The Fabric Trend for Women’s Newness of Lace

lace fabric

Coco Chanel once said that lace is the greatest invention of human that nothing is more elegant and exquisite so far. Nature endows us with endless inspiration, and designers can always find a better way to express through yarn and craft. Lace has symbolized exquisite craft and romance since its birth. This report will analysis the craft, pattern and texture of lace. The main introduction of water-soluable lace, wrap-knitted lace and laser-cut lace-like fabric provides new directions for designers and fabric develop enterprise in A/W 22/23.

lace fabric

Fiber & Material — Chenille yarn, wool, regenerated polyester and nylon are integrated into common cotton and chemical fiber to increase the thermal property and eco-friendly value. Fabric Craft — Water-soluable embroidered lace-like fabric is an important category of lace. Digital embroidery is made on water-soluable nonwoven base cloth. Hot water dissolves the base cloth and leaves the dimensional fabric. Nylon, cotton and polyester fibers are blended, and different colors are used to form the colorful lace effect. Printing and 3D decorations can be added on the dissolved embroidered cloth to present the layered dimensional feel. Different from the common individualized patterns, the application of geometric shapes and decoration patterns will be the future direction.

lace fabric

Different from the traditional water-soluable pattern, the twining abstract pattern and layered imaginary flowers are more impressive. Integrated Chenille yarn strengthens the thermal property. The combination with fitted tailoring and lively silhouette is suitable for making A/W 22/23 women’s tops and dress.

lace fabric

Geometric holes and hollow-out floral patterns are shown on the natural cotton-linen fabric after dissolving. Plain monochrome style is combined with organic or regenerated materials to make the textiles more comfortable and natural. This layered visual effect is suitable for development the design of A/W 22/23 women’s top, outerwear, skirt and trousers.

lace fabric

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The New Look Lace Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Lace is an everlasting popular topic in the fashion world. Lace has attracted countless women and designers in thousand years for its unique charm and exquisite craft. In the medieval times, delicate lace is the symbol of power and position. We called women who could perfectly present the beauty of lace charming ladies. The traditional lace endows women with romance, nobility or sexuality. However, modern lace injects a more diversified temperament and character into the fabric. Different from the solemn and gorgeous traditional lace, the new-look lace is more suitable for urban women. This report mainly introduces the lace which fits S/S 2022 womenswear. Bionic embroidery lace, sequined embroidery lace, eyelet embroidery lace, modern tasseled lace and linen plain lace make the fabric more diversified and outline women’s various temperaments.

Fabric Trend for Womenswear

With the moderation of global epidemic, the deterioration of environment alarms human beings and arouses people’s yearning for the past wonderful natural condition. The true pursuit of willing to be closer to nature is reflected to the lace fabric through bionic embroidery. No matter leaves and cirri or birds and beasts, their vivid appearances break the routine monotone of tranditional flower patterns. This is how beautiful ecology environment be like in people’s minds.

Bionic Embroidery Lace

The existence of water-soluble lace evolves the flat lace fabric into a delicate 3D one. To enhance its 3D effect, mono-colored or multi-colored sequined embroideries can create a layered texture on the lace surface. The reflected gloss of sequins endows lace fabric with better gorgeous charm.

Sequined Embroidery Lace

Different from regular lace fabric, the ancient British eyelet embroidery craft shows a clear transparency against the pure color background. Sunshine travels pass various holes on the lace surface and reflects real and fictional paper-cutting-like graphics. The application on dresses, tops, skirts or overcoats is available, perfectly demonstrating women’s fantastic fairy temperament.

Eyelet Embroidery Lace

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The Fabric Trend for Women’s Diachronous Romance Lace

women's lace

In S/S 2021, Belle Époque combines the romanticism of a century ago with contemporary aesthetics to present the new classical aesthetics. As a classic fabric for Belle Époque, the exquisite lace is a symbol of gentleness and beauty. Florals and detailed textures highlight the softness of females. Twinkling beads and sequins bring a luxurious feel. Lace in pastel colors drives girls’ daydream to bloom in S/S 2021.

lace dresses

In S/S 2021, the simple lace is used as the ground fabric and printed by sweet ditsies. Florals are brighter, with ditsies and cluster of flowers to show the romantic girlish style. And florals make a contrast with the simple lace, bringing a layered feel.

Spread of Florals

Lace is fit for the mid-length dress and the blouse. Exaggerated hemline and puff sleeves bring a retro royal court feel to the item. The accordion crinkled hemline is playful, and the irregular splicing of different fabrics bring a unique feel.

Recommended Applications

The lace with fine textures is pure, misty and likable. This season, the transparent lace takes on irregular lines, minimalist and good-looking.

Fine Textures

The lace fabric with fine textures is fit for undershirts and mid-length dresses. The translucent lace can be applied to layered match. Or ruffles are used to sleeves to bring a virtual and real visual impact.

Recommended Applications

The return of Belle Époque drives the gorgeous court style to be back. Twinkling hand-made sequins and beads are combined with lace to show the feel of haute couture and the linear beauty and endow classic elements with new vitality. The mixed feminine fabrics optimize the romantic style and make the dream more splendid.

Twinkling Beads and Sequins

The lace with beads and sequins can fully display the entry luxury feel, so it is fit for the evening dress, the dress and the blouse. It can be applied to simple silhouette, with romantic ruffles. And the dress is dominated by X-line.

Recommended Applications


2020 Spring Summer Womenswear Lace Fabric


The Scottish classic embroidery, chantilly lace, chemical trimming create exquisite dress or top. The application to the worn-out jeans, denim or suede jacket delivers a casual yet retro appeal.

fashion lace style

The lace embroidery on the ground fabric of silk and cotton lends a flowing and elegant appeal, with floral patterns and understated colors to highlight the delicacy of the item.

cotton fabric fashion style

The Scottish classic embroidery on the translucent or opaque ground fabric creates an immersive effect. The floral fabric, geometric patterns and the surface texture bring a stereoscopic effect.

Classic Embroidery

The lace embroidery on the thin and transparent tulle creates an effortlessly sexy look, it is often applied to the dress and top.

Light-weight Lace

With the return of the 90s reference, the retro chemical trimming revives again, and it evolves more sophisticated and original in this season, pairing with large-scaled retro totems and floral patterns creating a more glamorous look.