The Catwalk Analysis of Monse Womenswear Knitwear


Agricultural activities inspire the design philosophy of Monse 2020 S/S. Designers, Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, add simplicity to its symbolic deconstruction style. The embroideries of flowers and plants in the tight sweater reveal a natural sense like the cover of gardening magazines. The asymmetrical scarf skirt made of cotton with wide stripes is like the table cloth and napkin with fresh fruits and vegetables, scissors and knives on it. The appearance in the splicing fabric or comfortable knitwear strengthens the relaxing and joyful picnic atmosphere and life flavor.


In the background of agricultural activities in 2020 S/S, Monse prints fresh fruits in the smooth applique which is really natural and fresh with the help of cotton and linen. Under the philosophy of “No usual path. Not wearing well.”, items are layered. Soft color tones and quietly elegant black tassels display a relaxing rural atmosphere.


Monse turns deconstruction into elegant and avant-garde. And it makes use of plain and pure handicraft style to weave flowers and plants. The rough hand stitch combines the warm volume, fully displaying the rural charm of this season.

Handicraft Style

The bold cutout and neat cutting form the avant-garde deconstruction of Monse. The frayed effect like being torn and worn along with the flying bow tie in irregular cutting depict a leisure rural life picture far away from the crowded world to experience the true life.

Cutting Details

The letter slogans of Monse is scattered in a horizontal and vertical rule. And it lies in the opposite of the minimalist geometrics and numbers. The silhouette is exaggerated and avant-garde to form a casual lifestyle. Without needless artificial decorations and regulations, it displays a casual, free and romantic style unconsciously.


Monse is dedicated to make clothing layered and applies its symbolic twist better and younger. The cutting of sloping shoulder and the adjustable tabs leave some space for knitwear’s comfortable wearing experience and accentuate female soft body shape.

The Wild Twist




The Comprehensive Analysis of Benchmark Brands for Women’s Elegant Sentiment Knitwear

fashion sweater brand

Elegance is a life attitude. In women’s knitwear, Elegant Prosper, JUZUI and PSALTER show the simple and modern spirit. For A/W 19, Elegant Prosper took cues from the Forbidden City, and used designs to interpret China’s imperial aesthetic. JUZUI joined hands with Liu Tao to interpret resurgent elegance. PSALTER explored the poetic world to show the spirit of modern women.

fashion trend style

For A/W 19, Elegant Prosper took cues from the Forbidden City to combine oriental and western elements. Dragons and clouds are put on silky materials panelled with solid knits to add a contrasting and luxurious edge. PSALTER uses horizontal and vertical cable textures to enhance the feminine vibe.

Silky Materials

For A/W 2019, PSALTER took cues from reading and travelling to explore the inside and outside worlds for modern women. Baroque print, puppytooth and metallic accessories enhance the poetic preppy style. Elegant Prosper interprets the special and charismatic quality via chevrons in similar colors, and the stretching effect accentuates form.

Poetic Preppy

Elegant Prosper, JUZUI and PSALTER use elegant solid color and cuts to accentuate feminine form. Refined fine gauge creates layered textures. The gentle and soft layout shows a “trickling” effect.

fashion sweater

Delicate and utility aesthetics are key for modern women. Tight or loose shapes show a casual aesthetic. Contrasting stitches at the neck and cuff, the outline and lines made of dots add interest to the minimalist style.

fashion sweater

White, grey and camel create an elegant feel for lady brands. Elegant Prosper and PSALTER opt for nude pastels for A/W to add soft and elegant glamour. The smooth and even knits are combined with lightweight sheers and soft lace to show elegance and romance.

Subtle and Graceful Splicing sweater

For A/W 2019, pointelle is smaller and denser. In addition to PSALTER’s carving-like textures, Elegant Prosper and JUZUI use stitches to show the fresh and airy quality. With simple solid color, softness and power is mixed to show modern elegance.

Fresh Pointelle fashion sweater

The classic Chanel style is elegant and soft. PSALTER uses lightweight yarns and delicate stitches to show fashion and simplicity.

The Chanel Style

The theme of PSALTER’s A/W 19 collection is reading and travelling. Ideas, experiences and beauties are incorporated into garments.

Rhinestones fashion sweater

Neat cuts, contrasting trims, pearls and image buttons add interest. The solid, asymmetric or one-piece necks show confidence in modern women.

Simple Collars fashion sweater


Ladies’ Tenderness Craft Trend of Women’s Knitwear

women's knitwear

According to POP’s data about Top 100, Simple & Sophistication holds the majority. Simple and loose styles dominate in Top 10 of women’s knitwear. Details show a delicate style.

fashion trend style knitwear.jpg

According to Top lists in may , simple & sophistication held the majority; preppy style saw a rise; athleisure saw a decrease. Stitches and contrast colors stood out. Piecing was not as popular. Jacquard is also key.

women's knitwear.jpg

The colors of pared-back knitwear feel soft. Solid-color stitches are very common. Patterns made by different stitches with finer yarns feel delicate.

Understated Delicacy knitwear.jpg

Soft contrast colors or deep tonal colors are key for stitches. The change of color softens and prettifies lines. Molli uses binding on the armhole. Ribs and tapes for piecing are practical.

Stitches knitwear.jpg

The collars of women’s knitwear in May were more important. The two-layer collar forms a mock-layer effect, adding depth. Preen By Thornton Bregazzi’s added hood inside the crew-neck collar feels sporty and lively.

two layered knitwear.jpg

The diagonal closure is more practical, and it can be adjusted according to temperatures. The diagonal design shows an asymmetrical aesthetic. The barely there effect on the collarbone offers a seductive quality. Big brands such as LOEWE, Giorgio Armani and Alexander Wang use zippers and fastenings to ensure the practical and interesting qualities of knitwear.

Asymmetrical Seductive knitwear.jpg

The two-color contrast is often applied for simple&sophisticated women’s knitwear. Curved or zigzag lines are more creative for color blocking. The asymmetrical ombre tie-dye effect feels deep, and the brightness of color is low.

Soft Color Mix.jpg


Butterscotch Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear


With the rapid rising of minimalism, solid colors have been the mainstream. Butterscotch feels confident and energetic. Delicate stitches and irregular contrast piecing combine fashion and practicality, youth and sports. Knitted fabrics are cosy. Knitwear can be worn alone or over other items.

Make KOL.jpg

Modern women hope to define themselves through colors. Butterscotch are warm, powerful, grown-up and elegant. Stitches subtly combine art and statement.

Simplicity&Lady -- Vibe.jpg

With a yellowish orange tone, butterscotch feels warm and neutral. Warm almond tones and soft light blue tones add a understated, rustic and elegant quality. Even matched with mysterious black, butterscotch still stand out. The texture of cables offer a soft touch.

Simplicity&Lady -- Color Proportions.jpg

The soft quality of butterscotch works well with stitches on solid knitwear. Cables, the ottoman texture and letters made of yarns make items refreshing and modern. Soft tones for transitional seasons also work well with butterscotch. See by Chloé’s contrast lines are eye-catching.


Large-scale green tones or small-scale tonal colors add interest. Exciting playgrounds and piled containers provide the space for new women. The athleisure style helps women find the beauty and value.

Athleisure -- Vibe.jpg

Butterscotch is paired with bright contrast colors to highlight athleisure. Multiple colors feel ornate and youthful. Young brands like United Colors Of Benetton and Moon Lee express their fashion attitudes through colors.

Athleisure -- Color Proportions.jpg

The adding of bright colors makes butterscotch more vibrant and attractive in the athleisure style. Heron Preston matches the contrast cardigan with the airy dress; Nº21 matches the contrast cardigan with the denim shorts. Enföld uses butterscotch on the neck and hem. The decorations on the middle of sleeves feel vibrant.

Athleisure -- Clothing Collocation.jpg


2020/2021 AW Stripe Evolvement Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear

fashion style

Stripes include the nautical blue and white stripes, classic black and white stripes, dramatic rainbow stripes and others. Undoubtedly, stripes are timeless and vital. Stripes in A/W 20/21 are more diversified. Stitch stripes and colored lines, planes and lines, colored ribs and asymmetrical arrangements re-interpret classics.

fashion style trend

Bright contrast ribs are often applied on edges of cardigans and pullovers. Solid colors make the color arrangements and stitches of stripes stand out. The width contrast forms a extending effect.

Contrast Ribs

fashion cardigans and pullovers

The arrangements of stripes are key for slant stripes. Mm6 by Maison Margiela add jacquard florals on top of blue stripes. Melange ribs form the light and dark effect.

Slant Stripes

Stitch stripes retain the stripe arrangement and add more textures. Delicate stitches are key. Horizontal or vertical stitches give an elevated edge.

Stitch Stripes

Asymmetrical stripes are offbeat and novel with a strong rhythm. They are mostly applied to slim-fitting pieces. Versace uses misplaced stripes to form two-layer patterns; Etro focuses on color, width and size which deliver a strong sports feel.

Asymmetrical Stripes

Letter stripes are the trend for A/W 20/21. Interesting logo letters are key.

Letter Stripes

Zigzag contrast stripes, placement stripes and pieced stripes add novelty. Different stitches and arrangements make stripes more suitable for knitwear.

contrast stripes


20/21 Autumn Winter Simple Industrial Style Silhouette Trend of Women’s Knitwear & Pullover

Silhouette Trend

With the development of yindustrial technolog, people prefer simple and neat outfits. Simple unisex industrial style reflects that idea. Earth tones, grey and achromatic colors are mainly used. Loose silhouette could be matched with simple & sophisticated style. Neck designs are delicate, and ready-to-wear work style is included to emphasize structural lines. Stitches are paid high attention.

Fashion Trend Sweater

According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total, and so does it in Top 10. Color blocking on edge and changing stitches are mainly applied. On garment colors, neutral colors key.

Women's Knitwear&Pullover

Analytical Data for Pullover
According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total. Street fashion and sports styles drop sharply. Modern folk style increases a little. Stitches and crafts are focused on. The application of patterns are used more than that of yarns. Geometrical color blocking is used in a small scale.

Silhouette Trend Analysis

Detail — Neck
IIIVIVINIKO and Nanushka use boyfriend-style shirt neck. Christopher Kane splices leather to stand-up collar and transforms extensive piece to a scarf. Leather on elbows shows a punk mood.

Knitwear Detail - Neck

Detail — Strength Structural Line
Changing stitches and accessories are used to enhance structural lines, delivering a traditional formal feel. Dividing stitches on Bottega Veneta’s V-neck pullover is three-dimensional and attractive.

Strength Structural Line Knitwear

Stitch — Print Plate-Like Striped Texture
Regular patterns look like plate print effect. Thick or thin stripes and different spaces between two lines on Le Ciel Bleu’s pullover are used to from hem-splicing effect.

knitwear swtich

knitwear swtich 1.jpg

Stitch — Textural Dividing
Changing stitches from dividing effect, making a three-dimensional effect. Akira Naka uses four basic stitches to enrich textures.

Knitwear Textural Dividing

Stitch — Heavy Industry Cable
Heavy-industry large cable is utilized to form three-dimensional effect. The rough texture neutralizes female subtlety.

Knitwear Stitch2

knitwear & pullover

Yarn — Metallic Lustre
Stamping or shining threads are utilized to show metallic feel. Veronica Beard’s bronze pullover has a distressed effect.

Knitwear Yarn

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Maximalism Resort 2020 Pattern Trend for Women’s Knitwear

Fashion Women's Knitwear


The Millennials and Generation Z become important consumer groups. Dramatic and psychedelic looks usher in a wave of maximalism in the youth market. Intricate patterns are key, traditional motifs are redefined and colors go bolder.

women's knitwear


Slogans express the attitudes of the young generation. Rudi Gernreich features jacquard slogans, and combines them with classic Fair Isle patterns, vehicles and checks. Colorful graphics are against the black grounds through different placement.

Colorful graphics women's knitwear

Horizontal Placement

The horizontally arranged graphics deliver a modern folkloric style. Trendy elements mix with classic Fair Isle patterns, colored in bright and vivid shades.

horizontally arranged graphics women's knitwear
Geometric Collage

Diverse geometries are individual yet interactive. They are merged together for a playful effect. Harmonious colorways are important for the collages.

Geometric Collage women's knitwear
All-over Words

The all-over word decoration of S/S 2020 pattern is different from the orderly text print of previous seasons. The words change their colors and scales, or blend with linear imagery.

All-over Words women's knitwear

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