The Road of Fashion in The Sci-tech Age

With the advent of 5G era in the Internet industry, technical progress has an strong impact on people’s life. Intelligent technology is constantly upgrading people’s home life and the way of leisure and entertainment, and consumers who like to stay at home are getting closer to the virtual world. In addition to online selling, human-computer interaction, AR technology, 3D try-on and other technologies have also been realized. Technology has exerted a strong influence in this pandemic. It enables people to make bold attempts on operation mode, consumption idea and even design concept in advance, promotes the progress of human civilization and shows a profound influence on the fashion industry.

As COVID-19 influences the global fashion industry in varying degrees, various fashion events have been postponed; many online celebrities, bloggers and fashion buyers have been absent from the New York and London fashion weeks; Milan fashion week has to end in a hurry; Seoul’s A/W 2020 fashion week in March is also cancelled. Shanghai fashion week, which was originally postponed, has taken a bold new attempt as other fashion weeks have been left baffled. Shanghai fashion week has teamed up with Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms to launch the most special Tmall Fashion Week. It makes use of green screen, AR, virtual KOL, virtual flash and other surreal technologies.

As one of the most successful virtual idol, Hatsune Miku’s commercial value has been tested in the market for more than a decade and remain active. The virtual online celebrity industry is developing rapidly and undergoing a significant shift in the relationship between the brand and consumers. On one hand, the novelty of the topic and the affordable endorsement cost make the virtual online celebrity more cost-effective at this stage. On the other hand, consumers who are tired of the traditional way of celebrity endorsement constantly need new fashion forms, which drives virtual celebrities to develop toward the real and the statement-making directions. Lil Miquela’s team gives her a name in the real world as Miquela Sousa. She is a 20-year-old mixed-race girl between Brazil and Spain living in Los Angeles. And she is also a model and singer. She has her own self-awareness, supports the rights of black people and has spoken out against Donald Trump.

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Looks of Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Boots are indispensable for fashion bloggers on Instagram, and they return back in S/S 2020 with a powerful momentum. High boots, the one-piece dress, the sexy slip dress and the shirt, all display the free Instagram style look.

The one-piece clothing is combined with boots and a bag, quite simple. Blair Eadie wears a long white dress and color-blocked or tonal high boots, pretty eye-catching.

The slip can be worn singly or worn with a shirt. Boots weaken the feminine feel and add a cool feel. A piece of outerwear is added to bring a layered sense.

Boots can work well with either loose jeans or straight jeans or well-fitting jeans, neat and clean. Lisa combines well-fitting jeans with above-knee boots, slim and tall visually.

The Key Craft Details Trend for Women’s Leather and Fur


As consumers pursue the improvement of life quality, delicacy and elegance become important. Sustainable fashion drives the exploration of exquisite and durable details to be a mainstream. Traditional handicrafts become an important form of clothing details. Delicacy and craftsmanship return back, and weaving will mix with femininity to create fashionable items.

Women's Leather and Fur

In addition to press-pleating, dense or sparse pleating, or the direction of cutting creates 3D textures, enhances the visual impact, and brings the aesthetics of crafts.

Pleating style

In A/W 21/22, quilted fabrics of puffa jackets get thinner, which is a key trend. With the upgrade of materials, statement-making quilting detail shows unique charm. Irregular artistic stitches echo the orderly geometric cutting, with mixed materials and color-blocking for a new visual feel.

Fun Quilting style

Fringe is a common way to add details, making the simple style more casual. And fringes get thinner and thinner, which is an evident trend and guides the direction of women’s leather and fur.

Casual Fringes

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III VIVINIKO The Benchmark Brand of Women’s Knitwear


Founded in 2006, III VIVINIKO has always taken “simple freshness” as the design concept. It advocates using the most minimalist technique to interpret freshness. With the theme of My City My Holiday, its S/S 2020 collection conveys a life attitude of keeping pace with the times through the relationship between color, pattern and silhouette, and advocates urban women in the city to enjoy a free and comfortable lifestyle like during holiday.

Women's Knitwear

III VIVINIKO S/S 2020 collection brings the auk, shell and waves in the south China Sea into urban life. The jacquard, print and cross-stitch of flying birds depict fun pictures, with the coast map and big florals to echo the theme and bring a strong resort style.


French ditsies pattern is the main element in this collection. Romantic florals break the plainness of solid knitwear. Dotted line jacquard and letter embroidery enrich the layered sense, bring strong vitality of spring, and create a relaxing holiday vibe for urban women.


The knitwear dress of III VIVINIKO is soft and elastic. Orderly stitches make the item well-fitting and comfortable. Cutout on the shoulder, layered ruffles and transparent yarns are quite important, adding a soft feeling. Natural transfer stitches and smooth lines make the item strongly feminine.

Tight Dresses

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Key Items of Women’s Tranquil and Comfortable Loungewear


In S/S 2021, as the boundary between work and life becomes more and more blurred, loungewear also becomes more exquisite. Soft touch, natural blends and sustainable organic fibers are the focus of the design. Natural blended fabrics are adopted to innovate loungewear and to ensure breathability and sustainability of the design. Natural patterns are used to enhance the attraction of jams. Soft cotton design of resort style is used to renew the night dress. Colors and printing set the keynote for bathrobes. The simple appearance and comfortable silhouette are combined with modern clothing, which is the key of core market and fashion market in loungewear.

Overview of Inspirations

Under the background of the continuous development of environmentally-friendly consumption, more and more consumers choose to work at home, so they need convenient loungwear which is also fit for going out. Natural and harmless fabric is adopted. Soft, draping, simple and practical elements are mostly used. Exquisite neutral colors enhance the quality sense of loungewear. And low-key patterns renew the soft and elastic style.


The kimono silhouette is adopted to create the minimalist style. The keynote is set through colors, printing, silhouette and fabric. Blended fabric of linen and cotton is used to create bathrobe with natural patterns. And the fabric with various patterns is also a good choice to create bold styles of traditional Japanese style.

Bathrobe with an Overlapped Collar

The voluminous dress is quite statement-making in street wear and designer brands. Cotton fabric is used to create the simple voluminous A-line. The simple drawstring is used to heighten the voluminous feel. This item is fit for both indoors and outdoors. The minimalist appearance emphasizes details of sleeves and shoulder strap of the resort style.


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Awakening Fashion of The Silhouette Trend for Men’s T-shirts

Men's T-shirts

The T-shirt is fit for all the year, and can bring infinite possibilities to the look. Individual T-shirts could interpret the style of the brand. The silhouette change could also endow the clothing with various styles. The loose silhouette is undoubtedly a design point. Different techniques can endow the T-shirt with a lethargic and casual feel. In addition, the mock-neck T-shirt is worth attention.

Men's T-shirts

Deconstruction could break the ordinariness. Asymmetric design changes the basic silhouette, more creative. Different length and width are combined with unusual designs. The bright asymmetric cutting is combined with simple and low-key colors or leaping colors, creating relaxing, individual and creative designs.

Deconstructed Loose T-shirts


The loose silhouette is favored by many youngsters. Text, pattern and embroidery are combined with crafts to express the loose silhouette, very practical. Bernhard Willhelm x CAMPER LAB uses the black and white ombre, together with the embroidered tasseled texts, fashionable and individual.

Loose Short-sleeved T-shirts

The loose silhouette is combined with rich and colorful printing, easily creating fashionable and casual styles. The photo-style printed pattern is also changed. The hot photo printing turns to be the artistic negative or conceptual photos, film photographs of stories and art pictures. The nostalgic and artistic sense is extended to T-shirts, fashionable and superior.


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Denim Trend for Menswear and Womenswear

1Denim Trend

With the return of Bohemian style, the lifestyle of pursuing freedom and close to nature is becoming more and more popular, bringing an eternal holiday for S/S 2021. Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and fresh gorgeous color match, reinterpreting holiday looks of denim items. Denim fabric creates an exotic folk vibe for holiday denim through natural dyestuff and hand-sewn details. Modern tropical prints and blurred patterns are quite novel.

denim trend

In the quick-paced modern life, people begin to pursue the comfortable slow fashion and yearn for the natural resort style, which represents the fashion is returning to nature. Inspired by exotic resorts and midsummer energy, Eternal Holiday brings lots of prints and color match, reinterpreting daily looks of denim and creating new summer looks.


Bright and exotic spice tones revive. This color match erodes Eternal Holiday, and its pleasing vibe evokes the hot feeling of holiday. Colored denim replaces pastel colors, breaking the dullness of blue denim and presenting gorgeous holiday looks.

Kermes Colored Denim

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The Fluffy Appearance Silhouette Trend for Women’s Puffa Jackets

Women's Puffa Jackets

Influenced by the challenge and anxiety brought by the NCP, people will attach more importance to safety, comfort and practicality of clothing. Thus clothing will also add more loose yet steady structures to meet people’s demands. In A/W 21/22, puffa jackets will take on a fluffy look, with different waisted forms to show the importance of the well-fitting silhouette and accessories. Tonal set, A-line silhouette and the half-open neck will focus on the loose structure changes.

2Women's Puffa Jackets

Under the background of diversified combination, clothing will pay more and more attention to layered changes. The two-piece is an indispensable expression technique. In A/W 21/22, the two-piece puffa jacket is mainly waisted, emphasizing the belt. The jacket is layered with the vest, and the focus in on the knot or buckle on the waist, showing the steady structure.


The long overcoat-style puffa jacket has a comfortable silhouette and keeps the lapels of overcoats. It is mainly without quilting, to further blur the boundary between overcoats and puffa jackets and deliver a fluffy lethargic feel. A belt is added and wrapped.

Long Overcoat-style Puffa Jackets

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The Trend for Men’s Sportswear

Men's Sportswear

In A/W 20/21, men’s sports items feature the minimalism and functional details. The extreme simplicity displays the “less is more” wearing experience. Due to the rapid deterioration of the climate and environment, items in this season aim to save social resources and encourage consumers to support sustainable development. The item explores the improved design of outdoor styles, and focuses on durability and transseasonal wearing. The function of fabric needs improvement to adapt to flexible cutting and strengthen the recycle value. Besides, the layered match is also a key design point for outdoor styles.

Men's Sportswear

Extreme changes in the environment make the functional item increasingly important. The protective parka has highly adaptive details to face the climate and environment. Durable woven fabric, temperature-controlling fabric, wind-proof layer and built-in bracer are quite protective and functional.

Protective Parkas men's sportwear

Instead of normal quilting and 3D press-pleating, the dense seams are used to create the voluminous puffa jacket. Neutral tones and logos highlight the minimalism, quite fit for autumn and winter.

Urban Minimalist Puffa Jackets

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Popular Knitwear Sweatshirts

Women's Knitwear Sweatshirts

Vigorous and fashionable trendsetters of the new era have completely different thinking mode and brand-new lifestyle, and pay more attention to casual wearing experience and unique details. Sweatshirts with both comfort and fashion are the first choice for youngsters. Knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocate the wearing experience of casual beauty with details as the main and the silhouette as the complementary. This report will elaborate main points of the trend from “layer contrast”, “spliced materials”, “layered sleeves” and “bracket-style sleeves”. This report also recommends comfortable and good-looking knitwear sweatshirts to help with the development of the young and casual style.

Women's Knitwear Sweatshirts

The loose silhouette and neat bracket-style sleeves are main silhouette points of women’s knitwear sweatshirts in the new season, and can strengthen female temperament. The soft and tough lines and neat cutting show the fashionable sense of the wearer. Crisp bracket-style sleeves are combined with details to show the fashion and leisure temperament. The sweatshirt of Les Coyotes De Paris uses letters and slogans as topstitches. Simple but powerful outlines reveal the confidence and uniqueness, very representative.

Women's Knitwear Sweatshirts

Different from the flat color-blocking in previous seasons, knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocates more layer changes. With the help of color-blocking, ruffles and layered fabrics display the layered sense of the item. Compared with simple color blocks, the space sense of the item is tensile and fully shows the youthful vitality. In order to avoid the heavy and thick sense of two pieces, lightweight yarns or small-scale panel are applied to design partially. The style of LOEWE is one of the best examples.


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