A/W 22/23 Color Evolution of Fur

women's Fur

The yellow colors of A/W 22/23, especially the natural and vintage Amber Yellow, will bring a warm and safe sense to A/W collections. However, the low-saturation yellow tone of A/W 21/22 chased for the inner healing and peacefulness, and the artistic atmosphere.

women's Fur

As the continuous color of A/W 22/23, green has been evolved to be brighter and more saturated. While the green colors in A/W 21/22 combined wild loneliness with pacifism to chant the natural song of exiled spirits. Although green only occupies a smaller proportion among all the colors, it still increased by 20% year-on-year.

women's Fur

A/W 22/23 khaki better presents the natural gravel texture. Its gentle and plain hue exudes a minimalist and comfortable feeling. The warm and neutral color combination of A/W 21/22 shown the premium comfort.

women's Fur

Brown tone has kept its momentum for the recent three seasons, which reveals the comfort and peacefulness of old times in A/W 22/23. While the brown tone in A/W 21/22 maintained its classic comfortable emotion and practicality, and stressed the natural and casual home environment.

women's Fur

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The Color Confirmation of Womenswear Market

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. Spring colors are inspired by the awakening of Romantic Times. Shell Pink is prominent, pairing with the tonal Sweet Pea Pink and complement of Pure White for a spring story, Brownie keeps balance, accentuated with Fairy Blue for a girly palette.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. Mid-summer colors are influenced by modern architecture. Elegant Beige dominates, warm yet alienated. Pulp White feels simple, mixing with warm black for a sharp quality.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. With the popularity of digital games and E-sports, impressive Time Blue on screens has great appeal. Digital Multicolor and Flame Red enliven the palette, reinforcing sport aesthetic of virtual futurism.

Womenswear Market

POP released the S/S 2021 color trend report in February, 2020. And according to the market researches this time, the color prediction is perfectly accurate. The unrealized space punk pf retro futurism develops technical sports for spring, featuring Digital Multicolor, balanced by Atom Green and Digital Purple. The result in the multi-dimensional space of “sport, music, time and universe”, while Mass-energy Black highlights the nostalgic technical edge of futurist surreal aesthetics.

Womenswear Market

For a full report, pls visit https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_10431-col_33/

The Color Trend for Women’s Underwear and Loungewear

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Economic globalization causes ecological crisis, which leads to a new normality. People are redefining the core of life, and searching for consolation from their family and friends or even an item. Therefore, healing and eco-friendly sustainable colors become the key. Saturated eye-catching colors present positive energy and provide contrast with dark hue. The lustre of metallic colors brings luxurious texture to this economic turmoil period.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Gentle pastel tone uses Loden Frost, Pale Banana and Egret to provide sweet feminine temperament with peacefulness. The combination with brown tone presents the understated theme of healing and romantic. Lustrous color is suitable for silk, while gentle color is suitable for lace, gauze and vintage woolen loungewear. Decorative Egret shows the vintage warm appearance and interprets the inner world of women.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Warm and healing Loden Frost connects human and the outer world. Its physical and mental healing function endows vitality, fixes broken hearts, cuts the extra volume and breaks through the dullness. New hope reconstructs consciousness in the cells of the body and prepares for a new beginning.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

Delicate lace and silk are selected to interpret this warm and healing Loden Frost. The combination with Cream and Aztec presents classical romance. Straps and bowknots inject feminine temperament into this theme and create a vintage and healing sweet underwear collection.

Women's Underwear and Loungewear

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Holly Green Color Evolution of Kidswear

fashion pattern trend

Brook Green is a key color for 2020. Fresh and elegant Brook Green highlights the original color of nature, with Lime Punch to lead the far-sighted palette. It perfectly combines future development with nature.

pattern trend

With the deepened unisex awareness, the fashion industry pursues neutral colors more, especially in the dynamic clothing. Brook Green, as a neutral color, can be combined with white or soft yellow to bring a tranquil feeling. The match of purple with Brook Green is more fashionable and avant-garde.


Tranquil Holly Green continues the natural feel of Brook Green and emphasizes the return of natural colors. It is in line with the people’s desire for nature and the recovery of city in S/S 2021. Thus it becomes the important representative color of S/S 2021.


For a full report, pls visit https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_8007-col_125/

Avocado Green Color of The Most Hottest Color for Spring Summer 2019

Avocado green color

Avocado features many kinds of yellow tones, and the warmer tones and ombre effect provide more inspirations for designers. Avocado is refreshing and premium, cutting across the fashion industry this summer. The limited edition avocado eye shadows at Colourpop and Nars were soon sold out, and many garment brands have released new items in avocado tones, from seductive satin dresses, refreshing shirts, street suits, haute couture garments.

The Green Tone through Summer

Avocado is modern and nostalgic. From 1960s to 1970s, avocado was almost ubiquitous.

Vintage Avocado

Fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song, Barbara, Brittany Xavier and Darja Barannik have already show their avocado items, leading the trend.

INS Fashion Bloggers's Avocado

Avocado is so hot that Weibo even launched a Avocado Styling contest. Lots of netters show their avocado items.

fashion style

Maggie Marilyn features luxe and innovative elements. Its S/S 2019 collection includes avocado for a youthful and energetic look.

Maggie Marilyn

Rejina Pyo infuses a refreshing feel to feminine qualities. It features refined and playful designs. Cardigans, skirts and button-collar shirt dresses in avocado feel confident and simple.

Rejina Pyo

Shrimps, a new fur brand in London, has special views. In this season, avocado and patterns are combined to create an artistic aesthetic.


Cult Gaia became famous on Instagram. Its resort collections are highly recommended. The lace resort dress in avocado is appealing.

green color

Avocado is the hottest color for S/S 2019. Green provides a healthy and natural feel, but in the Victorian era, green means death. Wilhelm Dye and White Lead, a garment company, invented a new dye called Emerald Green, but it contained arsenic. With the development of technology, the dye is non-toxic and used widely.



2018 A/W Bust Skirt

Some people could keep their style in different seasons, while others can’t.

The key point is the collocation. Bust skirt is what we want to discuss about today. 5 new CP items are perfect to match bust skirt. Don’t know what to wear next week? Bust skirt is the best choice.

How to know whether one bust skirt is fashionable?

Although bust skirt is very common, girls think it hard to wear it in a right way. Choosing the right style is very important. Just check if your bust skirt reaches the following standards.

Length: Below knee and above ankle

Bust skirts can be classified by length to short skirt, midi skirt and long skirt. Compared with cool short skirt and long skirt, midi skirt is neat. It doesn’t cover ankles, delivering a feel of being slender.

Style: Loose and irregular hem.

Sheath dress, tight hem and long skirt are not fit for walking around. If you are not in a good shape, that makes it worse. In comparison, A skirt with loose hem is perfect for activity and suitable for Asian women’s body shape.

Don’t choose expansion skirts with bordure on hem because that style will make you seem shorter. Irregular and lightweight hems are much better.

Color: Pure color is best.

If you want to spend less on matching, just choose bust skirts with pure colors. When you decide to select the patterned bust skirt, avoid complicated patterns.

Tips for wearing bust skirt fashionably

Avoid showy tops

Skirt is the key. You’d better choose ordinary tops to match skirt.

On color, similar or harmonious ones are the best.

The right colors means the right style. The tonal shades are harmonious and delicate. For matching colorful bust skirts, tops with similar colors are better.

Accessories, waistband and CP.

Most bust skirts are made of soft materials and the design is feminine. One waist band makes the style more attractive.

Mirage Pink — 19/20 A/W Color Trend for Womenswear

2019/2020 Trend Mirage Pink Color
2019/2020 Trend Mirage Pink Color


Mild pink is a favorite of girls. Although it is not dominant on A/W 18/19 catwalks, it still plays a role on fashion week streets. Pink perfectly reflects the softness and romance of women.

Trend KOL Leader Who Wear Pink Color Coat
Trend KOL Leader Who Wear Pink Color Coat

Mirage Pink

The pink world in the smog takes us to a mirage, ultimately intriguing.

Mirage Pink Color
Mirage Pink Color

Mirage Pink — Clothing Collocation

Ruffles with soft touch use ethereal mirage pink for a sweet yet rebellious style, reminding of the fairy world.

Pink Clothing Match
Pink Clothing Match

Mirage Pink As Key Color

Girly mirage pink is prominent, accented with khaki and berry red, feeling warm but not intense.

Girly mirage pink
Girly mirage pink

Clothing Collocation

Puffer jacket is a key item. A pink padded coat reinforces the vivid quality of women. A shirt and a sweater are decorated with romantic ruffles, paring with a woolen skirt for a warm and feminine look.

Mirage Pink Clothing Collocation

Mirage Pink As Complementary Color

Fiesta green is a main tone, applied to plush fur items. Mirage pink and white are important complementary colors, embellished with some red for a covetable palette.

Fiesta Green and Mirage Pink Color Style
Fiesta Green and Mirage Pink Color Style

Clothing Collocation

The fur coat is a core item, with curly hairs to emphasize a sweet feel. Mirage pink complements an ethereal effect.

Green and Pink Fur Clothing Collocation
Green and Pink Fur Clothing Collocation