The Athletic Wool Fabric Trend for Menswear and Womenswear

Wool Fabric Trend

The Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, in 2010 in order to raise awareness among consumers about the natural benefits of the fiber, and also provide support for farmers and the textile industry. “Wool is an extremely natural, renewable and biodegradable fiber — absolutely sustainable,” His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales said,”Choosing real wool is also a love for our planet.” Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale, and its efforts have seen an outstanding threefold increase in the price farmers receive for their wool. This global event is supported by major trade textile organizations, designers and retailers, including Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Topshop.

Wool Fabric Trend

Sport has become the must-have part in our life and work. And with the constant evolution of sportswear, opportunities are given to more fabrics. Natural woolen fiber is a healthy and eco-friendly material in the natural world, which satisfies the global sustainable development. Sportswool made of the blending with other fibers can better fit the physiological functions of human body. The blend of The Woolmark Company’s merino wool and other fibers is convenient, resilient and elastic; The textile is also breathable, waterproof and fast-dry.

Wool Fabric Trend

Nowadays, people pay more attention to releasing the original feeling of body. Comfort has been the top requirement of consumers instead of fashion. The birth of athletic wool subverts the stereotype of knitting and satisfies the more casual lifestyle of modern people. Sportswool maintains the natural properties of wool, including softness, air-permeability and odor resistance. Novel spinning technology endows textiles with better elasticity and resilience, and allows wearers to be free and comfortable during sport. Covering yarn and embedded composite spinning are the two major spinning methods currently.

Wool Fabric Trend

Current sportswool is the blend of wool and man-made fibers. With the constant development of textile industry, eco-friendly CiCLO degradable polyester, Paramos weak-acid skin-friendly cellulose fiber, anti-bacterial chitin, Nano Silver technology and odor-resistant PANACEA photocatalytic man-made fiber can all be blended with wool to take the comfort and functionality of sportswool to another level.

Wool Fabric Trend

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The Blend Fabric Trend for Men’s and Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

Consumers’ promotion and practice of slow and easy lifestyle make people feel that delicate urban clothes provide restraint. Finding a balanced point between urban fashion and relaxed leisure clothes therefore has become the main pursuit. Blend knit fabric is combined with minimalist modern aesthetic to refresh the fashion leisure items. It also endows delicacy based on the comfort. Flexible lifestyle allows comfortable and fashion feel to be the main point of blend knit fabric. Refined rib, thermal napping knit, mineral-textured fancy yarn and faded plain knit will be the main fabric trend for A/W 22/23.

Women's Knitwear

Different from the cotton rib and chemical fiber rib in the past seasons, bio-polyester-amine, recycled polyester and spandex are added into recycled cotton fiber to present lustre. Naia fiber can also be used to show the shiny effect. Two-color rib and double rib are applied on structure to provide the refined solidness. Its good elasticity is comfortable and delicate.

Women's Knitwear

Refined rib fabric mainly selects organic cotton, recycled cotton and recycled cellulose fiber blended with recycled or bio-based polyester and spandex to create exquisite rib, presenting elegant delicacy. The combination with loose or fitted tailoring is suitable for A/W 22/23 men’s and women’s knit T-shirt, sweatshirt and trousers.

Women's Knitwear

The increasing outdoor time leads to the demand for protective thermal knit. Skin-friendly napping yarn is selected, and its fluffy effect provides comfortable wrapped texture. Blended loop velvet made by recycled GRS wool, RMS mohair, GOTS leather yarn and paper yarn presents the look of mesh teddy velvet and coarse fleece.

Women's Knitwear

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The Anti-outbreak Knitted Fabric Trend for Womenswear

The Knitted Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Because of the outbreak, antibacterial and protective fabrics are being snapped up by major medical manufacturers. Exercise and immunity will become the focus of S/S 2021, and people will pay more attention to improving their immune system through various sports. This season the knitted fabric will tend to be more protective and functional, and become water-proof, antibacterial, comfortable and luxurious to be all-weather and durable.

knitwear design inspiration

Matte Dryness and Comfort

This quick-dry jersey is always matte, adding an exquisite feel to the sportif style. Light tones with low saturation can further enhance the effect. The dry and comfortable touch highlights the matte surface of smooth fabrics. It is also moisture-wicking.

Matte Dryness and Comfort

Recommended Applications

Panels in a solid color or pairing soft tones with brights are used to create a fluent silhouette and create a modern youthful style. Seams and stitched edges are folded to weaken the stitch. It is suitable for the dress, knitwear and the set.

Recommended Applications

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The Natural Beauty Fabric Trend for Women’s Overcoats


Under the influence of the concept of “reshaping the nature”, overcoat fabrics of A/W 20/21 highlight comfort more than maturation. Complicated crafts like brushed and composite make the fabric natural, comfortable and luxurious. Soft texture and melton with a exquisite surface create a classic and luxurious sense. Curly fleece brings a creative fabric for overcoats. Colorful alpaca and creative rainbow checks add vitality to the young market.

fashion coat

Melton is a high quality woolen fabric, and gets its name because it was first produced in Melton Mowbray, Britain. The surface of melton is fine, clean and smooth. The cloth is firm and elastic, and has fine plush covering fabric grounds. In the new season, melton is brushed and finely processed, thus the surface is softer and has a stronger texture sense. The fabric is warm, wind-proof and water-proof, becoming one of the top products in woolen fabrics.


The splicing of melton with checks, woolen and puffa is the key point of the new season. It caters to the mix & match trend.

Fabrics Recommendations

The oversized granular yarn dyed or the short terry are main expressions of curly fleece. The comfort makes it ideal for overcoats. The combination of fabric and functional elements conforms to the mix & match trend.

Curly Fleece

This kind of fabric is suitable for overcoats in all styles. The color-blocked and spliced materials can be the focus of various styles.

Fabrics Recommendations1

The alpaca is added by mohair based on the alpaca fiber to make it fluffier, glossier and warmer. The alpaca with high brightness adds more warm colors to overcoats.


Alpaca is soft and comfortable, and favored by many designers. Simple silhouette and creative cutting provides more possibilities for overcoats in the new season.

Alpaca fabric

Large-scale checks and bright color proportion add vitality to the unfailing check overcoat. Rainbow checks bring more choices to young market, displays the balance of the retro and the innovative, and is worth investment.

Rainbow Checks

The color proportion of classic checks is changed to retain the classic style and create a lively design. Splicing and large-scale application add a street sense to overcoats.

Rainbow Checks fabric


2020/2021 Autunm Winter Women’s Clothing Wool Fabrics Trend

fabric trend

Wools in A/W 20/21 evolve to more textured fabrics used for coats, jackets and overcoats. Wools bring voluminous and dimensional effects. Grainy lambswool feels leisure; high-class short wools are elegant. The mid-length shapes are more commercial.

fashion trend style

Matte and warm grainy lambswool steps in its peak period. The grainy texture add direction. Lambswool is presented through mix-and-match methods, dissecting and asymmetry, which is unconventional and directional.

Grainy Lambswool

Heavy and layered curly wools are noticeably bright. Coats are exaggerately voluminous. Embroideries and color blocks are seen. Curly wools are not teamed up with other fabrics. Curly wools are soft and cosy.

Warm Curly Wools

Short wools feel comfortable and warm. The color piecing of the same material adds interest.

Short Wools

Camouflage patterns are seen on wools, adding a military sentiment. The camouflage patterns on wools coats create images of female soldiers and make a statement.

Leisure Camouflage


Digital Fashion & Technical Texture of The Fabric Trend for Womenswear Fabric


Utility tech-touch and unconventional designs are favored by millennials and Gen Z. Technical materials update heritage womenswear. Futurism, functionality and new street influences update all womenswear categories of premium street and street sports, in line with the them trend of A/W 20/21 H+. The technical puffa, multi-layer functional cottons, glossy tie-dye are combined with psychedelic geometrics to add newness. The combinations of shiny power colors create a chic futuristic style.

fashion fabric

Sheer lightweight fabrics and glossy waterproof fabrics are common. The paper-touch matte mid-weight fabric adds newness. The reflective particles are applied to puffas and trench coats to explore statement designs and technical looks.

lightweight fabric

Nylon, polyethylene and viscose add a lightweight spin to layering looks. Functional and simplified crafts applied to outdoor trench coats, lightweight coats and futuristic puffas lend a new futuristic twist. Bonding replacing sewing and simplified dissecting explore the complex relationships between sports and tech. Intelligent futurism is more original and practical.

new fabric fashion style

Contrasting colors update tie-dyed patterns. The blurred effect, overexposure and pixelation finishing add a sci-fi surreal appearance. Digital printing and eco-friendly coatings applied to terries and TR, polyester, acetic acid and cotton denim update technical futuristic patterns.

Futuristic Updating -- Technical Tie-Dyed Fabrics

Tie-dye and sci-fi shine are combined to create abstract graphics. Street sweat sets, functional sets and outdoor pants are injected with youthful street via tie-dyed patterns.

Fabric Application&Recommended Looks

New elements on the internet and electric wave-like gradations interpret the psychedelic space. Several popular colors are mixed to add a rich and dynamic visual to deconstructed and upcycled knits.The digital pulse pattern offers a psychedelic futuristic style.

fashion style fabric

Psychedelic graphics and knits are combined, and dazzling power colors are mixed. Digital patterns and textures are melded, while multicolored ribs and jersey are paired with transformed geometric patterns. The base layers, outerwear and skirts are updated into basic directional items.

fashion trend fabric

The exaggerated protective elements, multi-layer innovative materials create the temperature adjustment system. The workwear twill cotton and other functional fabrics inject the surreal aesthetic. The mixed functional designs show structured and futuristic looks.

Utility Compound Fabric

Multi-layer compound cottons update utilitarianism. The core protective function is applied to the light workwear look. The removable design is seen in outerwear, outdoor trench coats, workwear puffas and deconstructed pants. The conceptual silhouettes and bold looks interpret offbeat directional aesthetics.

fashion trend fabric