How to use Patterns for the clothing design?

Next we will look into ‘Patterns’.
POP Trend reports are accurate and concise, while pattern graphic library
are more about support your divergent thinking. Let’s make full use of it now.

3D Pattern Simulation Demo from POP Cloud Design 2021 | POP Fashion

POP Cloud Fashion Design 2021 | POP Fashion

intelligent design tool platform
suitable industries: Clothing, home textiles, bags, shoes, fabrics, digital cloud printing

POP cloud map
minimalistic intelligent design tool platform

1.2D Virtual Try on
One-click pattern simulation, component-based template design, support multi-part different patterns simulation

2.3D Pattern Simulation
3D digital style online display, breaking the difference between design results and creative ideas

3.Similar Patterns
Intelligent image recognition, finding the same model and discover more similar contents

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Intelligent Fashion Clothing Design Tool | POP Fashion

The design tools are based on intelligent design and virtual technology,
aiming to help designers to improve efficiency and save development costs for enterprises.

Simple Inquiry, Pantone-Matching, CollocationThrough the compound screening of the 2 sets of color plates, we can easily find the styling materials that customers need, and provide a reference for single material color matching and related color matching recommendations.

Succinct and practical Plentiful Template Form PluralismThe favorite pattern is modeled as a finished product. The page contains more than 50 professional templates, covering many types, such as men, women, children, accessories, etc., which can be used in combination with all the materials in the design library.

At the same time, it can identify the local, uploaded material and the entire POP map.Case library is matched to find similar and downloadable similar maps at top speed.The case actually helps designers extend material and broaden their thinking

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The Polymorphic Lily Pattern Trend for Womenswear


Flowers symbolize beauty and hope. They play a healing role in this society full of anxiety and unrest and more frequently appear on clothes. The lily in Chinese culture is auspicious, respect and good luck. Its elegant appearance comforts restless souls gently. As for patterns, outlining, yellowing illustrations, abstract expressions and fine depiction contribute to lilies in various forms. The lily plays a key role in patterns, connecting garments with the wearer tightly.


Fine and thick lines outline the lily. Minimalist brushstrokes and lavish color changes reflect the vitality of blooming lilies. Brights give positive energy to garments. This kind of pattern is ideal for shirts and dresses.


From buds, petals to stamen or pistil, fine depiction brings different forms of blooming lilies. Tones are bright and lavish, enhancing the visual tensile force. This type of pattern fits shirts and skirts.


Twigs in fine lines depict the fragile yet tenacious form of the lily. Tones are light and fresh, emphasizing changeable forms and weakening the visual tensile force. This pattern is mainly used to dresses and jackets.


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The Beautiful Scenery Pattern Craft Trend for Womenswear

Womenswear pattern

In the post-coronavirus era, outdoor scenery symbolizes vitality and new hope, and will heal and soothe us. More and more brands draw inspiration from outdoors for their new collections or advertising campaigns, including Jacquemus, Gucci and Acne Studios. As for crafts, outdoor bright colorway and complicated crafts are employed to express good wishes.

Womenswear pattern

After the pandemic, clothes will pay more attention to vivid and intense colors. The blue sky, clouds, mountains and forests are combined with print or embroidery to decorate clothing. Unlike previous seasons, positioning print not only appears on front panels, but also pays attention to the integrity of picture.

Womenswear pattern

Vague mountains and waters seem to display the contradiction between ideal and reality. Based on tie-dye, the expression form of Chinese ink painting is fused. Placement embroidery integrates clothing with the external environment. Colors and blank make a contrast, strongly artistic.

Womenswear pattern

Furrowed fields and undulating terrain work with different colors to create geometric shapes, thus further creating patterns. Beaded embroidery, flocking and jacquard are adopted to make a stronger visual impact.

Womenswear pattern

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The Secret Land Full of Florals Pattern Trend for Women’s Loungewear


As consumers spend more and more time at home, they spend more and more money on loungewear. Online shopping drives consumers to have a higher demand for patterns. This season pattern is inspired by catwalks. Bold plant and floral patterns are used to create loose loungewear and bring a bold visual impact. Exquisite and dainty prints are used to bring a sweet and fresh style. Retro series is extracted from the past years to attract consumers who pay attention to environment protection.


Retro florals rise in Fendi and Dior, leading the return of the 1960s and adding a playful feel to cosy loungewear. These fashionable retro florals are added to loungewear to meet consumers’ demand for multifunctional products, fit for both bedroom and the beach.

Retro Florals

Mini size is used to create classic patterns or ditsies, bringing a subtly abstract, fresh and retro feel to print. This kind of mini prints is easy for consumers to accept and wear.


Eye-catching cartoon style is replaced by the soft hand-drawn prints and illustration-style plant patterns, with sweet slogans to add a playful feel. This kind of pattern is quite ideal for loungewear.

Recommended Patterns

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Spilled Chocolate Sauce Theme Design & Development for Kidswear

Kidswear theme

Emily and Matthew take out their favorite chocolate sauce that grandpa brought last week. They would secretly eat with their fingers every time. This time they take their favorite chocolate to their secret base – the tree house in the yard. The chocolate sauce is opened and Matthew can’t wait to reach out his finger. “Bang!” The chocolate sauce is knocked over by accident, and a rich sweet smell permeates the tree house. Now they can’t eat the chocolate but they can draw with it. The main keynotes are chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue. And terracotta, cloud pink and denim blue are paired to display a soft and elegant visual impact.

Colors Inspirations.jpg

The inspiration source is spilled chocolate sauce. Irregular new polka dots and geometrics are elegant and funny with the help of chocolate tones. Doodled stick figure made of various jams are favored by many designers and consumers with its fun and uniqueness.


The fabric like voile which is created by recycled polyester fibers, nylon and ultra-thin cotton with organza texture is suitable for layered match. Lightweight, soft and comfortable organic cotton and linen are used to create seersucker. Gentle checks, stitches, fading effect and washed effect endow the fabric with novelty. Sheen fabric after press-pleating has a superior and luxurious sense and textures, suitable to enhance the layered sense of simple styles.


Spring color palette dominated by chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue is expressed by geometric color blocks. As the main item, knitwear could be paired with washed straight pants with geometric color blocks, a turn-down collar shirt or a dress with irregular doodled polka dots to perfectly present new elegant leisure styles.

Clothing Collocation- Spring.jpg

Summer styles emphasize comfort. The pair of T-shirts and pants is the best choice. Cropped straight pants and loose pants endow the pair with more changes. A sheer dress can be worn with other items to add a layered sense.

Clothing Collocation- Summer

More Recommended Patterns

More Recommended Patterns

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The Tiger Pattern Trend for Menswear

tiger pattern

Animal pattern is still popular. One of the hottest patterns is the king of beasts- the tiger. The image and expression of the tiger still attract many designers. This report concludes tiger and geometrics or tiger and texts which are very fashionable and convenient to use. Hot techniques like doodles and illustrations present more fashionable tiger patterns.

T-shirts pattern trend

The hand-drawn tiger, the extended tiger head, or the hidden edge weaken the ferocity of tigers. Texts strengthen the layered sense. The form of graphic and text is in line with current trend. The printed tiger and embroidered texts can be combined.

Tiger & Letters Graphic & Text

Tiger head is combined with geometrics. Color blocks add the fashionable sense and the youth sense. Printing and embroidery can be mixed. Sequins can be adopted in color blocks to show the exquisite craft. And patch can be applied to letters in color blocks.

Color-blocked Tigers

Doodle is hot currently. Casual and ethereal brushwork presents the free and unconstrained attitudes. It can be printed or decorated with sequins in bright-colored placement.

Doodled Tiger

Illustration is the hot technique in recent two years. The scene arouses imagination. Hand-drawing and color blocks show the fashion and vitality. This kind of tiger can be patches in patterns of tiger and letters.

Illustration-style Tiger


The Exotic-Ethnic Pattern Trend for Womenswear


The tribal style is wild and primitive with maximalist graphics and colors. The styles from Southeast Asia and ancient elements from India, Saudi Arabia, Spain and African all provide inspiration.


ETRO is the representative of new traditionalism. The founder Gimmo Etro loves travelling and has travelled around the world. He has great interest in culture and history, particularly old books and apparel. His individualistic elements inject ancient patterns with modern vibrancy. Alice + Olivia uses paisley and maximalist frames with bold colors. Just Cavalli mainly show the wild style, and totems are necessary.

Runway Show

Square graphics can be spliced to add newness. The combo of square graphics, stripes and totems show the intense wild and exotic feel. Fine stripes create a sense of glaze. The simplified modern language is used for expression.


IP — Temperley London , Etro, Just Cavalli. The worship to nature is the basis of the creation of totems. Totems explain myths, ancient stories and folk traditions.


IP — Alice + Olivia ,Valentino , Just Cavalli. Vegetal florals are vibrant and can be mixed with stripes and geometric shapes. Embroidery, beading and hot mix can be applied to add depth and tactile handle.

Vegetal Stripes

IP——ETRO , Alice + Olivia. A variety of different and complex patterns are spliced to create a vintage, primitive and wild sentiment. Maximalist graphics and vivid colors add vibrancy.

Primitive Splicing

IP——ETRO , Alice + Olivia , Just Cavalli. Tribal stripes can be applied to tapes or appear in placement patterns. They also can be styled with other graphics for the head-to-toe look.


IP — Alice + Olivia. A variety of fine stripes are mixed to create a sense of glaze, which is modern, elegant and wild.

Fine Stripes

IP — Michel Klein , Alice + Olivia. Use a simple language to show the essence and style of ancient cultures. They are simple and easy-to-wear, and can be styled with maximalist items.

The Simplified Tribal Motifs



The Dream-Chasing Traveler Pattern Trend for Menswear


Valentino’s S/S 2020 menswear collection is fantastic. Valentino’s creative director and British artist Roger Dean joined hands to create the exotic Utopia. Many fantastic and surreal patterns, bright tones and different materials are used to show us the beautiful and mysterious journey.

catwalk style

British illustrator and visual artist Roger Dean is famous for his surreal style. His illustrations explore spirit and life, serious yet imaginable. His works of art are incorporated into Valentino’s new collections. Imagination and crafts are combined to show the mysterious Utopian journey.

fshion pattern

The quiet scenic illustrations in antique and soft tone create a intense sense of space.

Mysterious and Tranquil Scenic Illustrations

Beautiful scenery illustrations are full of tones. Plants and mountain ranges add a fuller visual.

beautiful scenery