The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Feminism Suits

Women's Suits

With the end of the hit TV series, Why Women Kill, feminism is once again pushed into the limelight. In the play, Simone, as a representative of the 1980s, is very impressive for her courageous and resolute personality. In the 1980s when the feminist movement took place in the United States, female power began to awaken, women were beginning to play important roles in the workplace, and the capable and tough suit looks were deeply rooted in people. The exaggerated shoulder, and the neat waisted design display the charm of feminism.

Women's Suits

Waisted X-shaped Suits

Inspired by the waisted silhouette in the 1980s, A/W 20/21 will highlight design in the waist. Previous seasons adopt the belt made of the same fabric with the clothing. This season begins to use the wide corset. Plastic structure and wide straps in the side highlight the waist.

Waisted X-shaped Suits

Collarless H-shaped Suits

Collarless suits are mainly the simple and capable H-shaped silhouette with loose cutting, soft structure and no constrained sense. The slightly loose silhouette interprets the free, casual and comfortable feeling.

Collarless H-shaped Suits

Cutout X-shaped Suits

Suits start to use cutout to add a feminine sense. Cutout in the waist makes a visual dislocation to form an X-shaped structure. Tabs or rhinestones highlight design in the waist.


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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Interpretation of The Classic Overcoats

Women's Overcoats

Women’s coats appeared around the end of the 19th century and were developed from women’s long woollen coats. The overcoat is long, waisted and with big lapels. As Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and other stars wore the overcoat, it became popular in the world and the entertainment circle. Nowadays, the overcoat has been a classic item. And the long overcoat is optimized to be more fit for daily wearing. For A/W 21/22, we starts from the classic long overcoat to analyze the wide-shoulder boyfriend overcoats, modern X-line overcoats, retro straight overcoats, overcoats with shawl lapels and collarless overcoats.

Women's Overcoats

Long Boyfriend Overcoats (The Big Wide-shoulder Silhouette)

Influenced by the feminist movement in America, the masculine wide-shoulder silhouette has been gradually applied to womenswear, especially suits and overcoats, displaying the capable and neat image of females. In A/W 20/21, the big wide-shoulder overcoat makes some improvements, like the well-fitting sleeve, slightly waisted and decorative accessories, becoming a key item.

Long Boyfriend Overcoats (The Big Wide-shoulder Silhouette)

Modern Ladies (The Wide-shoulder X-line)

The modern style is popular from the 1970s to the 1980s. And overcoats in this period are more fashionable and noble than ever. The lifted waistline and wide-shoulder make a inverted trapezoid and become a classic item. Unlike before, A/W 21/22 pays more attention to the silhouette created by the waistline and the hip.

Modern Ladies (The Wide-shoulder X-line)


The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Retro Denim

Women's Denim

In S/S 2021, denim returns back in classic styles, brings more possibilities to consumers, and creates mix & match looks. This season is dominated by classic styles, classic appearance and eco-friendly washing. Cycling shorts and distressed straight jeans are washed and well-fitting to create an urban style. Voluminous flares and high-waist loose trousers return back with the retro trend. Holes and exaggerated fringes can create a leisure and young look. The style is both daily practical and avant-garde.

Women's Denim

This season designers keep the hot cycling shorts, and optimize them into denim items. The elastic denim fabric is used to create the well-fitting silhouette, and the mid-to-high waist lengthens the leg. Eco-friendly washing and splicing add individuality to cycling shorts. The shorts can be paired with boots to show the urban fashion style.

Optimized Cycling Shorts

The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Business Puffa Jackets


In recent years, puffa jackets become an trendy item. The quilted puffa jacket is a hot item for business wear with its changeable quilting. Classic style is paired with featured quilting to further drive business wear to be more casual through diversified design details. Collarless lining, lapels and half-splicing will be new silhouette trends for lightweight puffas in A/W 20/21.

men's jacket

Collarless lining is favored by major brands with its practicality and unique beauty. REMI RELIEF styles the collarless design with the stand-up collar jacket, enriching the details. Designers of NEMEN and ur Legacy add details to the basic silhouette, perfectly combining puffas with fashion. The lining puffa jacket will inclline in next season. more details make the business feel more relaxing and diversified.

Collarless Lining

The shirt-style puffa jacket can be worn over items or worn as an inner. Turn-down collar is meticulous and exquisite. Quilting breaks the conventional silhouette and brings a 3D crinkled new look. Burberry adds two pockets to the shirt to be practical, and applies black corduroy to the collar, making the puffa not too inflated and the collar more comfortable. The shirt-style puffa with a turn-down collar will tend to be fashion leisure and versatile practical in A/W 20/21.

Shirt-style Puffa Jackets

As the business wear gets more and more casual, lapel becomes the design material for puffa jackets. Puffa jackets with lapels add a casual feel and warmth to the neatness through changing fabrics and stuffing. The change of quilting and double lapels are eye-catching. It is a new trend to bring puffa jackets to the fashion circle.

Puffa Jackets with Lapels

Puffa jackets with a ribbed collar add double-collar design, splicing and quilting to the classic silhouette, versatile, wind-proof and warm. Balenciaga uses seamless quilting to create all-over logo and enrich the visual impact. In A/W 20/21, puffa jackets with a ribbed collar will appear with the classic silhouette and textured details, and display the design philosophy of recreating the classic.

Puffa Jackets with a Ribbed Collar

Givenchy, Maison Margiela and Burberry create styles splicing puffa jackets with overcoats, making the puffa warm and diversified. In addition to woolen, the puffa can be spiced with jackets, denim and knitted fabrics. Bold splicing is eye-catching and surprising.

Half-spliced Puffa Jackets

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The New Interpretation of Conventional Workwear Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather

Women's Leather

First seen in the mid-18th century as protective clothing for work, workwear is made of durable fabrics with pockets designed to hold tools. With the development of times and the change of working environment, the workwear fabric has become lighter and thinner, and other styles like shirt outerwear have also appeared one after another. Workwear is equipped with a strong neutral style and simple looks. It is dedicated to utility and less decorations, which conforms with current trend of the minimalism and comfortable life. It is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

women's leather style

Hunting jackets mainly have four pockets to highlight the utility. Modern designs endow the hunting jacket with more possibilities through adding more chic elements while retaining multiple pockets and belt. In S/S 2021, geometric and cut are used as a guideline to emphasize the detachable structure, the flap and spliced materials, displaying a soft and tough image. It is retro but integrates the classic silhouette with modern aesthetics. The textured leather brings an avant-garde feel.

Retro Hunting Jackets

The denim jacket reminds of the gold rush of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. At that time, American workwear is loose, practical, rough and tough, showing a free and unruly attitude. The denim jacket is meticulous and casual. The street style can be tried to interpret elegance. Or the cropped silhouette is used to highlight the fun and lightness. Or soft splicing and subtle topstitch can be combined together to attract avant-garde consumers.

Classic Denim Jackets

Influenced by the workwear style and fashion function, outdoor clothing begins to apply workwear pockets, functional pockets and functional decorative shoulder strap. Spliced materials display diversified design techniques. Under the principle of subtraction, outdoor clothing pays more attention to unity. It chooses the same fabric or fabric in similar colors to create stacked pockets, 3D pockets and detachable patch pockets, creating wearable styles.

Functional Outerwear with Multiple Pockets

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The Craft Silhouette for Men’s Outdoor Jackets

Men's Outdoor Jackets

The outdoor jacket is one of the essential equipment for outdoor sports, necessary for extreme sports like climbing, hiking or skiing. It’s thanks to the fabric and three functionalities: wind-proof, rain-proof and breathability, which brought by jaw band, breast pocket, inside shoulder straps and taping.


Throat tab can withstand the cold. And the drawstring gathers the tab when cold. Currently, the drawstring is fixed to the neck, retaining its own function and more fit for the market.

Drawstring and Tab

The laser seamless taped pocket is added to protect from wind or snow, and provide a closed space for entertainment.

Inside Music Player Pocket

Tabs are sewn in the waistband to join the jacket together. This design is warm in severe environment, and convenient for moving.

Linking Tabs

Straps are added inside of the jacket. This detail allows people to backpack the outerwear when take off the jacket. It is suitable for puffa jackets, parka and trench coats. It can also be simplified according to backpack shoulders.

One-piece Shoulder Straps

Seams are taped to protect from the rain in the outdoor environment. Seams are laminated to stick to the fabric, so the fabric will be more durable. Besides, with the development of technology, taped seams get narrower and narrower, so the clothing will be more breathable, comfortable and good-looking.

Taped Shell


The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Journey of Denim

Men's Jeans

Jeans are a hundred years old, but they still look young. Their vitality and changeable styles make them ever-lasting in the fashion industry. Jeans have come a long way from the workers’ uniform to the symbol of youthful rebellion, then to the high fashion item. And its invention is also quite interesting.

men's jeans

The tampered jeans have wide top but narrow bottom, and become the key item with various styles. Deconstruction and splicing are bold and creative in jeans. Splicing different materials is highly acceptable in the market, and gradually grows. The waistband is obvious in trousers of this season. The high-waist is lengthened. Splicing multi-layered fabrics as well as the combination of waistband and belt add more possibilities to conventional tampered jeans.

Tampered Jeans

The original straight silhouette is always the necessary item for fashionistas. In A/W 20/21, worn-out decorations will be the key to this silhouette. The worn-out in the knee and fringes strengthen the appearance. The zipper in the waist and the mock-belt also add some points to the straight silhouette.

Straight Jeans

The 1960s is an iconic moment for flared jeans. Compared with flares hot in 1972, flares in A/W 20/21 are more eye-catching. Well-fitting waistband makes a contrast with loose and voluminous legs. Metal ring decoration, worn-out decoration, text printing, buttonholes in side seams or splicing in the leg improve the exquisite silhouette. The stone washed effect can be achieved by preprocessing the fabric, or chromatography after eco-friendly wash and snow wash.

Flared Jeans

Skinny trousers are a kind of wonderful trousers design between straight leg and boot-cut pants. They are favored by casual brands and street brands because the leg cutting is fit for ergonomics. In A/W 20/21, more novel skinny jeans appear. Inspired by the new punk movement, skinny trousers in this season become more eye-catching with doodled texts in the leg, many metal rivets in side seams and large-scale worn-out effect in the leg so that skinny jeans could meet young customers’ demands for individuality and become one of the hottest silhouettes currently.

Skinny Jeans

Utility is still popular. Fashion designers create classic workwear styles constantly, but abandon the highly practical aesthetics. In this new season, pockets are less obvious and pay more attention to the size, length and stitch angle. Zipper and button are necessary elements and become the decorative detail to make one-piece jeans tough.

Workwear One-piece Jeans

As avant-garde consumers prefer the straight style, oversized silhouette becomes the first choice to replace the classic silhouette. Loose pleated jeans of this season reinterpret the retro and the classic through the voluminous sense, the casual sense, double layers in the leg opening or multiple pleats. In addition, they create a new fashion.

Loose Pleated Jeans