S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Brand Fashion Week

Menswear Brand

S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Fashion Week was held from June 22th to 28th. Most brands still released their latest collections online. However, the pure digital fashion show has gradually transitioned into a mixed form in the post-pandemic era. The offline events absolutely promoted the attraction of this fashion week. There were 72 brands involved in the show, including Louis Vuitton, DIOR MEN, LOEWE, Yohji Yamamoto, Hermès and Lemaire. Meanwhile, the classic French fashion house Courrèges(founded in 1961) will also return with the first collection of its new creative director Nicolas Di Felice. Dior’s cactus garden, Loewe’s disco look and the beaches of Rick Owens and Lanvin compose the hedonistic atmosphere of 2022 spring.

Menswear Brand

DIOR MEN — Inspired by the story of Christian Dior, Kim Jones invited the Houston rapper and musician Travis Scott to present this S/S 2022 menswear collection. Memories of Christian Dior’s childhood gardens are fused with the cactus-heavy Texan landscape to create a cross-cultural and cross-era fantastic runway, reviewing the artistic charm from the perspective of Dior.
Hermès — Abandoning the traditional formal wear, designer injects a sense of leisure into light-hearted and lively designs to outline minimalist lines, which accentuates silhouette and exquisite tailoring. Bursts of color and graphic stitching are used more in this season, and mixed multiple materials enliven the whole collection.
Louis Vuitton — The seventh collection of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton was named after the classic song of The Winstons — Amen Break. This mysterious, isolated and weird atmosphere creates a dystopia future, especially reflecting the historical track of Black art and culture. Except for the performance of multiple African artists and hip-pop music, the clothing of this collection also presents the unique personality. Oriental belted element, draped dress hem and athleisure baseball sportswear present intensive visual impact. These bright and eye-catching colors bring us a fashion feast.
Burberry — Burberry S/S 2022 menswear collection has released. The creative director Riccardo Tisci combined freedom with unity to jump out of the constraint. Sleeveless drop-shoulder jacket and deconstructed outerwear try to challenge the traditional principle. The flowing silhouette design is fused with abstract printed patterns and self-fabric straps. Classic brand elements are integrated into the theme to express royalty. Black halter-neck vest, outerwear and shorts are filled with the bravery of young warriors.
Ami Alexandre Mattiussi — The S/S 2022 collection L’Échappée Belle brought by the founder and designer Alexandre Mattiussi leads us to a childlike and mysterious amusement park. The boys in this surreal space are interpreting a romantic night journey and their carefree attitude.

Menswear Brand

Lemaire S/S 2022 collection presents the peaceful, soft, lightweight and informal elegancy, which is daily and relaxing. The light fabrics in gentle saturated tones are integrated with the unique and personalized concept of multi-functional wardrobe to meet different situations and people. The artworks of African American artist Joseph Yoakum are printed on basic light silk and cotton textiles.

Menswear Brand

The designer of Jil Sander, Luke Meier took us back to the early 1990s through the Eclecticism and individualization of New York street style. Pale yellow, pale blue, mint, pink, lilac, pale orange, sage green, tobacco brown and hot cocoa are edge-cutting and sensitive. Inspired by every corner of street, improvisation allows all the details to be casual.

Menswear Brand

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The Comprehensive Analysis of S/S Shanghai Kidswear Fashion Week


Taking “Theatre of Life” as the main theme, there are 26 fashion dramas in the S/S 2021 Shanghai Kidswear Fashion Week. International brands like NBA, GAP, COCO & RAY, Chinese kidswear brands like STARROOM and GXG Kids, and some local designer brands like Firstgive, Little Naive and Homegood are gathered in Shanghai to start a new kidswear era from the perspective of drama.


Clearwater injects refreshing and gentle visual effect into the spring and summer, which is used by GAP, jnby by JNBY and NU. Jnby by JNBY applies this color on its workwear jumpsuits to break through the dullness. NU and Little Naive use Clearwater gauze to present the elegance and flexibility. Besides, Clearwater also appears on the athleisure styles of NBA and GAP.


Purple is always a color of mystery, and purple rose brings a gentle and peaceful freshness. Every brand interpret this color in multiple styles. SKETCHER KIDS is athletic; GXG Kids, Goodbaby and Hihai are leisurely; and Little Naive is refreshing and elegant. The combination with printing and belt in placement fully shows the charm of purple rose.


People need intensive and positive colors in the post-epidemic era, and Vibrant Orange is exactly a joyous and happy color, which can promote the emotion of consumers. The large-scale application provides a strong visual experience, while the decoration in placement shows highlights.


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The Comprehensive Analysis of Chemical Fiber Fabric Womenswear Catwalk

Womenswear Catwalk

A/W 21/22 international fashion week has come to the end, and many brands released their new collection online. Throughout all the brands in the fashion week, women’s outerwear and down jacket inject more functionality into the fabric texture and style design. Matte nylon and polyester blends are the key fabrics this season, which not only leads the new trend direction but also fits the dressing requirements and life expectation. Besides, PU coating is interpreted once again. Warm plush and lustrous satin fabrics also have new expressions this season.

Womenswear Catwalk

Lightweight matte nylon is one of the most utilized textures of down jacket. And it is applied by many brands in the A/W 21/22 international catwalks. High-intensity Dupont and nylon fibers provide textiles with stronger functionality, tear resistance, high density and lightweight texture. The printed pattern design of Louis Vuitton and Sacai satisfies the double requirements of fashion and practicality.

Womenswear Catwalk

According to A/W 21/22 Big Four fashion weeks, clean and scientific polyester blend fabric is attractive among all the chemical fiber fabrics. Air-permeable and easy-care polyester blend can use recycled polyester fibers to increase the sustainability. Smooth tactility and noise-eliminate process provide consumers with comfortable and convenient dressing experience. Outdoor natural environment is transitioned into commuting urban life. Functionality is perfectly combined with minimalist aesthetics.

Womenswear Catwalk

As a common down jacket fabric, PU coating is interpreted by many brands in A/W 21/22 international womenswear catwalks, including Miu Miu, STAND STUDIO, K-Way and Dolce&Gabbana. Notably, except for the basic weatherproof and downproof functions, its solidness is stronger, PU coating is more durable and chemical stability is better. It is suitable for creating fashionable silhouettes.

Womenswear Catwalk

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Street Snaps During Fashion Weeks


In addition to colors and patterns, there are many matches and key items in street snaps. The contrast of colors, the neat wide-shoulder suit with shoulder pad, the workwear set and heavily washed denim display diverse styles of fashionistas and the inclusiveness of the market.


In addition to regular color match, highly contrasting colors are attached to clothing or layered with other items.


The knitwear is used as a shawl, and becomes the most frequently used accessory in the fashion weeks. Knitwear is paired with outerwear in tonal or similar color, displaying the languish and cosy feel of winter.



Return of The Elegant Advanced Customization — The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus upsets our life. The outbreak is still there, but fashion never stops. For A/W 20/21 Paris Menswear Fashion Week, the collaboration collection of shoes with clothing decreases in this season, and is replaced by the rich and novel sophisticated looks. Street fashion style drops, and menswear tends to be retro and elegant, maybe because people are tired of the street style and tend to long for the elegant advanced customization. Many suits with exquisite cutting and meticuous fabrics emerge on the catwalk.

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Style — Modern Romantic

With the popularity of asexuality, the soft but masculine charm has a strong momentum. Ruffle, feminine necktie, velvet gloves and metal florals are applied to men’s suits and trench coats, highlighting the soft side of men.


Style — Futuristic Commuting

The restrained suits work with futuristic fabrics, the crisp silhouette and technical fabrics to perfectly combine sports with business, fit for business occasions, the casual outerwear and dialy wearing.

Pairs fashion week

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Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s Knitwear in Milan Fashion Week


Sustainability is key for S/S 2020 Milan Fashion Week. Ermenegildo Zegna, Corneliani, Marni and SUNNEI all used space environment to interpret new collections. Artistic and gentleman-style Italian styling is dominant. This report analyzes S/S 2020 Milan Fashion Week in color, style, craft, stitch&yarn.

fashion catwalk style

Orange red, blue, khaki, purple and green tones are key from S/S 2018 to S/S 2020. Orange red and blue tones are most popular and see a rise.

data analysis

Calm red dominate knitwear, paired with yellow and khaki tones. The thin pullover is worn over shirts to add extra appeal.

Orange Red Tones

Grayish blue tones work better on business casual styles. The tonal palette is highlighted, and layering is dressier. SUNNEI’s three layers with different lengths enrich the look; Giorgio Armani’s tonal scarf is harmonious.

blue tone catwalk style

The loose shoulder vest is important for S/S 2020. The vest can be styled with the tee and shirt, which is youthful and fashionable.

Shoulder Vests

Appliques are more lively and playful. Delicate machine embroidery appliques and crocheted appliques are underlined. Neil Barrett’s unicorn applique at the centre-front is simple and bold, and the abstract style adds an artistic feel.


Panelling is mainly applied to sweatshirts. Workwear styling is key. Geometric dissecting at the shoulder, sleeve and hem adds extra appeal. Shiny sport fabrics are dominant. Tonal colors are often seen.

Technique -- Dynamic Panelling


Fine stitch patterns are key, and the thin surface works best for summer. Subtle textures, soft darker pastel colors, diamond cables and abstract plants are highlighted.

Subtle Textures

Melange yarns are more delicate. Missoni uses stripe-style melange yarns and rainbow neon colors to add freshness.

Fine Melange Yarns.jpg
Bent lines make a comeback. The all-over bent lines provide stripe-like optical appeal. The colored lines and surfaces are more striking. Jacquard and stitch are key. Jacquard emphasizes contrasting colors, while stitch underlines dimensional textures.
Bent Lines

Graphics, thickness and combinations of yarns and stitches bring newness to stripes.

Renewed Stripes
With the influence of floral adult shirts, all-over florals are applied to knitwear. Paisley and bohemian florals are dominant. Intense colors and the deep feel are mixed. Jacquard and print are mainly opted for.
Folkloric Gardens

Comprehensive Analysis of Street Snaps in Fashion Weeks

street style

In this season’s menswear fashion weeks and pitti uomo menswear, oversized silhouettes, sneakers, panelling, functional gilets and waist bags showed a popular street style, making a strong contrast with gentleman sets and leather shoes. Tailoring items and fashion apparel went hand in hand. Printed and tie-dyed shirts stood out.

fashion men's street style

Nearly 30 Asian male celebrities showed up in Berluti’s show. Their outfits can be referred to for inspiration. Wu Yifan’s outfit is pink and dreamy, while suits worn by Peng Yuyan and Lee MinHo are appealing. The printed shirts and high-neck sweater are practical and handsome. The geo suit worn by Wang Ziyi feels powerful.

Celebrities' Outfits

Tees, sweatshirts in a cool street style are renewing. The oversized silhouette, shorts, cargo pants and exaggerated accessories are mixed to make a statement. The base layer is popular among men and women.

statement style

Plain or tonal colors are key. Simple geo patterns or stripes are styled with plain pants. The style on the whole is harmonious.

Daily Simplicity

Vertical stripes with a low level of color contrast are put on leisure suits. White, beige and cream stand out, and light blue is refreshing. Linen blends are suitable for summer. The Hawaiian shirt is styled with the suit, adding a smart feel.

gently fashion style

Cargo shirts, jackets, pants, boots and denim are nostalgic. The mix-and-match style is dominant. The shirt collar and street items show the mix of street and classic elements.

Vintage Military Items

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