The Comprehensive Analysis of Girls’ Outerwear from Benchmark Brands

Girls' Outerwear

This season benchmark brands like MQD, little MO&Co., Mini Peace, Balabala and focus more on outdoor sports experience in terms of girls’ outerwear. Wind-proof and sun-proof features gain more attention in this season, with blurring, ruffle and splicing to enhance the sport feeling.


The lightweight trench coat is inspired by military overcoats in western battlefields during World War I and modern long raincoats. In S/S 2020, in addition to letter print and embroidery, little MO&Co. combines wind-proof and lightweight functions with the fine metal luster to be both fashionable and functional.

Light and Thin Materials

Color-blocking brings more vitality and a strong visual impact for sport jackets. Compared with other brands, little MO&Co. blends with dazzling metallic materials to be novel. The collaboration collection of X KRUNK uses the inverted triangle diagonal splicing design to emphasize the architectural aesthetics of sport styles, bringing more changes for spliced styles.


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The Silhouette Trend for Girls’ Outerwear

Girls' Outerwear

Influenced by adults’ clothing, simple but practical silhouette is a key direction for girls’ outerwear for S/S 2021. With the continuous development of utility, “carefully buying” has been a consumption concept favored by consumers. Individual high-waist outerwear, workwear outerwear, personalized leather and nostalgic suits bring new inspirations to this season. Exquisite ruffles, visual sleeves, soft and gentle hemline and bright-colored splicing draw much attention to girls’ outerwear.

Girls' Outerwear

The high-waist outerwear leads the fashion. The waisted design heightens the proportion, simple and neat. Functional pockets, gloss, light and thin fabrics, and spliced materials are used to create practical styles.

Girls' Outerwear

Crisp and tough workwear style will increase in girls’ outerwear for S/S 2021, while elements integrating neutrality and sweetness will shine brightly. This season soft and comfortable fabrics will be combined with shirring, splicing, multiple pockets, decorative zipper and folk tapes to provide infinite possibilities for girls’ workwear outerwear.

Workwear Outerwear

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