Clothing Collocation for Women’s Trousers


From fashionistas, street snaps and brands such as Andersson Bell, Pushbutton and Open The Door, we can see trousers are key for styling. This year denim, suiting and casual fabrics are combined with high-waist trousers. And trousers become a key item for Pre-Fall 2021. Tops are tight and fitted, with high-waist trousers to well lengthen the figure.

high-waist trousers

Styling of High-Waist Trousers

Casual high-waist trousers are paired with shirred tops to well accentuate female form. Comfortable sneakers show a strong casual fashion.

clothing collocation

Layered Match of Vests

Angus Chiang creates mock-layer vests, ombre knitted vests and ruffled slips to create a layered match visually. As for bottoms, sporty trousers tap into Gen Z.

clothing collocation

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2020 Pre-Fall Base Sweater Collocation for Women


Base sweaters are versatile and classic. They blend with other items to complete cozy and elegant looks, reflecting the individuality of urban women. Knitwear against silk or three-layer look marries softness with toughness.

fashion sweater

The combination of base sweater and shirt is popular. Checked or striped shirts are most classic, while translucent shirts reveal inner layer.

fashion style sweater

A bohemian dress is styled over a striped sweater for a chic look. A fitted base layer plays contrast with a flowing dress, feeling warm and elegant in cool autumn.

sweater dresses.jpg

Overalls continue to prevail in pre-fall 2020. The placket is unfastened to expose the sweater. Knitwear features front patterns, and softens masculine overalls.

fashion style sweater

It is common to wear a sweater underneath the suit. In pre-fall 2020, three-layer looks are chic. A sweater teams with a light sweatshirt or soft shirt and a suit. Opt for appropriate colors to keep balance.

fashion trend sweater

Base sweaters with delicate neck details are noticeable. They blend with overcoats in clashing or tonal colors. Shirts can also be worn to add depth and warmth.

fashion sweater

The sweaters stand out with jacquards, embroidered cuffs, high neck or varied stripes, emphasizing elegance and utility.

fashion trend style sweater

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The most complete coat collocation to help you looks more beautiful

The weather is getting warmer and warmer, the coats are going to debut, and the young girls can easily show their temperament in coats. But the matching of the coat is always very difficult. Generally speaking, we basically know what we like in the style. In fact, it is difficult to choose the color. Skin tone and temperament include the color of the coat, and each factor affects the effect of our wear.

Let’s take a look at the small series to see what color coats looks good.

1 Red Coat


The red is a more common color for the coat. The red coat is recommended to choose a style that is not too complicated, and the color itself is brighter. Red avoids the same color with the bright color system, it will look too eye-catching, so choose the black and white inside is the safest match, bright red inside match the black sweater and white mesh skirt is very beautiful. Then it is a good choice with a plaid skirt and a white bottoming shirt and a beige or ivory white and black trousers, but the ivory trousers are more advanced.

2 Khaki Color Coat

Khaki Color Coat

The light khaki coat is similar to the white coat, so it is also very versatile when you choose to take it. The khaki is lighter and more beautiful with some white tones. For example, orange white, checkered, and gray tones are all pretty.

3. Pink Coat

pink coat

The pink coat is very special, not as bright as red, it can be classified as white and red, pink is best with white, gray, ivory, beige, khaki, and the same color can be contrasted shallow Pink or dark pink, it is visually giving a lighter feeling who can also bring out a more advanced temperament.

4. Cyan Coat

Cyan Coat

The cyan coat can be matched with black, white and white series colors. It is also good for the same color of the military green. It can also be worn with blue jeans and black slim pants. Like other mid-length coats, if the skirt is folded and exposed to a length of about 10cm, it will look good. The trousers can be worn with a slightly nine-point flared trousers.

5. Caramel coat

Caramel coat

The caramel coat is not as good as the light color when it is matched. It can be matched with the black and white colors. It can also be matched with the same color coffee and camel, but it is necessary to match the color with the inner color. Be careful not to look good. The casual caramel coat on the above picture has a simple structure, with a white lace skirt and a white bottoming shirt with black trousers for a stylish look.

6. Beige Coat

Beige Coat

The beige coat will be more extensive, the beige fur coat is full of fashionable and advanced temperament, with the yellow and white contrast trade and the loose wide-leg pants of coffee color, which makes people fashionable and full of high sense; khaki small plaid micron white coat is clean; the plaid strap dress is full of fresh and youthful temperament.

7. Black Coat

black coat

Black is the color of loves versatile. When pairing, it is best not to choose pure black inside. It is recommended to choose the bright color inside to make people look more fresh and beautiful. The blue jeans are young and fashionable, and the camel dress is sweet and gentle.

8. Plaid Coat

plaid coat

The plaid coat has a retro temperament, and the plaid coat needs to be matched with a solid color to avoid the match with the color and the plaid. It is not very easily picky on the color, and is matched with red, caramel and black. But if your skin color is not very white, then it is recommended to choose a light blue inside that will be more white.

9. Short Coat

short coat

Short coats will be better to match, gray coats will give you a youthful temperament that match with fashion and handsome socks and casual shoes. The white lambskin coat gives a sweet feeling, with plaid cropped trousers and a pink top, it’s stylish and cute. The white coat and the black contrast color match the classic high-class, making it fashionable and cute. Short coats always make people look lively and stylish, with skirts and trousers, shorts can make people look good.

short caot

No matter what age you are, the structure is simple and the color is not complicated that is very beautiful. I believe that after these simple introductions, you can know how to match your coat. When you are warmer in the early spring, put on a favorite coat, let us wear a fashionable young, beautiful and beautiful.

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