New Year Fashion Pattern Packs

Fashion Pattern

I collect a series of original patterns for you in the celebration of Chinese New Year. The on-trend metaverse elements are combined with animals and smiley faces to reflect the living attitude of youths.

Fashion Pattern

Delicious food and video games are the sources where contemporary workers find their joy. Colorful letters, 3D images, and over-lapped effects show fantastic and eye-catching patterns. Slogans and bubble fonts are also added to improve the playfulness.

Fashion Pattern

Flower and jewelry are the common elements for Valentine’s Day. High saturation creates a festive atmosphere. Beyond the use of letters, Chinese characters are also integrated into the Valentine collections to update the Chinoiserie fashion. The seamless patterns brought by bowknots are highly practical.

Fashion Pattern

On-trend metaverse leads to a new wave of pattern design. Virtual liquid and chips are twisted and ghosted to create an unreal world. These technical and mysterious patterns meet the trend of metaverse.

Fashion Pattern

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The Pattern Craft Trend for Women’s Delicate Placement Loungewear

Women's Delicate Placement Loungewear

To meet modern women’s pursuit of delicate life, delicate placement designs are decorated on loungewear to improve the texture and allow the clothing to be more good-looking. Besides, exquisite embroidery can better attract the consumers.

Women's Delicate Placement Loungewear

Front pocket is combined with embroidered flowers to present the effect of flower arrangement. Multiple embroidery techniques accentuate the effect and improve the clothing value.

Women's Delicate Placement Loungewear

Floral embroidery decorates the placket and makes it become the highlight of the whole garment. Embroidery makes the texture of flowers and branches more realistic and distinct. And the exquisite regular retro plackets also improve the delicacy.

Women's Delicate Placement Loungewear

Single flowers are embroidered to show elegant, high-class and clear patterns, which is rather eye-catching. Besides, the handcrafted touch brought by embroidery improves the general value.

Women's Delicate Placement Loungewear

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The Jacquard Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Jacquard Pattern
Jacquard pattern trend for clothing design

Jacquard is a common expression for clothing design, and different color combinations present distinctive fun. This report will demonstrate the charm of floral jacquard from seven directions.

Jacquard Pattern

Graceful floral patterns are combined with delicate and luxurious silk and satin to exude the charm of modern women. The natural lustre brought by the fabric creates the effect of light and shade. All the leaves and petals are seemingly covered by noble and classic lights.

Jacquard Pattern

Floral patterns with clear lines are just like the wooden carved artworks. The strong artistic feel is paired with trendy earthy colors in A/W to balance the strength of lines and increase the gentleness.

Jacquard Pattern

The changes of lines and blocks enrich the layers of pattern. Colored flowers can be combined with hollow linear flowers. And lines can also filled in the whole flower to create a new type of striped effect, which is minimalist and delicate.

Jacquard Pattern

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The Full Bloom Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Bloom Pattern Trend

Tulips have long enjoyed the reputation of “The Queen of Flowers in the World”. Tulips are extremely rich in variety and diverse in color, which has attracted countless people and perfectly set off the beauty of women. In S/S 2022, brands such as Balenciaga and Christian Dior also widely applied tulips in clothing. This report provides more quick reflections of similar pattern and seasonal designs, enriching the forms and techniques of the pattern.

Bloom Pattern Trend

With the popularity of tulip pattern in S/S 2022 Fashion Week, such element is favored by those in the clothing industry. This report interprets the application of tulips in pattern design from the aspects of Bouquet Spread, Realistic Single Branch, Watercolor Smudge, Realistic Flower, and Line Drawing with Negative Space.

Bloom Pattern Trend

Tulips are dominated by high-saturation hues, which strengthens the overall visual impact. The branches intertwine as if entering a romantic garden. In terms of expression technique, the combination of large and small flowers increases the richness of the image. The flowers are clustered and refreshing, which is most suitable for dresses.

Bloom Pattern Trend

Realistic tulips make the image more three-dimensional. The medium-sized flowers are arranged in a pattern in a regular manner and their colors are rich yet unified, which interprets the holiday leisure atmosphere and the idyllic romantic style to the fullest. The trendy brand Balenciaga presented tulips on their S/S 2022 runway, breaking the previous illusion that tulips are only suitable for middle-aged women and revealing more possibilities for tulips in clothing design.

Bloom Pattern Trend

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The Renewed Classic Pattern Trend for Women’s Loungewear

Women's Loungewear

Check and stripe are not only the timeless mark of fashion world, but they are also the inspiration source of creation. Designers will never stop their exploration of innovation. Distortion, mismatching, multiple colors and element combination inject newness into traditional check & stripe patterns. Distorted lines can present psychedelic 3D effects. Flowers, human figures and other fun elements enliven classic checks and stripes.

Women's Loungewear

Checkerboard is no more black and white. Variable creative details are added to present higher recognition and a more daring and fun style. Different patterns can also be injected to make checks retro and childlike.

Women's Loungewear

Diverse colors, changed width and variable arrangement endow stripes with dynamic visual effects. The combination and overlapping of stripes and lines present free and avant-garde flow.

Women's Loungewear

Simple zebra stripes send out the unique feeling of African grasslands. Color blocks combine zebra stripes and leopard print together to feel the minimalist fashion.

Women's Loungewear

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The Land of Snow of Pattern and Craft Trend for Kidswear


Frozen is set in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle which is inspired by Norwegian spectacular natural scenery, including snow-capped mountains and tranquil fiords. In terms of characters’ costumes, the animation team also draws many inspirations from the unique architectures, culture and traditions of Norway.


As the snow queen, Elsa’s dress shows an ethereal and pure sense with the help of crystal clear snow. And sequins, beads and rhinestones are applied to the fabric to make the dress sparkling. And the pattern is mainly the snowflake. The hemline is equipped with plain geometric and linear patterns. While Anna’s dress tends to have a warm quality sense. The symmetric floral patterns and fringes are decorated in buttons. And color-blocked geometric patterns are added to cuffs and the neckline.

Pattern Analysis of Characters' Costumes

Elsa exudes infinite charm under the sky or in the snowfield. The posters show the most gripping scenes to arouse people’s curiosity about the story of Arendelle. Anna and Elsa will go deep into the mysterious magical forest to discover the truth about the source of Elsa’s magic, and the long-hidden secrets of the kingdom of Arendelle, a magical kingdom with elements of wind, fire water, and soil.


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The Artistic Portraits Pattern Trend for Menswear

pattern trend

Different expression techniques of the designer endow the portraits with different soul. In the latest S/S 2020 series of MSGM, simple hand-drawn figures have hilarious facial expressions, showing the slight fashion sense. Designers of Moschino wear Picasso’s classic paintings in S/S 2020 show. The abstract figures, color blocks and texts make a strong visual impact, very unique and fashionable.


Hand-drawn figures and texts are like doodles which record thoughts and jotting of the painter. Hilarious facial expressions and movements bring a relaxing and leisurely visual feeling. This kind of pattern can be printed and embroidered.

Hand-drawn Figures and Texts

Seemingly casual brushwork expresses the gesture exaggeratedly. The minimalist style requires exquisite skills to express the gesture and mood of the figure. Letters strengthen the expressive sense of patterns. When added with brushwork, the pattern shows an artistic feeling.

Abstract Figures

Figures in illustrations have exaggerated facial expressions, pretty humorous and funny. Illustration normally implies the reflection or irony of the reality. Good illustrations can resonate with people and highlight their individuality.

Illustration-style Figures

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The Exotic-Ethnic Pattern Trend for Womenswear


The tribal style is wild and primitive with maximalist graphics and colors. The styles from Southeast Asia and ancient elements from India, Saudi Arabia, Spain and African all provide inspiration.


ETRO is the representative of new traditionalism. The founder Gimmo Etro loves travelling and has travelled around the world. He has great interest in culture and history, particularly old books and apparel. His individualistic elements inject ancient patterns with modern vibrancy. Alice + Olivia uses paisley and maximalist frames with bold colors. Just Cavalli mainly show the wild style, and totems are necessary.

Runway Show

Square graphics can be spliced to add newness. The combo of square graphics, stripes and totems show the intense wild and exotic feel. Fine stripes create a sense of glaze. The simplified modern language is used for expression.


IP — Temperley London , Etro, Just Cavalli. The worship to nature is the basis of the creation of totems. Totems explain myths, ancient stories and folk traditions.


IP — Alice + Olivia ,Valentino , Just Cavalli. Vegetal florals are vibrant and can be mixed with stripes and geometric shapes. Embroidery, beading and hot mix can be applied to add depth and tactile handle.

Vegetal Stripes

IP——ETRO , Alice + Olivia. A variety of different and complex patterns are spliced to create a vintage, primitive and wild sentiment. Maximalist graphics and vivid colors add vibrancy.

Primitive Splicing

IP——ETRO , Alice + Olivia , Just Cavalli. Tribal stripes can be applied to tapes or appear in placement patterns. They also can be styled with other graphics for the head-to-toe look.


IP — Alice + Olivia. A variety of fine stripes are mixed to create a sense of glaze, which is modern, elegant and wild.

Fine Stripes

IP — Michel Klein , Alice + Olivia. Use a simple language to show the essence and style of ancient cultures. They are simple and easy-to-wear, and can be styled with maximalist items.

The Simplified Tribal Motifs



Maximalism Resort 2020 Pattern Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Fashion Women's Knitwear


The Millennials and Generation Z become important consumer groups. Dramatic and psychedelic looks usher in a wave of maximalism in the youth market. Intricate patterns are key, traditional motifs are redefined and colors go bolder.

women's knitwear


Slogans express the attitudes of the young generation. Rudi Gernreich features jacquard slogans, and combines them with classic Fair Isle patterns, vehicles and checks. Colorful graphics are against the black grounds through different placement.

Colorful graphics women's knitwear

Horizontal Placement

The horizontally arranged graphics deliver a modern folkloric style. Trendy elements mix with classic Fair Isle patterns, colored in bright and vivid shades.

horizontally arranged graphics women's knitwear
Geometric Collage

Diverse geometries are individual yet interactive. They are merged together for a playful effect. Harmonious colorways are important for the collages.

Geometric Collage women's knitwear
All-over Words

The all-over word decoration of S/S 2020 pattern is different from the orderly text print of previous seasons. The words change their colors and scales, or blend with linear imagery.

All-over Words women's knitwear

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