The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

From “leftover lady”, “malechauvinist” to “sexual harassment” and “anti-domestic violence”, more and more gender issues have emerged in public debate in recent years, accompanied by a feminist critique. Feminism is a series of knowledge methodology formed around the criticism of human patriarchy, and beyond the specific disciplines and research paradigms. It has become an important part of the social current of thoughts. Throughout the four fashion weeks for A/W 20/21, many brands have mentioned liberating females, female power and feminism, especially Paris Fashion Week. Christian Dior has a theme of “I SAY I” to express female power. Celine tells the story of womenswear during May 1968 events in France. Chanel puts forward the idea of liberation, and launches a series friendly to women. Valentino is the queen of the new minimalism. Miu Miu emphasizes the young lady’s wear in the empire collection of the 1940s style. All of them are speaking out for women through fashionable way to show the gender mainstreaming from the perspective of gender equality under the turbulent times.

Pairs fashion week

The A/W 20/21 Paris Fashion Week is dominated by neat feminism and simple & sophisticated style, of which the former one is powerful and avant-garde. Concise and cool suit, layered structural cutting, bold and pleasing placement color-blocking, and the neat waisted design, reflect the true feminists voice: to defend the rights and interests of women (not women authoritarian or disintegrating patriarchy), to respect gender differences, to highlight female subjectivity, and to contribute to expressing female own advantages and achieving gender equality.

Pairs fashion week

The elegant lady style grows in the fashion week, which is reflected by the smooth silk, streamlined minimalist cutting, superfine cutout jacquard and supple post-modern suits. Clothing mainly uses elegant and advanced colors, or the gentle earth tones. Conservative clothing collocation is the best way to display the independent and confident femininity.

fashion catwalk styles

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Return of The Elegant Advanced Customization — The Comprehensive Analysis of Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus upsets our life. The outbreak is still there, but fashion never stops. For A/W 20/21 Paris Menswear Fashion Week, the collaboration collection of shoes with clothing decreases in this season, and is replaced by the rich and novel sophisticated looks. Street fashion style drops, and menswear tends to be retro and elegant, maybe because people are tired of the street style and tend to long for the elegant advanced customization. Many suits with exquisite cutting and meticuous fabrics emerge on the catwalk.

Paris Menswear Fashion Week

Style — Modern Romantic

With the popularity of asexuality, the soft but masculine charm has a strong momentum. Ruffle, feminine necktie, velvet gloves and metal florals are applied to men’s suits and trench coats, highlighting the soft side of men.


Style — Futuristic Commuting

The restrained suits work with futuristic fabrics, the crisp silhouette and technical fabrics to perfectly combine sports with business, fit for business occasions, the casual outerwear and dialy wearing.

Pairs fashion week

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Fashion Trend Analysis of Street Snaps in Paris Fashion Week

street fashion

In A/W 19/20 Paris Fashion Week, feminism was highlighted. Barbie pink, charismatic red, animal prints, offbeat cutout, fringing, feminist waist-cincher and feminine mixing and matching showed the slick and feminist quality.

fashion trend style

Barbie Pink Color

Key Words: dazzling and bright, glamorous, self-expression.

Barbie Pink color.jpg

Charismatic Red

Key Words: enthusiasm, liveliness, slick, queen.

Charismatic Red Color

Animal Prints Pattern

Key Words: colorful animal prints, snake skin, leopard print and tiger stripes.

Animal Prints Pattern Fashion Style.jpg

Offbeat Cutout Detail

Key Words: metallic chain, linking sequins, mesh and delicacy.

Offbeat Cutout Fashion Style.jpg

 Fringing Craft

Key Words: hem embellishments, layout.

Fringing Craft fashion style.jpg

Feminist Waist-Cinchers

Key Words: leather waist-cincher, pared-back, nipped-in, slick.

Feminist Waist-Cinchers

Feminine Mixing and Matching

Key Words: pleated skirts, prints, mixing of different styles.

Feminine Mixing and Matching

No Stranger

Key Words: deconstructed suits, streamlined lines, crisp shapes, nipped-in shapes, slick, elegant.

No Stranger