The Elegant Textures and Luxe Wools Fabric Trend for Women’s Coats

women's coat fabric

The soft and comfortable tactility and exaggerated graphics bring newness. Comfort and updating are the mainstream for A/W 20/21. Simple and luxurious flannels and practical tech are combined. Refined wool surfaces are delicately shiny. Geometric animal prints collide with wools to bring a modern effect. The newly ombre dyed wools create the new mixed graphic effect. The combo of checks and alpaca is in line with the vintage trend. Slow-moving yarns are used to produce overcoats. The delicate approach on graphics on wools provide a nonchalant and luxe effect.

women's coat

The artificial animal print wools have a delicate tactile surface. With the updating of spinning techniques and printing technology, the animal print this season is more subtle and changeable. Different grounds show distinct fashion styles. The layout of patterns and scales bring a modern twist.

Wilderness Aesthetic -- Animal Print Wools

Brushed fleece and two-sided tactility update heritage patterns. The ombre effect show texture. The continuous variegated effect form the layering ombre colors, creating a warm and artistic image.


A variety of checks and larger sizes feature on alpaca. Grounds in deep colors and brights create a luxurious and elegant urban style. In this season, the bright colors in checks add interest.

Check Alpaca

In this season, overcoat fabrics feature classic and new elements. Eco-friendly dyeing creates a blurred and flawed aesthetic. The rich textures of upcycled fabrics make a strong effect with heritage fabrics. The tactile and eye-catching textural fabrics bring a premium quality.

Recreated Wools


Flannels are simple and luxurious. The added soft wools with short hair has a variety of shiny effects. Utility polyamide and nylon are added.

Refined Flannels

Recommended Fabrics

women's coat

20/21 Autumn Winter Simple and Luxurious Wool Fabric Trend for Women’s Alpaca Coats


The minimalist style on alpaca coats is key for A/W 20/21. Simple and cosy alpaca coats can show the life attitude of modern women. Contemporary technologies can create different textures in alpaca. The diversified silhouettes and bold application of checks make alpaca more suitable for urban life.

fashion women's overcoat

The natural alpaca effect and ripple effect are made through special fabric weave techniques. Solid color styles are matched with contrast accessories.

Long Alpaca Wool

Short alpaca wool is much softer and shinier. Tonal warm colors and grey hues add interest.

short wool

The urban minimalist style is more popular for A/W 20/21. In this new season, alpaca coats show a elevated textural effect. Understated and solid color items bring a refined quality.


Colors are much brighter and bolder. Overlaid classic checks and bright stripes bring an unbalanced aesthetic.

Check Alpaca

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20/21 AW Piecing and Deconstruction Craft Trend for Women’s Coats


women's clothing craft

Deconstructed silhouettes are a focal point. Deconstructed closures are key, and piecing of multiple color blocks will be the direction. The mixing of fabrics in different styles is more focused on.

fashion style

Color Blocking
Key Words: bright color blocks, multiple color blocks, deconstructed closures, placement bright color piecing, half-and-half piecing.

women's color block clothing

Quilting Piecing
Key Words: lightweight quilting, contrast quilting on sleeves, quilting cape, bodice insert, detachable quilting layer.

Quilting Piecing

Sportif Piecing
Key Words: sportif and functional fabrics, weatherproof materials, workwear silhouette, big work pocket.

Sportif Piecing

Irregular Closures
Key Words: Irregular deconstructed closures, eccentric deconstruction, petal trim, irregular volume-adding closure, asymmetrical multiple closures.

Irregular Closures.jpg

Deconstructed Closures
Key Words: waist split, opening-and-closing, front breaking-and-linking style.

Deconstructed Closures.jpg

More Craft Techniques

More Craft Techniques