Clothing Collocation of Women’s Retro Sports Knitwear


The past and the future blend and learn from each other. In the 1980s and 1990s when they dared to express themselves and were uneasy with the status quo, there emerged signature items, such as red-and-blue sports suits, color-blocked POLO shirts, and tight pleated tennis skirts. And the collocation rule was pairing them with a neckerchief, a hair band and high-waist jeans. The nostalgic beauty and youthful sports style display the fashion charm of that era. In the new season, women’s knitwear draws color proportion inspirations from old photos, revivifies key points and representative items of retro sports, and then recreates them. Therefore, previous fashionable styles revive in modern fashion, and daily sports style is combined with fashion.

fashion trend

With the popularity of film and television media, a strong vibe of American culture was everywhere from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. With the rise of NBA, Hip Hop and street culture, Chinese sportswear gradually refers to European and American design elements. Color-blocked V-neck is reflected by American movies where California girls wear V-neck pullover and zip sweatshirts. Currently, as a key element in retro sports style, V-neck is color-blocked and applied to the vest and pullover, with velvet loose pants or pleated skirts to display the athleisure style. Shoes and bags also tend to be in moderately saturated colors to show the feature of times. For knitwear, it’s recommended to use velvet yarns like chenille to make a contrast with the overall look, practical and beautiful.


Color-blocked POLO shirts in the new season retain the color-blocking of the 1980s to 1990s, and create irregular geometry and V-shape through cross lines. The pair with loose jeans or deconstructed shorts can display the freedom and straightforwardness of the new era. Colors of items are moderately saturated to continue the retro charm. In the fashion videos of the 1990s, the model is wearing a red POLO shirt with white stripes, a black sheer skirt and orange stockings, which can be used as a reference currently.


In late 1980s and early 1990s, the POLO dress has already applied color-blocking to neckline and cuffs, very popular at that time. The contrast of red, white and blue tones is still the major design element of fashion brands like Fila and SPORTMAX. In the new season, POLO shirts are gradually switching towards ready-to-wear, and dominated by the comfortable and casual loose silhouette. The loose waist, lengthened dress and slit in the hemline work with a scarf to be retro. When added by a leather bag and red-and-blue cotton socks, the look is more daily and casual.

Ready-to-wear POLO Dresses

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Everything can be Collaborated

luxurious brands

Unlike luxurious brands, Chinese fashion brands can more easily create interesting items. In the past three months, many supermarket brand collaborated with Chinese fashion brands and cosmetics brands.


PEACEBIRD x ELE.ME brings the avant-garde style, interpreting cross-field diversity and offbeat creations.


OXY Studio collaborated with evian. Macaron colorways are girly.

OXY Studio x evian

Essential balm makes a comeback. BEASTER collaborated with T-Mall to release the BEASTER x T-Mall capsule collection during the New York Fashion Week.


White rabbit is prevalent. Many brands rushed to collaborated with it. LED’IN joined hands with white rabbit to release the LED’IN X White Rabbit collection.

LED'IN X White Rabbit


POP-Up Stores are Coming. Which Style Do You Like?


POP-up stores are seen as short behavior art. “Limited”, “First Launching” and “New Product” are often seen in pop-up stores. POP-up store are always eye-catching through using new technologies, unique storefronts and varying colors. For fashion industry, spring is the fashion season for new styles.



Peacebird Men re-interprets the classic characters in Sesame Street. Trouble Andrew and Reilly show their 2 special collaboration collections, exploring new possibilities.


Oishi x AKOP

Oishi joins hands with Han Huohuo to release the Oishi x AKOP collection. Salted egg yellow is the main tone, with black and white tones. The inspiration comes from the salted egg potato chips of Oishi. Oishi’s garments in collaborated collections will be for sale in pop-up stores. The interesting point is that the outside fitting model wears a large salted egg, and the new salted egg chips are placed in the yellow shopping cart.

Oishi x AKOP.jpg


The Lacoste x Keith Haring collection uniquely interprets street fashion. Lacoste keeps a balance between classics and fashion, while Keith Haring is rebellious and unruly. The walls are inspired by Keith Haring’s classic works. The dancing figures set a basic tone. The collaborated items are bright and vibrant. The vintage subway seats and street vending machines are placed in stores. The soft colors and light are artistic.



UNDER PEACE once collaborated with HELLO KITTY, SpongeBob and others. In 2019, UNDER PEACE joined hands with Junji Itou, a famous Japanese horror cartoonist. Junji Itou’s best work Tomie is chosen. The grown-up, classic and interesting style is combined with Under Peace’s military, street and skateboard.


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Converse’s Collaborated Collections


Converse has released the special collaborated collection called Reimagined. Koche, Feng Chen Wang and Faith Connexion were invited to reinvent fashion, street and contemporary art to renew Converse.

The Best-Ever Collaboration

The CONVERSE X KOCHÉ collection reveals the mixing of haute couture and sports. Asymmetrical motifs are used a lot. Feminine details like lace are creatively combined with the logo of Converse. The collection shows a elevated feel and the girls’ power.


The CONVERSE X FENG CHEN WANG collection interprets the collision between basketball and femininity. Wide silhouettes, colored tapes and ribbed cuffs show a vibrant street feminine style.