The Craft Detail Sleeves Trend for Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

The minimalist aesthetics always occupies a certain space in the fashion world. This season women’s knitwear emphasize the appearance change and transfer stitches to create 3D sleeves. The appropriate space is free and easy for the body. Smooth lines are in line with human curves. Subtle changes of details display the fun of simplicity.

women's knitwear

The one-piece sewing is the main expression of designs on sleeves. Buttons, long straps and contrasting overlocking create soft and natural sleeves. The simple and flowing visual effect is the direction of the new season.

Designs on Sleeves for women's knitwear

The draping sleeves have layered crinkles. Compared with disorderly gatherings in previous seasons, the draping sleeves are more regular, with tensile stitch textures to leave some space for the arm.


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The Modern Royal Court Sleeve Detail Trend for S/S 2021


The royal court style is still popular. Puff sleeves and gigot sleeve become the key element for S/S 2020 catwalks. And the elegant royal court style will be integrated with more modern elements in S/S 2021, such as accordion press-pleating and the elastic band. Modern crafts are combined with the classic silhouette, creating a subtle balance and a girl image of modern royal court style.

dresses for women

Crinkle is often used in clothing. Different from previous seasons, in S/S 2021, crinkles will be throughout the sleeve. Raglan sleeves extend crinkles to cuffs. Soft cotton & linen fabrics are adopted to be crinkled, bringing rich textures and a layered sense.

Crinkled Sleeves

The retro and elegant trumpet sleeves are combined with modern press-pleating, and spliced in sleeves. Ruffles in spliced parts are decorative. Smooth and draping fabric works with regular accordion press-pleating, exuding ethereal and romantic female charm when moving.

Press-pleating Trumpet Sleeves

The wide gigot sleeves always create a powerful vibe. In S/S 2021, gigot sleeves improve details. The diagonal cutting in the shoulder is combined with soft fabrics to create voluminous crinkles, presenting the powerful and soft image of office ladies.

Gigot Sleeves

The wide elastic band is used to bring a layered design. Multiple sections create small lanterns. And gathered crinkles add more layers to sleeves. The gathered part makes a contrast with the voluminous clothing, accentuating the slender arm.

Layered Design

Puff sleeves are the representative element of vintage, and will appear in a crisper and more voluminous look in S/S 2021. Sleeves like a formal dress create a gorgeous vibe. Raglan sleeves can balance the shoulder and sleeves. The arc and inflated look bring the beauty of classic royal court.

Voluminous Lantern Sleeves