The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Minimalist Unisex Trench Coat

Trench Coat

Minimalist trench coat in A/W 24/25 deconstructs the silhouette to have a unisex style and subverts the convention. Powerful A-line, wide-shoulder T-line and sleeveless H-line create daily commutewear through straight tailoring. Deconstruction, shirt trench coat and oversized trench coat deliver the handsomeness of urban women.

Trench Coat

Design Highlight: The laid-back oversized coat is extremely inclusive and practical.

Application: The loose shape of trench coat is more comfortable and free. The layering with multiple under layers enriches the looks.

Trench Coat

Design Highlight: Cozy shirt and outwear trench coat are mixed to form a brand-new silhouette that shows women’s elegant charm and free spirit.

Application: Crisp trench coat fabric provides traditional windproof performance. The loose fits of shirt are really cozy. Creased cotton-linen fabrics are more suitable for comfy homewear.

Trench Coat

Design Highlight: Deconstructed design presents a strong three-dimensional effect. Multiple layers and misplacing offer rich visual effects and new experiences.

Application: Layered cutting and fabric splicing enrich the layers of garments. The waist drawstrings and wavy collars strengthen the femininity. The asymmetric hemlines are more stylish.

Trench Coat

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The Renewed Panelling Cut Trend for Womenswear


For A/W 20/21, panelling is key. In this season, feminism, technology, electronics, naturalism and utilitarianism influence panelling. Shiny fabrics, cargo styling and structural lines are emphasized.

womenswear coat

With the development of technology and electronics, electronic tones and shiny fabrics gain traction. Lightweight shiny fabric, tinfoil-like texture and neon colors are combined with irregular and asymmetric details to create a futuristic style.

Shiny Panelling

The lines at the bust and waist is emphasizes thanks to the comeback of femininity. Panelling at those places creates a soft feminine aesthetic.

Panelling at the Bust and Waist

The body structure is emphasized for panelling this season. Stitches, zippers and velcro tapes create a linear aesthetic.

Panelled Structural Lines

Color Panelling is focused on the shoulder seams. Contrast colors add interest and vibrancy.

Shoulder Color Blocking

The panelling within the utility workwear style shows a fragmenting effect. Multiple cargo pockets and sheers renew cargo styling. Different lengths enhance utilitarianism.

Workwear Utility Panelling

Raw panelling is more underlined. The industrial greyed checks and denim are combined with the trench coat. The defective effect and fraying add a natural effect.

Flawed Panelling

More Recommended Panelling Methods

1. square lace panelling. 2. Silkweave paneling. 3. bright lace and denim. 4. Panelled abstract animal prints.

More Recommended Panelling Methods