The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Retro Denim

Women's Denim

In S/S 2021, denim returns back in classic styles, brings more possibilities to consumers, and creates mix & match looks. This season is dominated by classic styles, classic appearance and eco-friendly washing. Cycling shorts and distressed straight jeans are washed and well-fitting to create an urban style. Voluminous flares and high-waist loose trousers return back with the retro trend. Holes and exaggerated fringes can create a leisure and young look. The style is both daily practical and avant-garde.

Women's Denim

This season designers keep the hot cycling shorts, and optimize them into denim items. The elastic denim fabric is used to create the well-fitting silhouette, and the mid-to-high waist lengthens the leg. Eco-friendly washing and splicing add individuality to cycling shorts. The shorts can be paired with boots to show the urban fashion style.

Optimized Cycling Shorts

The Washing Craft for Women’s Denim

denim jean

Inspired by watercolor techniques, designers analyze washing crafts in a brand-new way. With the popularity of environmentally-friendly crafts, more socially responsible ways are adopted to create more expressive washing effects. And they are combined with laser washing craft to bring more innovation to denim. And acid pickling becomes the focus. Highlight and blank washing effect creates an optical surface pattern. Mottled water soluble worn-out with a protective texture, textured brushstrokes, color washed blurring, as well as bright and dark layered coating effect display the unique charm of denim washing inspired by watercolor techniques.

women's denim

Tie-dye, acid pickling and laser washing create a 3D effect of highlight and blank, bringing a visual impact to items. Dark-colored topping crafts are combined to create blue and black tones for weft knitted denim.

Highlight and Blank

This craft gives priority to rewashing. Redyeing and recreation are used to renew the appearance of washing in S/S. As the protective texture of denim is improving, variegated and stained washing appearance become the focus.

Mottled Water Soluble Effect

Textured brushstroke is the scratched brushstroke and brush texture created by the combination of stone wash and enzyme wash. And the washing effect similar to animal prints renews denim textures, and becomes a new point of denim.

Textured Brushstrokes

With the popularity of environmentally-friendly crafts, digital and laser washing technique will continue to infiltrate people’s daily life. The water soluble effect of blurring enrich denim’s color. Denim is digitally faded, and equipped with textured patterns, bringing a new optical surface pattern for denim washing.


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