Autumn Winter 2020/2021 Diversified Cables Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

Cables add a heavy and soft touch to knitwear. The uneven surface adds depth. Different patterns, dense arrangements, bright color blocking, symmetry, checks and argyles add newness to cables.


In this season, heavy-gauge and fine-gauze are mixed to show different textures. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal cables are based on building structures. Holes and transfer stitches add movement and femininity.

Pieced Textures

Color blocking is popular currently. Traditional stitches are paired with tonal or contrast color blocking to offer a special aesthetic. Tuinch, Weekend By MaxMara uses geometrical patterns in earthy tones and nature green to show a folkloric feel. BARRIE emphasizes detailing. X stitches are presented through dimensional cables in transitional tones.

Color Blocking

The 3D textures of cables feel nonchalant. Fendi and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini uses cables for placement art. Unique weaving, delicate jacquards and stitches, plus a reinvented folkloric aesthetic, underscore a feminine elegance.

Dissected Graphics

Alexander McQueen and Oscar de la Renta use elegant symmetry and refreshing tones together to offer a classical mood. Baum und Pfergarten presents cables in a left-right symmetry. Placement cables on cuffs are compact and strong, making a clear contrast with light purple.

Symmetrical Aesthetic

The directions of cables are much clearer. Weekend By MaxMara and Oscar De La Renta opt for diagonal cables which are elegant and unique. Claudia Li reinvents ribbed hems and uses frame-style cables to form a complete image.

Different Directions

Argyles and checks are seen on a solid sweater, adding depth and interpreting an elegant and modern design spirit. Marissa Webb and Massimo Dutti use loose silhouettes and neat textures to show a rigid feel.

Checks and Argyles

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Holiday of BoBos — S/S 2021 Theme Trend


As free and natural lifestyle gains popularity. BoBos blend bourgeois qualities with Bohemian freewill and artistic aesthetics, bringing a perfect holiday for S/S 2021. We will go back to the 1970s and recall the good old days. We not only prefer retro the 70s styles, but also celebrate the 70s environmental life concept. We become gardeners of the earth, and create a beautiful holiday.

theme trend

Inspirational Event

1.Parcels from Canada is full of thick retro flavor of the 1970s from the look and the music style. And its new album Tieduprightnow is a hit on the Internet (1-1, 1-2). 2. The Dutch designer, Charles Antoine Chappuis, uses traditional hand-weaving crafts and natural dyeing techniques to make a series of functional sculptures by hand (2-1, 2-2). 3. Ncemakers is an interior design firm based in Amsterdam. The brand’s design philosophy is to find a balance between luxury and natural comfort, and focusing on the delicacy from the 1970s (3-1).


Natalie Lim Suarez who is a mixed-race girl between China and Spain is the most popular blogger in Spain currently. She became the model at the age of 15, and the retro romantic resort style is her favorite dressing style. The combination of retro style and Bohemian elements shows she is a classic BoBo. She has a lifestyle of loving nature and pursuing freedom when pursuing an exquisite life. She uses the maximalist Bohemian elements, various romantic and sweet temperament, and different florals to make herself a gorgeous, retro and modern urban female.

Natalie Lim Suarez

Richard Biedul is considered as the most influential British supermodel in the world. In his 30s, he is 188cm tall, with a perfect face and his black and white beard to attract many female fans. He was a lawyer before becoming professional model. His favorite dressing style is combing the nature and politeness. He believes that natural materials will replace chemical fiber fabrics, comfort and sustainability will always be more important than the sense of form. Therefore, his life is full of warm things. He turns his house into a garden, walks with his beloved dog, and spends holiday with friends, gaining infinite energy from the nature.

Richard Biedul

Alberta Ferretti is a fashion brand from Milan. It is known as “the queen of chiffon” because of its preference for layered chiffon, lace and beads. In the new season, Alberta Ferretti adds a little workwear feel. The combination of workwear with Bohemian, the mix &match of neat suit coat with straw sandals, bright-colored overalls and high-waist shorts, these all highlight a natural and nonchalant female image and the wearability of styles. And each piece of clothing is suitable for various occasions. Alberta Ferretti boldly uses gorgeous colors like the rainbow to display the beautiful and comfortable resort style and endows it with youth and vitality.

Alberta Ferretti

Jacquemus celebrates its 10th anniversary in the new season. Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus returns to his hometown of Provence for S/S 2020 show. Spring is in the air, and lavender sea is romantic and beautiful. The theme is Le Coup de Soleil. Designer uses oversized outerwear, loose trousers, tie-dye and florals in menswear. When combined with passionate and bright colors, together with a pink over bridge and a lavender garden, it is a poetic and gorgeous show.

Cesky Krumlov

Designers pay close attention the more environmentally-friendly denim dyeing to keep the fabric simple and natural. Eco-friendly vegetable dyestuff is used to dye denim to reduce the use of toxic chemicals and water pollution. The vegetable dyed denim also injects new vitality into the simple cotton denim and twill denim. The use of natural vegetable dyestuff undoubtedly highlights the harmony between man and nature. And this kind of denim will become a popular trend gradually.

Vegetable Dyed Denim

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The Elegant Textures and Luxe Wools Fabric Trend for Women’s Coats

women's coat fabric

The soft and comfortable tactility and exaggerated graphics bring newness. Comfort and updating are the mainstream for A/W 20/21. Simple and luxurious flannels and practical tech are combined. Refined wool surfaces are delicately shiny. Geometric animal prints collide with wools to bring a modern effect. The newly ombre dyed wools create the new mixed graphic effect. The combo of checks and alpaca is in line with the vintage trend. Slow-moving yarns are used to produce overcoats. The delicate approach on graphics on wools provide a nonchalant and luxe effect.

women's coat

The artificial animal print wools have a delicate tactile surface. With the updating of spinning techniques and printing technology, the animal print this season is more subtle and changeable. Different grounds show distinct fashion styles. The layout of patterns and scales bring a modern twist.

Wilderness Aesthetic -- Animal Print Wools

Brushed fleece and two-sided tactility update heritage patterns. The ombre effect show texture. The continuous variegated effect form the layering ombre colors, creating a warm and artistic image.


A variety of checks and larger sizes feature on alpaca. Grounds in deep colors and brights create a luxurious and elegant urban style. In this season, the bright colors in checks add interest.

Check Alpaca

In this season, overcoat fabrics feature classic and new elements. Eco-friendly dyeing creates a blurred and flawed aesthetic. The rich textures of upcycled fabrics make a strong effect with heritage fabrics. The tactile and eye-catching textural fabrics bring a premium quality.

Recreated Wools


Flannels are simple and luxurious. The added soft wools with short hair has a variety of shiny effects. Utility polyamide and nylon are added.

Refined Flannels

Recommended Fabrics

women's coat

The Craft Trend for Men’s Sports Sweatshirts


Influenced by sport core, loose leisure sweatshirts are still important. Adaptability is the core theme of items. Based on simple and loose silhouette, design details such as decorative accessories, protective function and craft deconstruction are added. And the comfortable and eye-catching appearance is created. Many optimized designs for sportswear will bring you out of the comfort zone.


As the important item to span the season, sweatshirts with detachable sleeves are suitable for both seasons. And the dropped shoulder design is voluminous and comfortable.

Sweatshirts with Detachable Sleeves

Snap fastener and velcro are important links of pockets. Funny design caters to young market, and adds the avant-garde sense.

Sweatshirts with Detachable Sleeves

The rise of outdoor sports improves the functionality of sweatshirts. As the leisure item, sweatshirts with crashworthy bar create a refreshing and energetic vision, and enhance the safety at night.

Sweatshirts with Crashworthy Bar

Buckles and binding-style straps are helpful for sweatshirts to show the outdoor extreme function, and suitable to tie up sports equipment. And they are decorative, too.

Sweatshirts with Functional Strap

Half-zip in the neck is breathable and moisture-wicking, and suitable for the changing temperature.

Half-zip Pullover Sweatshirts


The New Tailoring Craft Trend for Women’s Shirts

women's shirts

Popular elements keep changing, while some basic styles are unfailing. The shirt is one of them. In S/S 2021, influenced by simple utility, the simple shirt will be added by new tailoring style. Simple cutting is adopted to refresh shirt styles, and brings novelty.


More deconstructed designs are added to the neck of shirts. For instance, asymmetric neckline creates a modern sense and makes the design unique. The layered double collars break the simpleness to bring a layered sense to daily wear.

Deconstruction in the Neck

Irregular and asymmetric design is the trend. Attached panels add a layered sense, and create a mock-layer look.

Attached Panels

As the classic design, splicing is used in every season. In S/S 2021, splicing is bold. Large-scale spliced materials make a strong contrast. More elements are spliced disorderly to create rich visual impacts.


Placket of shirts for S/S 2021 will be more diversified. The original straight plackets become diagonal to be eye-catching, casual and elegant.

Various Plackets

The well-fitting silhouette will replace the voluminous design popular before. Wide pleats are more expressive. Regular arrangement is decorative, practical and waisted.

Wide Pleats

More Styles Recommendations

More Styles Recommendations


19/20 A/W Women’s Sports Suit Loungewear


As people pay more attention to the sport, sports suit become more and more sophisticated. The decorative letters, stripes and color-blocking bring freshness.

Sports Suit

The lettered edging is applied to the hood, pocket ,lower hem, side seam and trouser legs, creating various look.

Sport Suit with Lettered Edging

The loose silhouette in pastel shade creates a feminine elegant look.

Color-blocking Sports Suit

The colorful rib on collar and sleeves enlivens the sport suit and creates a more lively look.

Sports Suit with Colorful Rib

The design of multiple straps create a casual yet sharp look, as seen on Ambush, SJYP and BOSS, while the necklace-like strap is original, referring Kith’s design. Chest and back are key positions.

Sport Suit with Straps

The lace-up design on the shoulder, chest and back can perfectly complement the figure and makes the item more stylish.

Lace-up Sports Suit

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Spilled Chocolate Sauce Theme Design & Development for Kidswear

Kidswear theme

Emily and Matthew take out their favorite chocolate sauce that grandpa brought last week. They would secretly eat with their fingers every time. This time they take their favorite chocolate to their secret base – the tree house in the yard. The chocolate sauce is opened and Matthew can’t wait to reach out his finger. “Bang!” The chocolate sauce is knocked over by accident, and a rich sweet smell permeates the tree house. Now they can’t eat the chocolate but they can draw with it. The main keynotes are chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue. And terracotta, cloud pink and denim blue are paired to display a soft and elegant visual impact.

Colors Inspirations.jpg

The inspiration source is spilled chocolate sauce. Irregular new polka dots and geometrics are elegant and funny with the help of chocolate tones. Doodled stick figure made of various jams are favored by many designers and consumers with its fun and uniqueness.


The fabric like voile which is created by recycled polyester fibers, nylon and ultra-thin cotton with organza texture is suitable for layered match. Lightweight, soft and comfortable organic cotton and linen are used to create seersucker. Gentle checks, stitches, fading effect and washed effect endow the fabric with novelty. Sheen fabric after press-pleating has a superior and luxurious sense and textures, suitable to enhance the layered sense of simple styles.


Spring color palette dominated by chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue is expressed by geometric color blocks. As the main item, knitwear could be paired with washed straight pants with geometric color blocks, a turn-down collar shirt or a dress with irregular doodled polka dots to perfectly present new elegant leisure styles.

Clothing Collocation- Spring.jpg

Summer styles emphasize comfort. The pair of T-shirts and pants is the best choice. Cropped straight pants and loose pants endow the pair with more changes. A sheer dress can be worn with other items to add a layered sense.

Clothing Collocation- Summer

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