VOGUE BUSINESS IN CHINA first released the New Fashion Capital Index Report

Condé Nast China’s fashion industry media Vogue Business in China released the 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” on November 21. The report provides practitioners with a reference for the ranking of China’s new generation fashion city index through the professional perspective of the fashion industry. This report firstly authoritative released this year, and a release summit was held in Chengdu.

Chinese fashion

The report aims to redefine the “fashion power” of Chinese cities from a new perspective, depicting the fashion landscape of China’s new generation of cities except Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and provide a strong reference for industry practitioners to formulate future business development strategies.

Chinese fashion

This must-read “New Fashion Capital Index Report” was developed by Vogue Business in China and the world-renowned consulting firm EY-Parthenon. Through months of polishing the dimension setting and data calculation method, according to ” The five first-level dimensions of “fashion consumption strength”, “fashion business potential”, “fashion cultural charm”, “fashion innovation talents” and “fashion development ability” are important dimensions to conduct in-depth desk research and data analysis* for Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing etc. (Twelve Chinese cities including Changsha, Xiamen, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Dalian).. In the end, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Chongqing’s composite index ranked top three in 2020. The report will be updated and released every year, continuously optimizing the index system and algorithm, and strive to become an authoritative report on urban research in the fashion industry.

Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, said: “In the past ten years, most fashion brands have captured the four major consumer cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’. In order to get ready for the next step of expansion, you must truly understand China as a vast, densely populated, culturally diverse and complex market. Therefore, Vogue Business in China focuses this report on cities other than Beijing Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen’ to help brands understand the next echelon better, cities that also have strong consumption power and fashion potential.”

Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion
Chinese fashion

The 2020 “New Fashion Capital Index Report” launch summit is one of the most important events for Vogue Business in China in the past one year since it entered China. The event was held in the memory of the eastern suburbs of Chenghua District, Chengdu. The summit was hosted by Mr. Bao Yimin, the editorial director of Vogue Business in China, and discussed with industry experts, business and cultural leaders how the city can achieve new breakthroughs and usher in important development opportunities for the fashion industry. The event also deeply explored the diverse charms of Chengdu as the number one city in this report index, and what it is worth learning from.

Chinese fashion

The rules and difficulty of the game in the Chinese market are quietly changing. It is unrealistic for any brand or company to wish to maintain the status quo to maintain development. We believe that the changes in the Chinese fashion market in the next 10 years will be completely different from the situation in the previous 10 years, which also means that practitioners must have a new mindset, vision, pattern and strategic thinking to deepen the Chinese market.

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The Craft Detail Trend for Womenswear


How do we define female attitude in modern times? They are independent, brave and fearless. With women’s rising status, more and more women focus on self-affirmation and praise. They are brave to show the true self and fully display their own beauty, which is reflected by sexy craft details on the chest. Their free will, wild vitality and primitive temperament drive diverse designs on the chest.


Pleating releases more volume on the chest, or underwear structures are directly used to dresses or blouses, gradually abandoning cumbersome structures. Structures on the chest are underlined to display female own charm.

Underwear Structures

Lingerie look gets more prevalent in S/S 2022. The bra-style inner gradually replaces vest inner, or it is worn singly. Skimpier coverage reveals female independence and bravery to show themselves.

Lingerie Look

The blouse improved from bras is a key item influenced by new femininity. It is a key craft to use underwear structures to flatter the chest and make the chest more 3D, thus presenting female confident and elegant charm.

Blouses Improved from Bras

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2022 White Paper on Fashion Trend

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend

Based on the following up and observation of society, technology, environment, politics, industry and creative fields, this report will predict future visions that will change industrial trends in 2022, and will analyze their impact on business, culture and other industries.

Fashion Trend

2022 White Paper on Trend — Theme

The global health crisis exposes the fragility of companies’ concepts and systems. Asian countries, led by China, are leading the market recovery with faster response speed and better supply chain system. Future is not yet clear, but new visions and value systems are emerging and we are entering a new normal.

Fashion Trend


Nine themes of 2022 White Paper: Mental Model, Fashion Democratization, Gender Fluidity, Virtual Reincarnation, Blue Sea Creation, Digital Currency, Bacterial Technology and Bionics 3.0.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model

A mental model is an analogous expression to explain someone’s psychological activity.

Fashion Trend

Mental Model — Background

Psychology penetrates our lives, and people attach more psychological appeal to products. More brands realize that psychology is a bridge between product design and customers.

Fashion Trend

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Yi Shang Chuang Zhan and Daegu Government formally signed a strategic MOU for fashion development

fashion market

In order to promote the common development of the fiber fashion industry in China and South Korea, on November 2, 2020, Yi Shang Chuangzhan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai representative office of Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea, based on the principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, the two parties e entered into a strategic partnership.

Yi Shang Chuang Zhan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. is the first information technology company in China that provides fashion information and complete supply chain solutions for the fashion industry.

The company has multiple information authoritative channels at home and abroad, and thousands of information collectors all over the world, providing information and supply chain services for 1.16 million designers (clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, home textiles, fabrics) and 600,000 apparel companies, covering 90% of Chinese brands, is currently one of the largest apparel design information platforms in China.

Part 01 Introduce high-quality overseas resources & Establish extensive and in-depth cooperation

With this strategic cooperation, Yishang Chuangzhan will bring its brands such as POP Trend, Design Infinity, ULB and Sichuang to establish extensive and in-depth cooperation with the Daegu Metropolitan Government.

Based on this strategic agreement, Yishang Chuangzhan will operate a platform that will bring together high-quality fabrics from Korean textile companies in Daegu, providing a platform for more domestic fashion designers to connect with each other and reduce overseas sourcing costs.

fashion market

Every year, POP Fashion Trend, a subsidiary of Yishang Chuangzhan, conducts a series of traveling trend conferences nationwide, which are attended by representatives of Chinese apparel companies and fashion designers, and will also help Chinese enterprises connect with quality textile resources in Daegu, Korea, to empower original design.

Part 02 Undertake the overflow effect from the fair & Empowering China Fashion Together

Chinese fashion

At the time of the third edition of the Fair, Yishangchuang was awarded as the “Textile and Garment Pilot Platform” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Fashion Industry Alliance of Yangtze River Delta, and “the only transaction service platform serving the creative fashion industry for 6+365 days of the Fair” and other honorable enterprises.

Yi Shang Chuang Zhan and Daegu Metropolitan City Government will give full play to their profound strength, seize the industrial opportunities of the new era, and jointly promote the upgrading and transformation of the fashion industries (fibers, textiles, fashion, designer talents, etc.) of the two countries, and seek common fashion in the new era Rejuvenation and development!

Chinese fashion

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Trunk Shows


Practicality is the direction of S/S 2021 trunk shows. Dresses and trousers occupy the largest part, but trousers decline a little. The new season focuses more on the development and selection of tops. Details center on romantic spliced lace and silhouette changes. The attention is paid to cutting, spliced elements and detail crafts.


It is one of the hottest items in the new season. Silhouette cutting is key. Knitted fabrics and knitwear are main fabrics. Thus woven fabrics can be tried. Deconstruction and splicing create lavish layers.

Arc Ultra-Short Pull-on Top

Catering to the popularity of minimalism, collarless design is employed to highlight a layered match effect. 3D press-pleating and cutout embroidery make a mock-neck effect and add delicate details to items.

Collarless Suits

The dress is a key category this season, and the graceful shirt dress is prominent. Below-the-knee length, adjustable strings and refined fabrics characterize the shirt dress in the new season.

Graceful Shirt Dress

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Knitted Fabrics on Womenswear Catwalks

Womenswear Catwalks

The four major fashion weeks are held both online and offline. Generally speaking, S/S 2021 knits move into comfortable, minimalist and eco-friendly home style. Soft and durable knitted fabrics work with classic basic silhouettes to promote the knitted loungewear. Soft fabrics and layered match become the first priority among priorities. It has been a key trend to use trans-seasonal neutral light colors to create versatile knits fit for both lounge and streets, tapping into value-inspired consumers. And in S/S 2021, knitted fabrics focus on creating simple, wearable, trans-seasonal and multi-scene knits.

Womenswear Catwalks

According to comprehensive statistics of S/S 2021 womenswear catwalks, we can find this season knitted womenwear develops towards practicality. Driven by comfort and tactility, soft versatile cotton T-shirt fabric, practical loop pile, flexible knit, and mesh fabrics emerge in casual and practical styles, becoming key fabrics in S/S 2021 fashion weeks. They co-create funky fashion items that can be worn as outerwear and inner.

Womenswear Catwalks

On S/S 2021 catwalks, cotton single jersey remains key this season. Basic tones team up with shoulder pads, straight shape and placement deconstruction, to turn organic cotton, bamboo fibers, lyocell fibers and functional eco-friendly jersey with nanofibers into comfortable, versatile women’s T-shirts, quite noteworthy.

Womenswear Catwalks

Loop pile, as a perennial fabric for sweatshirts, teams up with statement-making designs to deliver a minimalist feel. Natural and light tones are dominant, and the surface is fine and smooth. Combed cotton or cotton blend is mixed to elevate the quality and exude a casual feel.

Womenswear Catwalks

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Suits & Sets Fabrics on Womenswear Catwalks

Womenswear Catwalks

Due to COVID-19, S/S 2021 four major fashion weeks are held online and offline. S/S 2021 fashion weeks center on practicality, comfort and versatility, blurring the boundary between conventional luxury and leisure. Soft, flowing and practical solid fabrics make classic sets and suits more daily. As the core of female wardrobes, suits dominate. Undyed casual cotton and linen fabrics, lightweight TR fabrics and other comfortable fabrics find a place in conventional suits and make them more trans-seasonal. From S/S 2021 four major fashion weeks, we can see suits and sets are moving towards daily comfort.

Womenswear Catwalks

According to statistics of S/S 2021 international womenswear catwalks, this season women’s suits and sets incline to be comfortable and practical, reflected by both designs and fabrics. Soft fabrics and layered match become top priorities. Practical and comfortable fabrics renew suits and sets. Casual cotton and linen with natural creases and fine textures, smooth and light TR fabrics become the first choice this season. Mini checks, smooth acetate fabrics, comfortable leather perfectly create S/S 2021 women’s suits and sets, simple yet elegant.

Womenswear Catwalks

As a key part on S/S 2021 catwalks, casual cotton and linen reinforce the comfort trend through loose suits and sets. Natural creases and fine textures allow casual cotton and linen to recreate comfortable leisure suits. Suits made of cotton and linen in original and neutral colors respond to plain cutting trend on S/S 2021 womenswear catwalks.

Womenswear Catwalks

S/S 2021 opens the future that suits can be comfortable and practical. This season TR fabrics become more lightweight and finer, adopt mainly muted neutral tones, take on a flat surface and smooth hand feel, and drape well. Their fine structures and soft tactility make sets and suits more trans-seasonal, further promoting comfort-first idea of S/S 2021 suits and sets.

Womenswear Catwalks

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How does the climate crisis transform the luxury industry

Consumers and investors are increasingly concerned about environmental issues. From alternative raw materials to which categories are growing faster, Luca Solca studied four issues facing the luxury goods industry.

Geneva, Switzerland-Consumers and investors are increasingly concerned about the environment, and four related forces will reshape the luxury goods market. More importantly, as climate and population growth put greater pressure on our planet, these concerns may intensify over time.

Environmental consumers will increasingly ask themselves which products are the most environmentally friendly, and then buy these products. But this is not an easy question to answer. Under which conditions the environment is much eco-friendly? How much is the water consumption? How about the carbon dioxide emissions? How serious is the pollution? If the mining industry is more environmentally friendly, then hard luxury goods will be the best choice.

Think about this, watches and jewelry have been worn thousands of times before being replaced, and most fashions have been worn dozens of times at most. More importantly, the environmental footprint of maintaining hard luxury goods is negligible. In contrast, the washing and dry cleaning of ready-to-wear garments has created a very negative environmental impact throughout its life cycle, and this effect is as serious in its production process.

Even if we take into account the pollution factor (the CO2 emissions of the mining industry are 2-10 times that of the fashion and accessories manufacturing industry), for those hard luxury brands trying to reduce the impact, using recyclable precious metals may be a very wise move. For example, 71% of Pandora’s gold and silver comes from recycled materials, and the brand’s goal is to reach 100% by 2025.

Alternative raw materials

The consumers ‘concern about animal welfare and the link between animal products and the environment are continuing to rise. Almost all major luxury brands have begun to ban the use of animal fur, which was the pillar product of the luxury industry in the past. As the recent controversy over crocodile farming has shown, we expect that the use of rare leathers may have a similar ending. In December 2018, Chanel announced that it would no longer use rare leather and fur in its collection. Wherever Chanel goes, others will follow.

The problem with leather is the same: Synthetic leather is the choice of only a few brands today, mainly because leather is largely regarded as a by-product of meat production. But as people continue to reduce beef intake, cowhide substitutes will definitely become more and more important. Luxury companies must improve their usage of raw materials, especially when a specific raw material is at the core of their brand’s DNA. Prada’s move to recycle nylon is the best example of proactive management in this regard.

Try to resell, challenge the brand perception

Luxury and fashion products are opening up to a wider audience, and the secondary market is about to usher in major developments. Although environmental issues may be a factor that drives people’s increasing interest in “second-hand” products, the main factor is actually the decline in the price of iconic luxury products for consumers and the increase in retail traffic. Resale giants The RealReal, Vestiaire Collective and Chrono 24 are at the forefront of the “second-hand” revolution, followed by a long list of players available.

Luxury brands are slowly embracing this trend and have established similar special partnerships and initiatives with existing physical and digital retailers such as Selfridges and Farfetch. Just not very long ago, Gucci collaborated with The RealReal to launch an online store.

The demand for second-hand products is often concentrated on big brands, even more than the demand in the primary market. A special study pointed out that Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel and Gucci accounted for most of the second-hand demand for handbags, while Rolex dominated the watch market. This may increase the popularity of products on the Internet and on the street, which also means that luxury giants must further increase their efforts to fight with the brand vulgarization.

Stricter ESG reporting

ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) reporting is still in its Primary Stage, much like financial reporting before the introduction of stock market regulators. In the luxury goods industry, companies often emphasize indicators that make themselves look good, while only making limited disclosures in other areas. But driven by consumer and investor demand, this situation may change quickly.

The negative environmental impacts of the fashion and luxury goods industries mainly occur in their extended supply chains. Observing the company’s specific performance and comparing vertically integrated companies at different levels will yield meaningless results.

Even if we look at elements such as carbon emissions that have received much attention recently, we found that Richemont is one of the few companies that report emissions within the “Scope 3”, which means that it not only discloses the third-party suppliers’ Direct emissions and their indirect emissions are also disclosed. The other exception is Kering Group, which also provides more extensive information disclosure. We expect this to become standard practice in the future.

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The Analysis of Womenswear Fast Fashion Benchmark Brands

Fashion Benchmark Brands

This report focuses on ZARA, H&M and Urban Revivo. This season collaborative IP patterns frequently appear. Urban leisure style becomes the main style in early autumn. Breathable cotton and linen as well as natural silk remain key fabrics. The dress is the most popular item. Shirring still holds a large share.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

1. Zara selects Mica Arganaraz for its A/W advertising campaign. 2. The collaboration collection of H&M and Giuliva Heritage is on sale on 3 September. Its minimalist style resembles Jil Sander. 3. H&M joins hands with Justin Bieber for a street collection. 4. H&M teams up with Lebanese designer Sandra Mansour for a co-branded series. Liu Wen leads the summer styling.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

Dresses, trousers and tops hold the highest percentage. Outerwear shows an obvious growth, followed by skirts and vests. Cartoon images, daily casual items and blazers dominate. As for silhouettes, casual loose shapes are main. Wide-shoulder design is employed. Vests and other tops also increase.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

Giuliva Heritage is founded in 2017 by a couple, Gerardo Cavaliere and Margherita Cardelli. Margherita always borrows clothes from her husband’s wardrobe, and later they reinterprets womenswear with menswear outlines. The brand is famous for its neutral and modern lines, as well as nonchalant yet tasteful items.

Fashion Benchmark Brands

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How can fashion brands grasp the opportunity in the wave for ip co-branding continues

The rapid momentum of the licensing market has swept across all walks of life, and cross-border co-branding in the fashion industry has become a trend. IP now become a powerful force for brands to connect with young consumer groups.

Strong IP x fashion

Support brands to quickly attract attentions and enhance its product power

fashion ip

Kappa x “Crayon Shin-chan” joint series of shoes:  On the 30th anniversary of Crayon Shin-chan’s “debut”, the joint shoes with Kappa are launched.

– When the national tide is on its way. Chinese style takes over

fashion ip

Li Ning and the official cross-border authorized agency of Dunhuang Museum-fresh and living things, explore the Silk Road together in the desert show.

– From fashion to high end luxury

Gucci Disney series

fashion shoes

Light luxury brand GUCCI teamed up with Disney’s classic cartoon character Mickey Mouse and bring us a New Year collaboration series. We can see the Mickey Mouse image is on every single product. From clothing and bags to watches and accessories, this series is extremely rich.

UNIQLO X DISNEYX AMBUSH Tripartite crossover

fashion ip

The Disney Minnie-themed UT series launched by Uniqlo and AMBUSH is officially on sale. Within one day, six joint UT models have sold more than 10,000 pieces in Tmall stores.

fashion ip

Do you still remember the classic hit Uniqlo x KAWS series in last year? It was sold out in 3 seconds, driving the search volume of Uniqlo brand on Tmall to increase by 37 times, Weibo topic hastag views reached 470 million. Uniqlo parent company bucked the stock market and rose up to 4.58% as of the closing time on June 5.

According to the “2020 Global Licensing Market Report” published by the International Licensing International Association in New York, USA, the global retail sales of licensed goods increased to 292.8 billion US dollars in 2019. Fashion authorization ranks third with 33.8 billion U.S. dollars (11.5%).

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