CRUISE 2022 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show

Echoing the optimistic atmosphere and graphic forms of the show’s idyllic setting, Nicolas Ghesquière brings together a colorful ensemble of geometric silhouettes. Like the uniforms of an American marching band, the collection parades in a procession that is both assertive and joyful, propelling a sense of forward motion.

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The Updated Retailing Analysis of Showroom Shanghai

fashion style

With the development of Chinese fashion and the rise of buyer industry, Showroom has become well-known. Fashion week has the functions to display and release without providing any ordering services. And the emergence of Showroom helps designer brand to solve the ordering problem, and promotes the development of designer brands and fashion industry. A/W 21/22 Showroom is more professional and delicate than the traditional showcase, except for all the elements the traditional ones have, Showroom knows more about the requirement of buyers and the styles of goods. Professional Showroom attracts medias, bloggers and buyers through its more accurate market positioning and individualized display. Showroom also provides interaction opportunity to fashion buyers and designers. Buyers can have a close look of designs or even touch the fabric, directly feeling the tailoring and details. Showroom Shanghai includes MODE, OntimeShow, TUDDO, DFO, ALTER, Not and TUBE.

fashion style

Showroom Shanghai 2021 A/W Exhibition (the 16th exhibition of Showroom) will be held on the Shanghai Exhibition Center (No.1000, Middle Yan’an Road) ,2nd Floor (Central Hall,East&West Platform Hall) from April 9th to 12th, 2021. Founded in the spring of 2014, although the country has seen vigorous development within the field of independent fashion design for a decade now, showrooms continued to remain a blank page. Fashion Week’s official organizers have previously focused on the showcase and issue of products without providing any ordering services. The emergence of Showroom Shanghai was able to fill the gap, bringing a positive and significant improvement to the industrial chain and professionalizing the Chinese fashion industry, allowing it to take one step further into the international market.

fashion style

As the only official trade show for Shanghai Fashion Week, MODE Shanghai Fashion Trade Show is committed to the improvement of fashion industry and to meeting the needs of domestic fashion retail market. Featuring highly efficient service, rich resources and a full range of media channels, Mode Shanghai aims to be an optimized business platform for buyers and fashion business insiders, providing a brand new exhibition experience for all. A/W 2021 MODE was held in Shanghaimart during April 8 to 11,2021. And there were about 300 exhibitors, 71% Chinese brands, 29% foreign brands, 76% womenswear, 29% unisex, 24% accessory and 4.6% lifestyle.

fashion style

With the popularity of Chinese fashion, Showroom gathers many outstanding independent designer brands for promotion. Seizing Chinese market is the public secret to get progress in this changing fashion industry, and the valuable commercialized brands are the key. The following brands are the noteworthy Chinese designer brands currently. Shutingqiu, Yueqiqi, SusanFang, HAIZHENWANG and Chrisou by Dan are also the prospective commercialized brands.

fashion style

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How do luxury brands take advantage of Chinese Valentine’s day for marketing

Chinese Valentine’s day is approaching, have you chosen the gift of love?

Please check the sweet invitations from major big fashion brands.


# I Apple U #

This Chinese Valentine’s day, gucci has launched a series of designs with sour, sweet and fresh hand-painted apples as the main elements and “you’re the apple of my eye” as the theme.

From cute animations to retro mythological posters, apple elements can be seen everywhere, reminiscent of the slogan of “I Apple U”, creating a sweet and romantic atmosphere all the time.

Gucci Pattern

The brand invited three pairs of young star to act as couple, including Zhou Jieqiong + Ding Yuxi, Jiang Zhenyu + Hu Yitian, Zhao Silu + Lin Yanjun, to interpret three different love stories. Are they sweet or green? Wait for you to unlock it.

Brand pattern trend

With red and pink as the main tone, the poster shows Gucci girl’s ancient spirit. In addition to clothing and footwear accessories, Gucci also introduced water cups, jewelry plates and scented candles to inject high sweetness into the festival atmosphere.

Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style
Gucci style


# Give U MY HEART#

Fendi collaborated with London artist and illustrator who is called Sam Cox to launch the Chinese Valentine’s day limited ——Mr. doodle series.

FENDI style

With the help of the Image Ambassador Wang Jiaer, the whole limited series of Chinese Valentine’s Day is full of youthful vitality.

Fendi style

In addition to the spokesperson, a group of brand friends are invited to participate. The off-line reception also invited many star bloggers favored by young people to attend, and it is likely to get along with the new generation.

Fendi style

Sam Cox’s graffiti can be found all over the series, from vests to suits to shoes, from inside to outside of bags.

Fendi style

People in Chengdu can also unlock Fendi coffee in offline stores to create exclusive “limited memories” with their partners from taste buds to vision.

Fendi Coffe

Christian Dior


Mr. Dior is in love with the high-level custom-made dress named after love, constantly composing the praise of love. Maria Grazia, the creative director of Dior women’s wear, inherits this spirit and introduces Dior’s limited series to pay tribute to Mr. Dior.


Handwritten “I love you” in 38 languages and the passionate red dot elements are the imprint of this series and the affectionate message of this year’s Chinese Valentine’s day.

In addition to the classic style is given a new pattern, two new Mini Book Tote, more suitable for petite girls, but also more exquisite and versatile.

Dior style

Dior also takes care of your sense of ceremony. This limited edition also includes a series of stationery to convey love, aromatherapy to create atmosphere, and tableware for candlelight dinner.



LV launched craft capsule series to welcome the Chinese Valentine’s day, in which the Chinese limited style changed the red and black color to sweeter Red + pink, presenting a wonderful festival atmosphere.

LV style

With a large number of graffiti old flower patterns covered with practical bags and accessories, people are impressed, even if the festival is over, it can be regarded as a series of fashionable items.

LV fashion pattern

The Animals Observatory of Winter Newness Fashion Style


The Animals Observatory, a fashion designer brand in Barcelona, Spain, was founded by Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. It’s plain palette and fashionable styles are popular among customers. For A/W 19/20, artistic painting elements are combined with popular colors to update products. Knitted items and outerwear are key.

kids fashion style


The Animals Observatory puts emphasis on color for girls’s knitwear. Jewelry blue and holiday red are classic colors reused. Deep olive brightens up the palette of A/W. Contrasting jacquard details on heavy-gauge items are stylish.

Girls' Knitwear

Deep red and orange are key colors. Jade green from S/S 19/20 is teamed up with artistic graphics and multicolored stripes to elevate boys’ knitwear.

Boys' Knitwear

Solid styles and simple artistic patterns in outerwear continue into this season. Knits, woven cotton, tweeds, lambswool and corduroy enrich styles.


Suspender pants feel a little sweet. The Animals Observatory adopts a range of fabrics and colors to add interest.

Suspender Pants

Stripes are common yet important. The Animals Observatory’s highly saturated contrasting colors and double-stripe prints are distinct. The disconnected stripes add newness.

stripped fashion style




Summer Blooming of Spring Summer 2019 Designer Brand for Skirts


Skirts are always popular with girls. They are sexy and romantic. In this season, there are many new approaches: irregular splicing, construction and splicing, sheer-attached skirt, ruffles, one-piece wrap skirt.

fashion women's skirt

Irregular Splicing

Key Words: layered pleats, deconstruction and splicing, color-clashing checks.

Irregular Splicing

Deconstruction and Splicing

Key Words: sporty color-clashing splicing, misplaced deconstruction and splicing, deconstructed hollowed out waist, half-piece shirt dress.

fashion style

Sheer-Attached Skirt

Key Words: sheers, transparent skirts, two-layered sheer-attached skirt.

Sheer-Attached Skirt


Key Words: big and small ruffles, piece-attached ruffles, sloping ruffles.

fashion new skirt

One-Piece Wrap Skirt

Key Words: one-piece wrap shirt, multiple buttons, high split.

one piece skirt

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Unrestrained Silhouette Trend for Women’s Dresses


Dress silhouettes for A/W 2020 continue to be renewed. In addition to simplicity and cosiness, innovation on details and styles is more accentuated. Modern femininity prevails in dress markets. The day-and-night style and durability are key here.

fashion trend dresses

Elongated shirt dresses are more suitable for winter. Straight shirt dresses are relaxed and cosy. Plain fabrics work best for simple pieces.

Straight Shirt Dress.jpg

Boxy sleeveless dresses for A/W 19/20 become more popular. The dressy 3D design create refreshing feminine boxy silhouettes. Structural woven fabrics, knits and stripes wools are used for unrestrained looks.

fashion trend style dresses

The combinations of color and silhouette are key for oversized dresses in A/W 19/20 to create different mainstream styles. Oversized silhouettes continue to prevail. Warm and cosy fabrics for oversized dresses work well for day-and-night wearing.

Oversized Dress

Dresses in A/W 2020 renew the vintage style in order to suit the young generation. The leisure dress collection on catwalks gives a 80s sentiment. Loose and relaxed bowknot dresses are popular among women.

Bowknot Dress.jpg

The sports style gradually gains traction. Sportif seams and loose silhouettes add a commercial value. Innovative mixed looks are directional. Relaxed silhouettes and elastic fabrics are combined to create novel shapes. Sports influences are applied to show street fashion.

Sportif Dress.jpg


How Do Young People Become City Travelers?


Common Gender is a new contemporary menswear brand affiliated to EPO. Basic items are key, and all other styles are designed on the basis of basic pieces. A stable development mode has been formed through the updating of designs, cut, materials and silhouettes. The A/W 2019 collection Transmetro of Common Gender inspired by contemporary moving traces and urban life put the dynamic lifestyle on the catwalk in Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal.

fashion style

Unlike ordinary catwalks, that catwalk was special. Models walked in groups to form a confusing situation. The same model in the same outfit walked for many times to express the repetitive commuting scene. Singers, models and guests were invited.

Live atmosphere.jpg

Utility is key for commuting garments. Windproof coats, puffa jackets, multi-pocket vests and other functional details can be stylish and practical.

fashion Catwalk Looks

“See Now Buy Now” has started in the official website. T-shirts, shirts, bags and hats seen on the catwalk have been for sale.


All accessories are for commuting: bicycles, shopping bags, vegetable bags, sweat bands, water bottles, delivery packages and earphones. Nike and Specialized sponsored this show.

clothing details.jpg

Garments made of classic leather, synthetic lambswool, weather-proof fabrics and quality cotton, puffa jackets and windproof coats are practical and stylish.

fashion details.jpg


Fashion Trend Analysis of Resort 2020 Catwalk Brands of Louis Vuitton

fashion style

The place for releasing the LV’s resort 2020 collection was at the fifth terminal building in JFK. The theme paid tribute to the first female pilot Amelia Earhart who was a feminist. Pilot helmets, glasses, crystals and metallic embellishments were used. The cut continued the 1980s style accentuating form.


Creative director Nicolas Ghesquière mixed French and American garment styles. Large-scale geometric fabrics, handmade embroideries and beads create a luxurious French mood.

vintage lace fashion style

Velvet is decorative when applied into tops. The embroideries and beads form a deep French style.

Velet Fashion Style

Floating, quality fabrics, crystals and sequins are used to design capes which are layered over garments.

Floating Capes

PVC are also used to add newness and glamour.

PVC fashion style

Large-scale and small-scale color blocks add an interesting and elevated feel.

Nonchalant Piecing

Classic influences and checks are combined to show a cool and feminine image.


Lots of metallic embellishments are unconventional and add newness.

fashion style


Taylor Swift’s red plaid coat is very nice

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is really a master of wearing, she is not only have a sweet look, sings is also very nice, she is still relatively thin in the past few years, many people say that it is so pity if she does not go to the model, and the height of the 180, the angelic value and the long legs of the anti-sky mold were invited to the Victoria’s as a singer. 

Taylor Swift's fashion style

We can see that she is still very slim in the past few years, the clothes can be worn casually, whether it is a printed skirt or a mini skirt, or a jumpsuit, she looks so nice. She has always been a small fresh route or a retro route who has shown us a variety of styles, but in the past two years, she seems to be a bit fat, but the same is still her hanges.


On Monday local time, she participated in the supermodel Gigi’s 24th birthday party, while others were wearing denim elements. The Taylor Swift was unveiled with such a very festive color. The red plaid coat was matched with a spring-colored print. Skirts, and red lips are quite excellent. For a long time, Europeans and Americans have rarely painted red lips like moldy mildew. They generally like the bronzed nude makeup, but many times they tried to find mold. She is still the most suitable for such a bright red lips.


On the same day, the cat bag on the back on the shoulder is captured a girl’s heart! Instantly it became the most popular item, the moldy is only in the 30s who still has a childlike heart. The light blue bag’s fabric is looks very thick and that is full of childlike feelings, it is full of novelty and foamy bag, in fact, it is 750 dollars, and compared with those tens of thousands of bags, its uniqueness makes us more attractive.


Taylor Swift’s hair style on the day was also very distinctive. She dyed in ponytail pink that is changing her previous blonde style, and the day with the open toe high heels. Of course, red is her lucky color today, red lips and red hair, as well as red nail polish, which are printed on each other.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Although it seems that she has been a bit fatter in recent years, her body looks more body-building, rather than the chopsticks legs like the ones before. Nowadays, the legs with a very line shape are actually more like, i feel that the plaid coat is a must-have item for many people in the spring season. The long-lasting checkered clothes of mildew and double-breasted design have a retro feelings. The red lips of moldy day are of course to be matched with some diamonds, and such flower earrings and diamond necklaces show the charm of mildew in a very low-key way.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift


Skirt with pocket design looks very charming

Where should I put my hands when standing? It will be difficult to speak in specific situations or in photographs for girls. The placement of the hands will map out a person’s temperament. Where should they be placed? ! Let’s take a look at the unique design of these clothes! I hope you will like it.

Look1. Fashion perfect temperament

fashion style

The first, an orange-yellow dress with a golden skirt, and a pair of gray high-top boots on the feet. The whole looks gives people a very warm feeling. The second, one-shoulder black skirt with a pair of black shoes, the position of the hand is just right, neither embarrassing nor personal style.

black short style

One strapless short dress with a pair of black stiletto heels who gives sexy looks. At the same time, with a long black straight hair, with two golden chain decorations, a warm smile, it looks very pleasing. The slender waist, hands in pockets who is full of temperament and looks very cute.

sexy v neck long dress

A pure black deep V-neck blouse with a water-wool-type garment material that fully reveals its perfect figure. To wear a pair of black high heels, the front heightening design makes the whole person look even taller. This looks very tall and sexy, and you can learn to take it casually.

one shoulder fashion white dress

Let’s take a look at the makeup process, a red lips with a perfect look that looks perfect and temperament. The silver eye shadow also echoes the silver tight skirt on the body and also plays a finishing touch. A long blond hair makes the whole person look very mature and perfect.

Look2. Sexy Cute Wind Style

red and white skirt

An off-the-shoulder burgundy top with a small fabric design on both sides, so that the two shoulders and sexy clavicle are revealed. The simple one makes the whole dress particularly energetic. And this dress is really refreshing and eye-catching. The delicate makeup is also very sexy. It makes people look very moving.

sexy strapless long dress

Such a lotus leaf satin warm color long skirt with a combination of gray and white strips of color, coupled with a delicate long hair and high heels that makes the whole person look very noble and perfect. A long skirt is draped over the body, which looks very personal, pure and noble.

long white dress

Looking at the whole face on the front, did you shock you? White is a pure color, and it can be used to make a good shape, so that the whole person is pure. With a pair of brown high heels, it is very high. At the same time, with a gray coat, the design of the makeup that is giving people a feeling of good looks.

logn red and black dress

The double shoulders long skirt with a slim waist design and a perfect one-shoulder design, she is perfectly reveals her arms and matches a ball head. At the same time, the lower body is paired with a pair of small high-heeled shoes, even if the height is not enough, the height can also be used to steal the mirror, which is liked by people. And the long skirt just covered the crotch line and completely covered up the defects of his lower body.

Look3. Noble and Perfect Wind

long dress with small prints pattern

The white print and the golden color match the overall brilliance, the short hair of a shawl, and the traditional elements, it is very three-dimensional. The good shape not only shows the charm of the skirt, but also shows the graceful figure, healthy and mental state full and eye-catching. She is revealing sexy and charming in the pure temperament.

one fashion style

In this fashion style, this green jacket with silver small delicate earrings, plus a delicate makeup, she looks very simple but not simple, a grandma’s gray hair, charming big sunglasses plus one exquisite makeup is paired with a silver skirt and looks like a wheat complexion. It is very capable and charming.

red style

This quaint dress with red elements is paired with a long blond hair. It looks very simple and a housewife temperament. Plus the exquisite makeup, it is really beautiful, do you want it? Simple atmosphere, with a pair of golden high heels below, it seems that the whole person is very tall. For some small skirts like this, I don’t know what you think?