The Creative Combination Pattern Craft Trend for Menswear


We feel tired of the monochrome pattern craft, therefore, the combination of multiple crafts has become the essential form to present creativity. Rhinestones and beads are decorated on normal prints and embroideries to present a full visual effect. Different stitching skills are used together to enrich the layers through 3D effect and textures. The combination of printing and embroidery ingeniously decorates the clothing. Badges are appeared with applique, printing and embroidery to catch eyes and bring playfulness.


Embroidery and printing are the common crafts for menswear design, and these two are layered and spliced to bring newness. The rich details between patterns fully reveal the 3D effect. The harmonious beauty brought by the color matching also injects fresh vitality into the design.


Beads are often combined with letter patterns in placement. For example, the letter prints of Louis Vuitton are combined with beaded patterns to show layers and rich visual effects, and its tiny icons are also lively and fun. The badges of DIOR MEN are filled with beads to reveal the exquisite craft details.


Rhinestone is used more on clothing patterns. The combination of rhinestones and printing is presented in richer forms. Different crafts are used on graphics and letters to show layers. Rhinestones can be decorated inside the letters and on the edges of graphics. The diamond rhinestones of BOSS are put on brand logo to present the gorgeous and elegant temperament of men through the special geometric feel.


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The Return of Acid Pattern Trend for Menswear

Menswear pattern

With the development of street culture, street fashion brands have also been more popular. This report titled The Return of Acid interprets the futuristic fashion trend. Acid designs may remind us of the Acid Techno, psychedelic rock and visual Op Art in the last 80s and 90s. A messy, random yet futuristic acid style is added to the patterns in this report to interpret the wonderful Utopian imagination through a new punk spirit.

Menswear pattern

Geometric shape, 3D human figure and letter are mixed with metallic texture and tendered effect to show twisted and illusive silhouettes. An extremely futuristic acid visual effect is presented to bring intensive impact.

Menswear pattern

High-saturation color gradient is combined with fluid design with blurred boundaries to create a neon world, which presents the unique and intense post-psychedelic aesthetics of acid style.

Menswear pattern

Geometric shapes and high-saturation colors are the main presentations of acid vision. Different geometric shapes and curves are overlapped scatteredly with metallic effects and fluorescent colors, which stimulates the senses and creates a futuristic illusive space.

Menswear pattern

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The Dynamic Carnival Pattern Trend for Men’s Knitwear

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Color is always an important part of clothing, which can bring the most direct visual feel. The dynamic and dazzling color combination endows knitwear with youthful atmosphere. Romantic scenery, flower, colorful rhombus and trendy Scandi folk style are mainly chosen to be the patterns of knitwear. Besides, the technological fun brought by flowing liquid pattern is also noteworthy.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Scenery pattern with rich colors is extremely youthful. Remote countryside, mountain or industrial urban night scene are recommended. Intensive color blocking may further strengthen the vitality.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

The romantic curves of floral patterns provide men’s knitwear with softness. Fresh lemon yellow is recommended. Steady dark red and sapphire or even classic black & white are also available.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

Scandi folk style pattern is combined with color conflict to increase the youthful feel of men’s knitwear. Lovely bear and bright red maple leaf can also be added to enliven the whole style.

The Dynamic Carnival Pattern

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The Practical Letter Pattern Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

The interpretation of letter pattern is always the key developing direction of men’s knitwear. Multi-form, minimization and craft combination are the keywords, which shows a more minimalist style trend. Stripe, ring, wrong-vision fold and size contrast enrich the pattern forms. Hand-written or printed letters are combined different colors, textures, arrangements and imprinting to present practical and variable letter design.

Men's Knitwear

Tiny and delicate letters become the key trend of digital embroidery, which is mainly decorated on front chest, shoulder, back and hem. To enrich the layer of letters, jacquard, color-blocking and asymmetry are added to form the changes in vision, tactility and space.

Men's Knitwear

Plush touch is an indispensable point of knitwear. Except for the application on yarn, it is also used on patterns. Napping, towel embroidery, flocking, applique and loop-yarn embroidery can present the 3D plush effect. The combination of gradient letter, towel embroidery and digital embroidery is more innovative.

Men's Knitwear

Metal texture is the key pursuit of combined craft. Rivet and rhinestone are combined with printing, embroidery and jacquard crafts to show the fusion of dot-line-surface. The combination of gold&silver foiling and embroidery, lustrous sequin and bead brings metallic visual effect with lights and shades.

Men's Knitwear

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Immersive Weekend of The Pattern Trend for Menswear

Pattern Trend for Menswear

Escape from the pressure of the city, embark on a journey to the distance, and find a blend of youth and nature. As Fernando Pessoa wrote in The Book of Disquiet: I would like to live a different life in a faraway land. We roam freely under the sky, search the comfortable shore of the deep heart. Every time we set out, it is to meet a better yourself. Whether it is the original intention of human, or the call of nature, the outdoor world has become a desirable spiritual place. Embrace nature, relax at weekends, connect with nature, we interpret the casual outdoor look and revive mind with another life style.

Inspiration Source

The 96th Pitti Uomo menswear exhibition was held in Florence. The “I Go Out” exhibition area of outdoor sportswear made its third appearance. This time, I Go Out worked with And Wander (one of the three major Yama Brands in Japan), Hi Tec (an outdoor brand founded in the UK by Dutch Frank van Wezel) and Topo Designs (founded by Americans Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen) to put on a fashion show. The show was particular about materials and functionality, displaying fashionable designs of “Go Out” and interpreting the beauty of nature through clothing.

catwalk look for menswear


fashion styles

Marble is the metamorphic rock formed by high temperature and high pressure in the earthcrust. Its section can form a variety of colorful and natural texture with different patterns. Marble patterns are blurred and abstract, with the soft pink tones to be unique in outdoor clothing.

fashion clothing pattern

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The Psychedelic Colors Pattern Trend for Menswear

The Pattern Trend for Menswear

As a hot element in the fashion world, tie-dye is still the mainstream, but it tends to turn towards softer colors. Hazy effect, soft focus and ombre effect develop quickly in the fashion world, so tie-dye is upgraded. Watercolor, digital feel and ombre effect are combined together to bring an ethereal visual effect. The style with all-over irregular colors is especially fit to be expressed by digital print which can create rich colors, natural ombre and fine textures. The tie-dye developed by digital print can well display the charm of hand-made tie-dye.

Inspiration Source

Multi-colored tie-dye and reactive dip-dye bring a stronger visual impact with the help of high saturated colors. Blurring effect takes on irregular and asymmetric look, breaking conventional aesthetics.

Multi-colored Tie-dye

Reactive dip-dye and distortion dye appeal consumers. Soft prints are overlapped and integrated to bring a watercolor effect, making the print more abstract.

Ombre Print

The ombre texture renews tie-dye. The washed appearance and watercolors soften candy-like pastel colors, which adds vitality to design and becomes more suitable for young consumers.

Ombre Tie-dye 1

Energetic bright colors enhance the layered sense, combines vague patterns with glossy fabrics, and heightens the blurred effect. Therefore, the visual picture is more vivid.

Ombre Tie-dye 2


The Artistic Portraits Pattern Trend for Menswear

pattern trend

Different expression techniques of the designer endow the portraits with different soul. In the latest S/S 2020 series of MSGM, simple hand-drawn figures have hilarious facial expressions, showing the slight fashion sense. Designers of Moschino wear Picasso’s classic paintings in S/S 2020 show. The abstract figures, color blocks and texts make a strong visual impact, very unique and fashionable.


Hand-drawn figures and texts are like doodles which record thoughts and jotting of the painter. Hilarious facial expressions and movements bring a relaxing and leisurely visual feeling. This kind of pattern can be printed and embroidered.

Hand-drawn Figures and Texts

Seemingly casual brushwork expresses the gesture exaggeratedly. The minimalist style requires exquisite skills to express the gesture and mood of the figure. Letters strengthen the expressive sense of patterns. When added with brushwork, the pattern shows an artistic feeling.

Abstract Figures

Figures in illustrations have exaggerated facial expressions, pretty humorous and funny. Illustration normally implies the reflection or irony of the reality. Good illustrations can resonate with people and highlight their individuality.

Illustration-style Figures

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The Tiger Pattern Trend for Menswear

tiger pattern

Animal pattern is still popular. One of the hottest patterns is the king of beasts- the tiger. The image and expression of the tiger still attract many designers. This report concludes tiger and geometrics or tiger and texts which are very fashionable and convenient to use. Hot techniques like doodles and illustrations present more fashionable tiger patterns.

T-shirts pattern trend

The hand-drawn tiger, the extended tiger head, or the hidden edge weaken the ferocity of tigers. Texts strengthen the layered sense. The form of graphic and text is in line with current trend. The printed tiger and embroidered texts can be combined.

Tiger & Letters Graphic & Text

Tiger head is combined with geometrics. Color blocks add the fashionable sense and the youth sense. Printing and embroidery can be mixed. Sequins can be adopted in color blocks to show the exquisite craft. And patch can be applied to letters in color blocks.

Color-blocked Tigers

Doodle is hot currently. Casual and ethereal brushwork presents the free and unconstrained attitudes. It can be printed or decorated with sequins in bright-colored placement.

Doodled Tiger

Illustration is the hot technique in recent two years. The scene arouses imagination. Hand-drawing and color blocks show the fashion and vitality. This kind of tiger can be patches in patterns of tiger and letters.

Illustration-style Tiger


The Dream-Chasing Traveler Pattern Trend for Menswear


Valentino’s S/S 2020 menswear collection is fantastic. Valentino’s creative director and British artist Roger Dean joined hands to create the exotic Utopia. Many fantastic and surreal patterns, bright tones and different materials are used to show us the beautiful and mysterious journey.

catwalk style

British illustrator and visual artist Roger Dean is famous for his surreal style. His illustrations explore spirit and life, serious yet imaginable. His works of art are incorporated into Valentino’s new collections. Imagination and crafts are combined to show the mysterious Utopian journey.

fshion pattern

The quiet scenic illustrations in antique and soft tone create a intense sense of space.

Mysterious and Tranquil Scenic Illustrations

Beautiful scenery illustrations are full of tones. Plants and mountain ranges add a fuller visual.

beautiful scenery