The Silhouette Trend for Girls’ Voluminous Dress

Girls' Voluminous Dress

For the development of girlswear in S/S 2023, dresses use voluminous silhouettes to present a sweet and romantic style. Ruched waist presents the delicacy of girlswear; French-style tiered dress made of chiffon and sheer has enriched visual layers; shirt dresses are integrated with new elements such as ruffled collars and voluminous sleeves; bowknot detail reflects the delicacy of dresses.

Girls' Voluminous Dress

Puff babydoll dress is sweet and lovely. The wide bottom and the use of sheer create a welcoming silhouette. Lace fabrics and voluminous ruffles are also the key details. Streamlining hem cuts and straight waistlines adjust the general body proportion and improve the volume.

Girls' Voluminous Dress

Romantic tiered dress is richly layered. The voluminous sleeves and bottom create a sweet silhouette. Lace and sheer are stacked to form a hazy, romantic atmosphere. The length below the buttock beautifies the body line.

Girls' Voluminous Dress

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Sleeve Shaping Dress

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Sleeve structure can influence the whole silhouette. Proper sleeve type can elevate the prettiness of dress. This report will introduce the application of off-shoulder wide sleeve, patchwork gigot sleeve, half puff sleeve, ruffled flying sleeve, wide short sleeve and Voluminous O-shape sleeve.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

The voluminous wide sleeves of off-shoulder dress can exude the sexual appeal of wearers. The conflict between slim shoulders and puffy sleeves accentuates the shoulder lines. Suspenders and ribbons are used to allow the clothing to be more fitted.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Patchwork gigot sleeve presents an intensive contrast between shoulder and sleeve. The patchwork can be made on both elbows and armholes. Such design provides shoulders with freedom and shows neat shoulder type.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

Half puff sleeve can well beautify the shoulder lines and provide freedom. The increased pleats on puff sleeve produce a unique sculptural feel. Crisper fabric is more recommended.

Women's Sleeve Shaping Dress

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The Analysis of KLOSET The Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

KLOSET is an independent designer brand founded by Bangkok-based designer Mollika Ruangkritya in 2001. This girly style brand integrates fresh things into the girl’s journey in every season. Its ingenious mindset and playful style have attracted many followers. The latest Valentine’s capsule collection KLOSET For Aum Patchrapa is the collaboration with famous actress Patcharapa Chaiyuchua and the fashionista Luknut-Siriwong Sukkasemsin. This collection involves their life styles and hobbies, and inspires the identity of Aum Patcharapa to present feminine and charming items. The talented stylist can capture the mix &match style in every occasion. The unique details and techniques of KLOSET in this collection, including flower print, bright heart-shape, dots and cherry pattern, are full of the feminine sense.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The unique heart-shaped detail is applied on the back to better present the elegance of women’s back lines. Naughty and playful girly sense is injected into the sexual appeal.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Romantic flower and ditsy floral print present the poetic and youthful romance. The application on superlong dress brings the gentle and amorous feel of girls.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Girly dotted element is combined with black background to present the mysterious fashion. Wonderful cherry can symbolize the vital girls, fresh love, and even cherishment. Besides, the all-over heart pattern is extremely impressive.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Designer Brands Colors for Fashion Dresses


In each girl’s mind, the dress is the most important item. Especially when summer is coming, the item which displays female charm the most is definitely the dress. The slip style, the shirt style, the vocation style, the individual designer style, they have similar color tones but different styles. So ever-changing styles are still variable even if in similar color tones to bring numerable dress styles.

fashion dresses for women

White is dreamlike and fantastic, describing a fanciful and sweet picture where the plain gauze is scattered with flowers of love, and the intertwined silk has unutterable meaning. Different dress styles in white can meet female demands for various styles. And you can find what fits you in these pure white dress items.

Pure White

When skin color meets goose pink, the mixed color is like an orchid, fair and elegant. Different dress items in goose pink will highlight your uniqueness.

Goose Pink

Blue stands for gloom. However, the light vivid blue as clear as the sky turns the gloom into sweetness like the sun shines again after the rain.

Vivid Blue

Pink is the representative of vigour, liveliness, loveliness, warmth and romance. The pink dress is decorated with little fresh flowers and some elements like the lace and the check make the dress more sweet. And mostly the pink dress will be redesigned in looks to show different styles and items.

Quietly Elegant Pink

Biking red is like purple auspicious clouds to calm people down. The biking red dress is mostly med-length style. And the main pattern is elegant positioning pattern to present the unique mature charm of females.

Biking Red Pattern


The Fashion Trend Analysis of Popular Girls’ Dresses

top dresses for young girl

In August, smart leisure style sees a great rise. J-korea and preppy style see a decrease. The share of plants and florals decreases by 7%, and stripes and checks stay the same. Letters and animals see a rise of 2%. The ruffle and bowknot each hold 8%, while embroidery holds 6%.

Analytical Data


In August, simple style holds 60%. Style Chick’s three items are in top 10. Ruffles are still key, and the collar style sees a rise of 30%.

fashion style for girl

Sheers work well with sweet or statement-making styles. Qimoo and jnby BY JNBY use dimensional decorations and appliques which are novel.

sheer fabric dresses

Checks are suitable for the leisure and modern styles. Classic black and white, light yellow and olive green enrich the palette. Ruffles and checks are integrated.

checks fabric fashion style

The simple and artistic cuts and micro shapes are the direction. The artistic and simple spliced cuts make a statement. Qimoo, Rizhou, Zhimu and Nunuforme can provide inspiration.

Artistic Cutting fashoin style

The folkloric style is often combined with cotton and linen to give a natural and cosy feel. In this month, BIEN A BIEN’s simple folk styles and Louise Misha’s nomadic styles gain traction. Sophisticated embroidery is paired with folkloric florals. The application of ruffles and novel collar edges gives a refined feel.

Folklore fashion style

The collar continues into this month. The refined small collar plays a key role, working in sweet styles.

fashion children's style

Influenced by the nautical and preppy style, the large collar is combined with animal patterns and sweet details.

large collar fashion style



Girlfriend Dressing


Go Go Squid!, a Chinese TV series, is hot this summer. The outfits in the TV series can provide inspiration. This report analyzes colors, styles and details.

fashion girl's style

Soft and elegant pinks are attractive, sweet and romantic.

Pink girl's dress

Macaron tones are bright, intense and sweet, working well in a range of styles.

Sweet Macaron Tones

Linen and cotton work best in summer. Simple designs provide an artistic and girly quality.

Sustainable Materials

In Go Go Squid!, sweet bows are used to create the fresh and girly style.

Girly Details

Simple and basic denim styles make a statement. The girly denim jacket feels nonchalant and fashionable.

Denim Prep

The pared-back sweatshirt offers a youthful twist. Brights add extra appeal.

The Youthful Sweatshirt

Accessories in bold tones are fresh and girly.

More Accessories


Vintage Revolution Silhouette Trend of Dresses


Dresses are must-haves for women. In this season, Layered structures, cosy wide silhouettes and straight shoulder silhouettes are key for A/W 20/21.

Silhouette Inspiration.jpg

Woven fabrics and decorative silhouettes are combined to make high-neck Victorian dresses. Cutouts and pleats decorate the waist and sleeves. Decorative buttons are recommended. Comfortable fabrics like shirting and chiffon are mostly used.

Victorian High-Neck Dress.jpg

The adding of shoulder pads forms a right angle shape. The nipped-in design and waist belts accentuate form. Buckles and D-rings are underlined. Wool and outwear fabrics are recommended.

Straight Shoulder Dress.jpg

Widened silhouettes are cosy in for A/W. Pleats are mostly used for decoration. Small-scale piecing updates looks. Shirting, knits and lightweight worsted fabrics are recommended.

H-Line Dress.jpg

Trenchcoat-style dresses have 3D pockets and waistbands. Shirt collars and lightweight outwear fabrics are mostly used. Decorative buttons and waistband buckles are impressive.

Trenchcoat-Style Dress

Cut pieces are attached or sewn to dresses to form a layering effect. Uniquely textured fabrics are recommended for layering. Metallic embellishments and decorative buttons are highly recommended.

Pieced Dress.jpg