fashion sweater

The combination of base sweater and shirt is popular. Checked or striped shirts are most classic, while translucent shirts reveal inner layer.

fashion style sweater

A bohemian dress is styled over a striped sweater for a chic look. A fitted base layer plays contrast with a flowing dress, feeling warm and elegant in cool autumn.

sweater dresses.jpg

Overalls continue to prevail in pre-fall 2020. The placket is unfastened to expose the sweater. Knitwear features front patterns, and softens masculine overalls.

fashion style sweater

It is common to wear a sweater underneath the suit. In pre-fall 2020, three-layer looks are chic. A sweater teams with a light sweatshirt or soft shirt and a suit. Opt for appropriate colors to keep balance.

fashion trend sweater

Base sweaters with delicate neck details are noticeable. They blend with overcoats in clashing or tonal colors. Shirts can also be worn to add depth and warmth.

fashion sweater

The sweaters stand out with jacquards, embroidered cuffs, high neck or varied stripes, emphasizing elegance and utility.

fashion trend style sweater

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