Christmas Outfits Style — From Diana to Kate to Meghan

From queen’s coats and hats to Diana’s suits to Meghan’s dresses and boots, the holiday outfits of the royal family members look a little conservative yet stylish. Today we will show you the best Christmas outfits of the royal family.

Last Christmas, there was a breakthrough in British royal family – Meghan was invited to take part in the annual Christmas church ceremony. Usually, only full royal members could attend that ceremony. Kate was invited after her marriage in 2011. On that occasion, Markle would choose what to wear.


Finally, Markle picked up a light tan overcoat of Sentaler, a Tracy hat in chestnut color, a pair of stuart weitzman boots and a Pixie handbag. All this were purchased online. Sentaler designer Bojana Sentaler told the media that they accepted online orders worldwide. Meghan was a fan of Sentaler, she added, and she didn’t know Meghan would attend the Christmas ceremony with Sentaler’s overcoat until 6 am that morning. ” that is the best Christmas gift for me,” she said.

princess kate

What Meghan and Kate wore is always in the spotlight. At that day, Kate wore a check overcoat with golden buttons from Miu Miu. In the following 24 hours, this item was soon out of stock, and on eBay the price was even increased. Although Kate was a royal family member, she also embraces generic brands. For example, she once wore a Hobbs’ purplish red coat with a waistband whose price is just 182 pounds. Later, the sales of Hobbs increased by around 14% before the New Year’s eve.

princess kate and her husband

Apart from outfits of young royal family members, Queen’s Christmas suits are also noticeable: colorful coats, hats, pins and pearl accessories.

British queen's

queen's blue style coat

As to the fashion of the British royal family, Diana is often mentioned. Diana is elegant and charming. And most of her clothes are classic. Although decades have passed, they are timeless.

diana's style

diana's purple style

With the stylish check suits, Diana is elegant and outstanding. It is still fit and fashionable today.

diana's blue style

Meghan Markle In The Spotlight Again

Meghan Markle has always been the topic in English fashion industry since Prince Henry announced that Princess Meghan was pregnant. During the 16 days of the journey to Australia, Meghan changed her stylish outfit many times per day.

This journey to Europe for Prince Henry and Princess Meghan has been halfway. On the banquet of 23th, Princess Meghan was in the spotlight by showing her fashionable clothes. She was in a blue cape dress, which reminds us of the the red carpet dress worn by the queen of Spain Letizia attending the birthday party of the king of Holland.

Meghan Markle's blue evening dress

The blue color represents the nobility of British royal family. Blue is the symbol of authority, nobility and diginity.

The blue carpet dress worn by Princess Meghan was impressive and eye-catching. On this formal occasion, Meghan also chose diamond earrings to be more elegant.

Meghan Markle's

This blue cape dress is close fitting, and it could clearly show the protruding belly of Meghan. The maxi dress made Meghan graceful and the pure blue was high-class. The symmetrical arc design on sleeves are attractive. The small round neck exuded a youthful feel.

Meghan Markle's who wear blue evening dress

The cape is a good match to the dress, which best showed the great body shape of Princess Meghan. Unlike Princess Kate, Meghan didn’t coil her hair, which were girlie.

The red cape dress worn by the queen of Spain Letizia is very youthful. The blonde wavy hair was noble and glamorous.

Spain Queen Letizia's long red mopping dress

That slim red cape dress could easily show the slender body shape of the queen. The unsymmetrical shoulder design is appealing. Generally, the bright red is not for everyone, and only women with unique elegance could wear it to show the nobility of royal family.

Spain Queen Letizia's long red mopping dress

The queen of Spain, who was in a olive green cape dress combines with a pair of snake skin high heels, was present in the National Sports Award Ceremony. The cape dress was sexy and demonstrated the unique features of queen.

In fact, the blue cape dress perfectly combines the features of the red one worn by the queen of Spain and the symmetrical design.

Spain Queen Letizia's green knee length dress

Those evening dresses are very elegant and noble, do you like it? If you want to see more fashion style dresses, you can visit:

Meghan, Nicky and Selena Wore the Same Oscar De La Renta Resort 2019 Printed Dress

Meghan, Nicky and Selena‘ Prints Dresses
Meghan, Nicky and Selena’s Prints Dresses

Female celebrities occasionally wear the same dress. At 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week, Nicky Hilton, a international socialite, happened to wear the same dress as Meghan Markle’s and Selena Gomez’s.

Nicky’s Oscar De La Renta Prints Dress

The same dress they wore is a Resort 2019 printed dress, which belongs to Oscar De La Renta. Although the styles are different, they are from the same collection and have distinctive features.

Nicky Hilton’s Resort Dress

Yesterday Nicky Hilton was present at 2019 S/S New York Fashion Week. With that resort dress, she looked more elegant. Nicky has two children, but that almost doesn’t affect her body shape. Slender body shape in a printed dress conveys freshness. With a handbag and a pair of white high heels, resort style shows elegance and freshness.

Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress
Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress

In June, Selena Gomez wore the same resort dress at the “Hotel Transylvania 3” premiere. The separate top and skirt set has the high waist design. With the perfect matching of a clutch bag and shoes, the overall style is eye-catching.

Princess Megan’s Loose Dress with Blue-white Porcelain Printing

In June, Princess Megan and Prince Henry joined the wedding of Princess Diana’s niece. She wore the loose dress with blue-white porcelain printing, which also belongs to Oscar De La Renta. In addition, a white hat and symbolic hairpin were worn to match the dress.

Oscar De La Renta’s Model With That Blue-white Porcelain Printing Dress

Just taking a glance at the model with that dress on, we can assume that this dress is not for everyone. A slim body looks a little draggy, while a fat one appears a bit swollen.

If one item is often in the sight of people, that certainly proves it is too attractive. Those three celebrities shows three different kinds of style. Which one do you prefer?