The S/S 2024 Theme Forecast of Gaiety Breakthrough

fashion trend forecasting

Repeated uncertainties accelerate the economic recession, however, the fashion industry is a durable consumer goods industry under direct affect. For Fall/Winter 2023, we expected for the symbiosis of natural beings and discovered a balanced survival pattern in the adversity. China was predicted to be a dark horse that would incubate the fashion. All the industries have expressed their vision about the future, including digital supply chain, the strategies that transform the shopping demand, the attitude toward lifestyles and IDEA marketing. We advocate to seize the chance to enter into the new fashion era, initiate changes from within, and embrace the Web3.0.

fashion trend

POP Fashion foresees the fashion trends in S/S 2024: mainstream consumers with same hobbies are attracted by each other to get rid of the traditional framework. The joy of ‘Uproar Moments’ releases vitality and disperses the negative emotions; mature, elegant consumers look into the essence of culture and discover new values in a ‘Visualized Space’; after the lockdown, the rise of vacation economy leads to the ‘Resortir’ that remembers and enjoys the journey in the past once again; virtual pioneers guide people to evolve the ‘Revival’; the new generation is immersed by the ‘Suspense Drowning’ in an illusive space.

◥ The CREATIVITY that breaks the boundaries; the resonance of GAIETY; Supply & Demand