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In this short video, we will show you the Latest News of Top Brands. As a design director, it would be critical to keep up with long term industry insights.

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Get cool clothing collocations for early spring

The winter is over now, and the weather is gradually warming up. For the women, this is a time to get rid of the shackles. Finally, you can take off your heavy coat and down jacket, and change back to light and refreshing clothes! In fact, at the beginning of each season, choosing your favorite and suitable clothing is respect for this season.

It is also the season for the recovery of all things. Of course, it is also a season worth looking forward to and full of hope. In order to meet the characteristics of this season, the dress style of early spring should be as clean and fresh as possible, and novel and interesting. If you are boring when you in the house, you can choose a few pieces for yourself in early spring! In fact, you have to buy a few pieces of clothing every season. Although this year is special, it is no exception, so come and explore with us!

LOOK1: Casual shoes

Shoes are one of the most important items that many fashionistas pay attention to. In the winter season, it is necessary to consider both the design and the shape of the shoes, and the warmth. In fact, it is difficult to unify the two aspects, but it can be done in spring. Stylish and simple casual shoes are not only lightweight, but also concave in shape. These shoes are both practical and fashionable, and it is worth everyone to start.

LOOK2: Fisherman hat

It is very necessary for everyone to prepare a personalized hat for the early spring season. Compared to winter, early spring has relatively strong ultraviolet rays that sometimes wind and sand will strike. The hat can not only block the sun but also be windproof. In addition, the fisherman hat also brought a very prominent effect on the overall mix and the shaping of personality.

LOOK3: Jeans

Spring is very suitable for jeans, because there are more clothes to wear in winter, and jeans are a constraint. Classic jeans that won’t go out of style will have more opportunities to be displayed in the spring, so one should start this spring. Loose jeans are more tolerant to the figure, and have a relatively lazy personality, which is also a good match.

Now that the weather is gradually warming up, everyone can buy some fashion styles in early spring! Spring is the beginning of the year. Of course, you must have a new image, and the first step is to change your external style, so prepare a few sets of stylish clothes for yourself as soon as possible!


Prince Kate’s style from a few hundred affordable brands to Gucci

Kate's Styles

King Kate of the British royal family has been married to the royal family for seven years. Every appearance is so dignified, but Kate’s style of dressing has not changed in the past few years. It is very simplistic, so after you have seen it for a long time, you feel that there is no Fresh feeling. And Megan has brought a different feeling to everyone, Megan’s appearance is always individual and wonderful, very worth seeing.

meghankate's style

In the past few years, Princess Kate has been adhering to her classic royal style, insisting on the selection of big names such as Alexander McQueen and Catherine Walker. However, Kate has recently been found to have made some changes in dressing. Speaking of her recent transformation, celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage said: “Meggen brought a high-end fashion styling to the royal family. Perhaps it is this high-end atmosphere that inspired Kate to boldly enter the new world of Gucci.” The purple shirt with the shape of the black wide-leg pants is also a different way for everyone to see Kate. The £790 Gucci silk shirt is very girly because of the bow.

Gucci's green style

Some time ago, 37-year-old Princess Kate visited the Belfast Empire Music Hall. The £1,590 Missoni metal knit wrap dress, with her signature Gianvito suede heels (priced at £505) and the nude Mulberry clutch, has become a luxury.

The stylist continued: “Maybe it is this high-end atmosphere that inspired King Kate to venture into Gucci’s new world. For her, this is a new feeling.” Princess Kate began to try new brands and bolder. Creativity, including Missoni, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Some time ago, Princess Kate’s visit to Northern Ireland, wearing a £1,735 cloak jacket, accompanied her husband, Prince William, to the art center in Ballymena, County Antrim, and the renminbi was worth tens of thousands! Now the brand chosen by Kate is no longer so monotonous, and multiple brands mean that she is slowly starting to try various styles.

kate's black style

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge, wore Dolce & Gabbana’s custom-made black tweed skirt to attend the Royal Foundation’s Mental Health and “Mental Health in Education” meeting. Kate has always chosen a solid color suit, this time also tried different fabrics and colors, black and gray reflected a full sense of high-level!

kate's pink evening dress

When Kate wears this sleek off-the-shoulder V-neck skirt to participate in the annual “100 Women in Finance” event, it is also a feeling that Kate is really changing. This is also from the Gucci brand, the exquisite mopping skirt features multi-layered pleated tulle and soft nude pink.

kate and meghan

And Megan still has a few days to have a baby, foreign media also said that Megan has stopped the official activities before the baby, and we probably look at the Look when Megan appeared frequently in the previous period, you can see Megan The dressing idea is indeed much broader than Kate. This white look, Megan with such a personalized hat, it really changed the traditional style of the royal family.

meghan's green style

And this set of green woolen coats equivalent to $10000 pieces, Megan Wang Hao is to wear such a very “aunt” color to wear a sense of high quality, Megan in the royal family less than a year of training, still quite Effective! However, Megan is now not going to grab the limelight with King Kate. Kate is estimated to have been under a certain pressure, so try to change it! In fact, I found that a person only knows his deficiencies when he feels the pressure.

Princess Kate couldn’t hold it anymore! From a few hundred high street brands to Gucci, influenced by Megan? I used to wear hundreds of cheap items before, but I rarely saw them recently!

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2019 Spring Summer Benchmark Brand for Infants and Kids


DENIM IN THE BOX is more ingenious on patterns and styles. In S/S 19, DENIM IN THE BOX released three illustration-style collections: Animals, Vegetables and Sky. Bright colors and funny hand-drawn patterns are novel.

Children's Style

Crazy Zoo
Big-nosed baboon, permed tiger and lion are key roles. This lively zoo is composed of graffiti patterns. Prints, jacquards, appliques and fringes all enliven up patterns. Paneling, distressed finish and rough edge make pants attractive.

Crazy Zoo Style

Crazy Zoo — More Styles

The exaggerated big nose, the hot-haired tiger and the lion are the main characters, and we present a fun and vivid zoo daily in the form of hand-painted graffiti. The pattern is displayed in the form of printing and jacquard. The details such as patch and three-dimensional tassels are added to make the image more vivid and the cost can be controlled. The style is based on the basic style, and the trousers have many highlights. The processing of splicing and worn burrs makes the basic single. The product has more highlights.

Crazy Zoo fashion style

Vegetables are indispensable for summer. DENIM IN THE BOX pays more attention to vegetable patterns. Leeks, peanuts, eggplants and carrots are all personified. Bright colors and sweet expressions are combined to be enticing.

Vegetables Styles

Clouds in the shapes of fried egg, fish and small hills are mainly used. Sun orange, iridescence color and sky blue are main tone for basic styles.

Children's Style.jpg

Sky — More Styles
The ovulation, fish, hills and other sky-like clouds are the main patterns. The sunset orange, iridescent and sky blue are the basic styles. The imaginative motifs are extraordinarily eye-catching and full of design.

sky styles

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6 Red Popular Style in Recommendation

Christmas is a holiday not only for foreigners but also for Chinese people. Red in China represents auspiciousness. What will happen if red meets with Christmas?

red style

We recommended the following 6 red popular style, which are eye-catching and dynamic. If you have not decided what present to give, then you could pick up red items.

Red Overcoat:

Overcoat is necessary in winter. If you’d like to hang out with friends or have a date, a red overcoat is outstanding and charming. With a white inner layer, the look is more attractive. With a pair of black boots, the colorway is suitable for the Christmas season.

red coat

Red Coat:

If you are not tall, this short coat is just for you. With a inner blue item, the whole appearance is fashionable. Jeans are classic and chic. A pair of short boots make the whole look stylish.

red style 1

Red Dress:

Red dress is popular with lots of women. And red could also be matched with green. Red dress in winter is attractive and energetic. But a red dress alone can’t keep warm, so a short military green coat is needed. This matching is suitable for not-tall women.

Red Dress

Red Pants:

Elaborate red leather pants are attention-grabbing and youthful. The top is white and furry. The appearance looks warm. The black shoes are matched with the white top. The red of pants can perfectly link the top and bottom.

Red pants.jpg

Red Hat:

In windy days in winter and autumn, a hat is needed to maintain your hairstyle. A red hat is practical and stylish. For example, the red cap in the picture is youthful. The same tonal matching is simple yet exciting.

red hat

Red Handbag:

Red handbag is the last one we highly recommend. In daily matching, if you are a little bit not satisfied with your style, a red handbag could help a lot. The small red handbag could liven up the look.

Red Handbag

These 6 red items could accompany you through the romantic winter.

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