The Craft Trend for Women’s Color Blocking Knitwear

women's sweater

Color blocking within the lady style is often combined with directional cuts styled with stitch motifs and panelling. Tonal colors, architectural structures, layouts and earthy tones elevate the modern urban femininity.


Checks play a key role for the lady style. Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu combine the achromatic chequerboard with large-scale color blocks to show nonchalance. Victoria Beckham and LOEWE use kwise and purl stitches to create the fluid effect.

Spliced Checks

The color-blocking borders are appealing. Bright colors at the front center, closure and sleeve make a statement. Ribs and tapes add volume and tactility. Stripes add a slim and chic effect.

Color-Blocking Outlines

The U shape is turned upside down to perfectly link the sleeve with shoulder for modern softness. JUZUI and Plan C use horizontal stripes and vertical textures to make a contrast. Slim and fitting shapes accentuate form. Julianna Bass opts for simple black knits and transparent threads to add a luxe effect.

Horizontal Stripes

Tonal or contrasting colors add depth and interest. The harmonious layout celebrates the delicate quality of modern urban women. YE’SbyYESIR opts for black and white stripes for transitioning which create an elegant and premium effect.

Diagonal Color Blocking

Geometric shapes are emphasized on tight base layers and cardigans. Victoria Beckham’s neat blocking at the sleeve, waist and body, the uneven surface at Balmain and Mugler, the color-blocking textures at Palmer Harding and J.W. Anderson are eye-catching.

Tight Blocking

The dresses at Giorgio Armani and Ricci Yummi feature architectural structures. Neat color blocks and the simple black and white contrast underline femininity. Rosetta Getty’s repetitive color blocks exude a classic and artistic feel and interpret the premium spirit of urban women.

Color-Blocking Dresses

Cable knitwear pieces at Pringle Of Scotland and See by Chloé feature black, white, grey and camel to create the understated twist. Ballantyne combines color blocking with reverse sewing to further the soft texture. Melange yarns, metallic yarns are contrasted against different stitches to add a premium effect.

Earthy Tones
Earth tone women’s sweater in 2020/2021 autumn winter

2020/2021 AW Stripe Evolvement Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear

fashion style

Stripes include the nautical blue and white stripes, classic black and white stripes, dramatic rainbow stripes and others. Undoubtedly, stripes are timeless and vital. Stripes in A/W 20/21 are more diversified. Stitch stripes and colored lines, planes and lines, colored ribs and asymmetrical arrangements re-interpret classics.

fashion style trend

Bright contrast ribs are often applied on edges of cardigans and pullovers. Solid colors make the color arrangements and stitches of stripes stand out. The width contrast forms a extending effect.

Contrast Ribs

fashion cardigans and pullovers

The arrangements of stripes are key for slant stripes. Mm6 by Maison Margiela add jacquard florals on top of blue stripes. Melange ribs form the light and dark effect.

Slant Stripes

Stitch stripes retain the stripe arrangement and add more textures. Delicate stitches are key. Horizontal or vertical stitches give an elevated edge.

Stitch Stripes

Asymmetrical stripes are offbeat and novel with a strong rhythm. They are mostly applied to slim-fitting pieces. Versace uses misplaced stripes to form two-layer patterns; Etro focuses on color, width and size which deliver a strong sports feel.

Asymmetrical Stripes

Letter stripes are the trend for A/W 20/21. Interesting logo letters are key.

Letter Stripes

Zigzag contrast stripes, placement stripes and pieced stripes add novelty. Different stitches and arrangements make stripes more suitable for knitwear.

contrast stripes