The Cutting Craft Trend for Women’s Suits

Women's Suits

Cutout design originates from the cutout technique of architecture and sculpture. As a design and decoration in clothing, the fabric is hollowed out to change the original structure and create cutout with various shapes. Therefore, a unique design sense and a lively sense is added. Part of the fabric is transparent, fit for items of the simple style. In the new season, cutout is used as an important craft to the shoulder, sleeves and the waist, displaying a clear visual impact.

women's suits

Cutout in the waist is combined with decorative details like twisting or crossing, accentuating the waist and highlighting the contrast. Big and small cutout creates a symmetric cutout impact.

Cutout in the Waist

Cutout in the shoulder is a little feminine and sweet. Symmetric design can bring a better visual impact. The cutout which can be closed strengthens the utility.

Cutout in the Shoulder

Cutout in the back displays an extension. The perfect combination of seduction and delicacy is reflected by cutout. And knot, division and back yoke are added to enhance the feminine and sweet feel.

Cutout in the Back

Cutout is applied to the elbow and combined with a string or a chain. Different from the sexy feel brought by cutout in other body parts, cutout in the elbow is implicit.

Cutout in the Elbow

Irregular cutout is added to the chest. And tabs or knots are added to display a sexy and capable side.

Cutout in the Chest


The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Suits


According to latest domestic market dynamics, the S/S 2020 four fashion weeks, and hot items of star and bloggers, suit will be the next popular outerwear item. This report abandons regular suit styles, and collects novel designs of suits from perspectives of the waist, the shoulder line, plackets, the neckline and fabric change of basic styles. These creative suits provide novel styles for the avant-garde fashionable brand, the athleisure style, the lady style and the young lady style.

fashion suits

Based on the waisted silhouette of basic suits, waisted designs are various through dart transfer and scattering. The featured waist designs are the cutout of YCH, and the waist arch bridge of Christopher Esber.

Tight Waist

Compared with previous wide-shoulder design, exaggerated shoulder line could create a nonchalant appearance better. Thus oversized shoulder pad is added to create a crisp visual effect for exaggerated shoulder line.

Crisp Shoulder Line

Based on the crisp shoulder line, exaggerated design technique is applied to the shoulder to express the big silhouette of suits. Pleats are also integrated into the armhole to show the exaggerated visual impact.


Double-layered plackets enrich the vision based on the loose silhouette. Especially the crisp and tough fabric makes a color contrast with soft materials to bring a design sense with both toughness and softness.

Double-layered Vision

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Feminism Suits


With the end of the hit TV series, Why Women Kill, feminism is once again pushed into the limelight. In the play, Simone, as a representative of the 1980s, is very impressive for her courageous and resolute personality. In the 1980s when the feminist movement took place in the United States, female power began to awaken, women were beginning to play important roles in the workplace, and the capable and tough suit looks were deeply rooted in people. The exaggerated shoulder, and the neat waisted design display the charm of feminism.


Inspired by the waisted silhouette in the 1980s, A/W 20/21 will highlight design in the waist. Previous seasons adopt the belt made of the same fabric with the clothing. This season begins to use the wide corset. Plastic structure and wide straps in the side highlight the waist.

Waisted X-shaped Suits

Collarless suits are mainly the simple and capable H-shaped silhouette with loose cutting, soft structure and no constrained sense. The slightly loose silhouette interprets the free, casual and comfortable feeling.

Collarless H-shaped Suits

Suits start to use cutout to add a feminine sense. Cutout in the waist makes a visual dislocation to form an X-shaped structure. Tabs or rhinestones highlight design in the waist.

Cutout X-shaped Suits

Inspired by tough and wide-shoulder suits in the 1980s, designers redesign the neutral suit with new aesthetics. The wide shoulder and the straight silhouette create a casual appearance, and the soft fabric brings an elegant and noble style.

Neutral Suits

Compared to previous seasons, mock-layer design in A/W 20/21 pays more attention to the contrast and the layered sense of two layers.

Mock-layer Suits

Wrapping suits bring a comfortable feeling. Wrapping straps highlight the waist, but are not constrained. This kind of suits is more suitable for modern females pursuing comfortable and casual style.

Wrapping Suits


The Fashion Trend Analysis of Street Snaps of Women’s Suits

street snaps

From pre-fall street snaps, we can see the oversized silhouette and straight suit be the key trend. Stripes on menswear are also seen. Checked fabrics are often applied to sets. Belts and cinched waists see a rise in suits.

fashion celebrities style

Classic stripes on men’s suits move into women’s suits. The textural fabrics should be underlined.


The oversized shape is styled with the broad shoulder and straight design to create a rebellious effect. The shirt and vest can worn to underscore the slick feel.

The Oversized Blazer

Checks are incorporated to provide a premium effect. The suit and pants are most popular sets. Tweeds also appear.

The Checked Set

Cosy and statement-making qualities are key. Belts work well with the oversized silhouette.

The Waisted Suit

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