The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Trench Coats


In A/W 20/21, in addition to achromatic colors like black, white and grey, reddish khaki is the main color for trench coats; the burnt olive like a dried flower grows; caramel is comparatively steady. Apart from the basic silhouette, 3D sleeves and exaggerated neckline will be a hot trend to change the silhouette.


The loose silhouette is combined with raglan sleeves to be more comfortable, with natural colors to be quiet and plain.


Statement-making 3D sleeves strengthen the design sense visually. It can be paired with business shirts to make females powerful and confident.

The Trench Coat with 3D Sleeves

The exaggerated trench coat is combined with H-line silhouette, with beige and khaki to make the trench coat simple, elegant, free and comfortable.


The drop-shoulder design is combined with the loose silhouette, which is the main sleeve. It simplifies the craft and saves cost.

The Drop-shoulder Trench Coat

In the past, the hooded trench coat is combined with the silhouette, very dull. This time trench coats adopt the unique hood silhouette, so the trench coat will be more casual and freer.

The Hooded Trench Coat