Yi Shang Chuang Zhan and Daegu Government formally signed a strategic MOU for fashion development

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In order to promote the common development of the fiber fashion industry in China and South Korea, on November 2, 2020, Yi Shang Chuangzhan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. and the Shanghai representative office of Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea, based on the principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, the two parties e entered into a strategic partnership.

Yi Shang Chuang Zhan (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. is the first information technology company in China that provides fashion information and complete supply chain solutions for the fashion industry.

The company has multiple information authoritative channels at home and abroad, and thousands of information collectors all over the world, providing information and supply chain services for 1.16 million designers (clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, home textiles, fabrics) and 600,000 apparel companies, covering 90% of Chinese brands, is currently one of the largest apparel design information platforms in China.

Part 01 Introduce high-quality overseas resources & Establish extensive and in-depth cooperation

With this strategic cooperation, Yishang Chuangzhan will bring its brands such as POP Trend, Design Infinity, ULB and Sichuang to establish extensive and in-depth cooperation with the Daegu Metropolitan Government.

Based on this strategic agreement, Yishang Chuangzhan will operate a platform that will bring together high-quality fabrics from Korean textile companies in Daegu, providing a platform for more domestic fashion designers to connect with each other and reduce overseas sourcing costs.

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Every year, POP Fashion Trend, a subsidiary of Yishang Chuangzhan, conducts a series of traveling trend conferences nationwide, which are attended by representatives of Chinese apparel companies and fashion designers, and will also help Chinese enterprises connect with quality textile resources in Daegu, Korea, to empower original design.

Part 02 Undertake the overflow effect from the fair & Empowering China Fashion Together

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At the time of the third edition of the Fair, Yishangchuang was awarded as the “Textile and Garment Pilot Platform” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Fashion Industry Alliance of Yangtze River Delta, and “the only transaction service platform serving the creative fashion industry for 6+365 days of the Fair” and other honorable enterprises.

Yi Shang Chuang Zhan and Daegu Metropolitan City Government will give full play to their profound strength, seize the industrial opportunities of the new era, and jointly promote the upgrading and transformation of the fashion industries (fibers, textiles, fashion, designer talents, etc.) of the two countries, and seek common fashion in the new era Rejuvenation and development!

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Three Points To Wear Boots

In winter, shoes should be warm yet stylish. Today, we will take a look at celebrities’ outfits to get some inspiration.

Boots are always prevalent for women in winter. The key is how to match.

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Firstly, the best length of boots is above knees, which can perfect the look of legs if your legs are not that straight. The way Song Xi wears boots are fit in warm areas. If in northern China, you need to wear leggings.

Secondly, the design of bootleg is important. The basic style is the straight, and another common one is with lots of creases. If your legs are a little bit fat, you should avoid the creased boots. Wang Ziwen wears those two styles in the pictures. You can check them.

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Thirdly, there are many ways to wear boots. You could just put your legs in, or do it with leggings inside, or even with slim jeans. Temperature should be taken into account. Boots with high heels could make body shape more attractive. So do you like these boots?

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