Boundless Lab Bosie The Womenswear Designer Brand


Bosie is a genderless fashion brand co-founded by designers from London College of Fashion and Institute of French Haute Couture. It aims to break all limits and rules to provide gender-neutral items for fashion-inspired consumers via stylish design, cutting, high quality and affordable price. Retro and playful products present adults’ innocence, seriousness, freedom and romance.


Retro color proportion is youthful. Placement collage patterns are unique and novel. Playful colors enliven overalls. The loose silhouette is comfortable and durable, with color-blocking to brighten the shape and add depth.


Color-blocking enriches the visual effect, with deconstruction for fun. 3D patch pockets show newness. Placement color-blocked decorations and patterns are chic and lavish.


Color-blocking is clean and simple. Pockets on the chest and fun patterns make items lively and appealing.


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The Atelier The Designer Brand of Women’s Dream Wedding Dress

wedding dress

There is a story in ancient China about a man named Zhuang Sheng who dreamed that he became a butterfly. This philosophical problem is elusive, but people acknowledge that life is like a dream. In the new season, With the understanding of “illusion” and “dream”, the Atelier brings the artistic aesthetic into the brand’s design and depicts a dreamlike and luxurious dream with superior fashion craft. Combining elements from different countries and cultures, each wedding dress comes with different dreams.


The Atelier is a Malaysian wedding dress boutique and sets a studio in Shanghai, China, in 2010. Then, Professor Jimmy Choo OBE joined The Atelier as the design director and the creative director. Professor Jimmy Choo OBE is a world famous ethnic Chinese designer who designed for the late princess Diana and many famous ladies. The Atelier has always advocated diversified designs integrating with ideological, cultural and aesthetic elements, so we can see visual elements and delicate handicraft from all over the world in styles of The Atelier.

Introduction of The Brand

The Atelier became the opening show brand at the Shanghai fashion week 2020 S/S launch. The post-90s actress, Chen Duling, began a fantastic and romantic dream show for the brand. Recently, The Ateleir is invited by fashion masters to present a white fantasy show, showing the pure colors of China. It participated in the trip between China and Malaysia in the second CIIE, carrying out exchanges and discussions among different cultures. It is favored by the industry and consumers with its fine crafts and bold unique designs.

Brand Dynamics

Dreams are normally colorful. The light-colored sheer dress is decorated by soft feather, interpreting the ethereal dream and the purity of prosperity. Hand-made pleat is favored by The Atelier. Light-colored sheer is layered one by one, depicting a cloud-like and dreamlike picture, lively and full of a quality sense.

Sheer in Fantastic Colors

Feather is the perfect choice to create a dreamlike atmosphere. The Atelier layers floaty ostrich feathers with embroidery or partial decorations, showing the femininity and softness. Rhinestones are applied to the transitional part, glittering in the dream.

Feather and Rhinestones

In the new season, sequins are no more flashy, and appear in designs with different patterns and textures. The Atelier presses sequins to the sheer, so the free and kaleidoscopic patterns are created. The 3D cut ruffles in the top is soft, while the hemline is designed to be retro court style, gorgeous and dazzling.

Mottled Sequins

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ST.AGNI Womenswear Designer Brand Recommendation

ST.AGNI Womenswear

St.agni is an Australia local brand founded in 2014. It is dedicated to create multifunctional, exquisite and high quality products with the design philosophy of “Less is more.”. The studio is located in a coastal town, Byron bay, Australia. Therefore, the culture of coastal life is embodied in all aspects of its design aesthetics. St.agni is always good at adopting medieval architectural warm colors like ocher, rust and clay which are well presented in the design works of all seasons.

ST.AGNI Womenswear

In terms of suits in simple urban style, the neat and spiffy cutting and waisted design matching comfortable and casual pants are the standard aesthetic design of st.agni. The quaint wide stripes and neutral colors with low saturation make it more practical.

The Suit

The knitwear item is the most worth buying item of St.agni. It attracts people to buy with comfortable and soft yarns, simple but unique look, excellent silhouette and the earthy color tone with low saturation.

Soft Knitwear

The detail of straps brings new fashion to the dress, the slip top and the short top with symmetrical plackets, creates a more casual and freer image and sketches female waist properly, romantic and soft.


The smooth silk has a superior wearing experience. The simple 3D cutting silhouette accentuates the body shape of females to fully display the graceful and luxurious texture.

The Silk Item

Shoes and bags are the soul products of St.agni. The symbolic woven design is retro and casual. The genuine leather is hand made, exquisite and elegant. The earthy color tone is very inclusive and wearable.

Relevant Products Recommendations

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Pushbutton Analysis of Spring Summer 2019 Designer Brands for Womenswear


Pushbutton is a popular South Korean designer brand, good at designing unisex, bold and avant-garde styles. Blazers are key in this season. The matching of glazed materials is refreshing. The snake skin materials show the tough quality of women and the soft quality of men.

fashion trend style

Key Points: pared-back silhouettes, snake skin fabrics, bright suiting, washed denim, checks.

clothing sets

Key Points: gigot sleeves, H-line.

designer brand for womenswear

Key Points: Cool glazed materials, soft touch.

Glazed Materials

Key Points: colors of skirts and other items in harmony.


Key Points: leisure denim, formal pants, check dress.

fashion style

Different from the general basic dress, this design highlights the style and structure change, and the design is very strong; the coat is slightly adjusted on the basic style, and the H silhouette is more relaxed than before.

dresses and coat


Fashion Trend Analysis of Women’s Top Designer Brands

fashion design

According to this season’s statistics, the leisure luxe still hold the majority, followed by stylish and deconstructed styles holding 20%. With the diversification of fashion and updating of brands, age and style are not problems any more. The leisure luxe is dominant in womenwear markets. More leisure brands has emerged and become more popular.


Top List

fashion design

INXX is a avant-garde fashion brand in Hong Kong. It aims to explore our positions and brings about unlimited possibilities. The theme of its S/S 2019 collection is Master Paramita. The inspiration of the topology comes from Horizon Nouvel. The patterns, symbols and slogans on the cover of Horizon Nouvel’s first issue were gathered from every corner of houses and apartments. The symbols are a guide and a kind of protection of rules, while slogans emphasize ideals.

INXX fashion style

OFF-WHITE is an American street fashion brand containing elevated fashion. It was founded by Virgil Abloh in 2012. The name of its S/S 2019 collection is track and field. The tight vest, shorts, base pants, jumpsuit and Nike’s famous Volt neon green work best with the theme. Virgil Abloh doesn’t neglect the qualities of womenswear. He keeps uniquely cut dresses, suits and shirts.

OFF-WHITE fashion style

TOP3: Ameri Vintage
Ameri Vintage was established by a Japanese designer. Delicacy, utility and durability are key for Ameri Vintage. The European and American feel in Japanese styles plays a dominant role. Refined pleats elevate styles.

Ameri Vintage fashion style

Self-Portrait was established by Han Chong in 2013. Although at that time he was young, his special designs, romance and affordable prices attract lots of celebrities and fashionistas. The S/S 2019 collection is full of flowers. Tiered sequin petals, azalea leaves and flowers, moonlight and trees are all presented.

SELF PORTRAIT fashion style

Noir is a South Korean brand. It is famous for its warm loungewear style and fashion leisure qualities. Dominant linen&cotton and knits offer a tranquil girly feel through layering and piecing.

NOIR fashion style

KYE is a new fashion brand established by South Korean designer Kathleen Kye. It is famous for its colorful graffiti and includes menwear and womenswear. The design principle “I’m going to my happy place” aims to tell us to find those places we truly like. In this season, more lightweight materials and brighter and quieter colors are used.

KYE's fashion style

TOP7: Pameo Pose
The vintage style is the core of PAMEO POSE, a Japanese girly brand. Some grown-up influences and styles adopted. Its designer PELI(ペリ) is good at designing romantic and logical garments. Every season has its own special design principles. The adding of Chinese chi-pao details is practical.

Pameo Pose's fashion style

As a romantic brand, Marie Elie was established in Paris, France. Real silk, jacquard, wool and fur are used, along with sophisticated artisan techniques, to bring an elegant and delicate feel. The retro court neck, rococo lace and refreshing florals are used in this season.

MARIE ELIE's fashion style