Original Style Womenswear Trench Coat Clothing Collocation


As an item with a history of over a century but still popular, the trench coat is the classic representative of elegant and meaningful temperament. It is beautiful, versatile and graceful. So it is an important thing to have a chic and graceful trench coat in autumn and winter. Now let’s have a look at new collocation trends for the trench coat.

trench coat

When styled with pants, it is neat and casual and the drawstring can accentuate form. At the same time, with a hairband and a sportif bag, the entire look is beautiful and eye-catching.

The Drawstring Trench Coat

The versatile trench coat matching a skirt is suitable for southern girls, and in the meanwhile, the mixing of skirt and sweatshirt is warm and cool.

The Color-blocking Trench Coat

The microstructures like attached panels and the cutting or the misaligned design in the placket, matching a simple and stand-up collar knitwear, is designer style and added by thigh boots, is cool and charming.

The Trench Coat With Attached Panels+ Microstructure

With some fine details like workwear pockets and multiple row buttons, the mid-length trench coat and the retro check shirt show exquisite and retro style.

The Mid-Length Trench Coat

The trench coat with strong sense of draping and pleating mostly match draping style skirt, a silk chiffon blouse and a pair of tipped fish-scale shoes. The entire look sweeps off the heaviness with clear layers and slim-highlighting visual impact.

The Trench Coat With Shirring Sleeves

More Details Recommendations

More Details Recommendations

More Styles Recommendations

More Styles Recommendations

The Fashion Trend Analysis of Popular Jackets in Women’s Markets


In August, avant-garde brand sees a rise, holding 23%. Smart casual style almost stays the same, holding 34%. Girly&sophisticated style sees a slight rise because of the application of tweeds.

Analytical Data

Fashion-forward brands dominate top 10. The suit neckline is the direction, and splicing is popular in top 10.

Top 10

The cropped shape is often seen on the tee, shirt and sweatshirt. This season, it is also applied to the jacket. The broad shape and leisure decorations create the comfortable look.

the jaket

Tweeds gain traction this season. The jacket with the Chanel style is elevated with splicing and piping.

Tweeds jacket Fashion Tweeds Coat for Women

The cinched cuff stands out this season. The inside quilted elastic bands or drawstrings area applied to have the warm, cosy and sporty effect.

The Cinched Cuff

Different deconstructed details create a contrast. Contrasting or clashing fabrics used for main materials or accessories make a statement.

Deconstructing and Splicing jacket



Cyberpunk Hyperlink


Cabbeen collaborated with WHO MADE WHO to hold the Hyperlink party combining electronic music, installation art and futuristic technology. This show explores the relationship between humans, technology and future.


Hyperlink, a fashion party, attracted lots of fashionistas. This show combines cyberpunk and futuristic style. Cabbeen held show to nod to Neuromancer.

The Spacecraft

In this party, there are many “Futuristic People”, who are defined as hyperlinks. Psychedelic electronic music, neon green and neon lights appeared.

Fashion Bloggers Are Here

In this party, there are many “Futuristic People”, who are defined as hyperlinks. Psychedelic electronic music, neon green and neon lights appeared.


Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE mixes cyberpunk and futuristic military elements. Functional and practical details, full-print, Gothic typefaces and unique symbols are used to show uniquess. Neural networks, neon green and 3M reflective logos create a dark cyberpunk style. The burning totem at the back signals the awakening of those “Futuristic People”. This collection has been release on July 3, 2019.

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE features camouflage, neon green and city scenes at night to create a dark cyberpunk feel. Different outfits represent different CG identities. 3M reflective materials, anti-cut compound fabrics, military silhouettes, rock&roll, street elements are included. This collection has been release on July 3, 2019.

Cabbeen Design By SHANGGUAN ZHE style


Comprehensive Analysis of the Menswear Pattern Crafts on Trunk Show


Jacquard is still the basic technique for camo. Jacquard camo for S/S 2020 underlines the combinations of stitch, print and embroidery. In S/S 2020, Prada uses different stitches for different colors and 3D textures.

menswear shirt.png

In this season, machine embroidery is more delicate, and it also pairs with print and jacquard. Gianni Versace’s colorful ombre logo with flocking adds depth.

delicate fashion style

In S/S 2020, more logos and lines will be combined with color blocks. Jacquard are critical for color blocks with point, line and plane. Leisure and sporty knitwear is recommended.

Color Blocks sweatshirt

Jacquard, print and collaging are key. Off-White’s blue pullover features 3D jacquard stripes, and the jacquard logo on the back is curved, adding a vintage and artistic mood.


Jacquard patterns for S/S 2020 are more delicate. The visual effect is better than that of printing.

printing sweatshirt

Beads can also team up with print and embroidery. Valentino’s space and astronaut patterns are elaborate and delicate with beads. Gianni Versace uses asymmetry, ombre colors or heavy embroidery to bring newness.

3D print style


Palm Trees in Summer of Fashion Brand Scotch & Soda


Scotch&Soda is a Dutch fashion company founded in 1985. The inspiration of Scotch&Soda’s S/S 2019 collection came from mixed nostalgia, surfing, tropical plants and sailing hero Brutus. More plant-related elements are seen, and letters are not as popular. Scotch&Soda’s products are for sale in Europe, U.S., Australia and Japan.

fashion style

Scotch&Soda combines the poolside romantic cut and the 1970s Mediterranean tones on swimwear and casual and pared-back styles.

Romantic Vacation

Sailing hero Brutus is seen on girls’ souvenir jackets and T-shirts. The portrait of Brutus, sailing routes and smart styles are combined. The one-piece item is eye-catching.


Tropical green plants, delicious fruits and shells offer a tropical summer sentiment. Scotch&Soda combines these fruits and nostalgic stripes with ruffles. The mix-and-match ways should be paid attention to.

Tropical style

Palm trees and surfing are indispensable for summer. Scotch&Soda uses all-over plant prints, lettered tapes, romantic ruffles and pieced details provide a relaxed vibe. The pieced jacket with the broad leaf print is offbeat.

fashion style for girl

Vertical or horizontal stripes are combined with ruffles and bowknots to show playfulness and sweetness. The layered ruffles, raglan sleeves and bowknots are smart.



18/19 Autumn Winter Sweet Dress of Kidswear Designer Brand


Dresses are must-haves for girls in all seasons. This time, designers update dresses with silhouettes, details, materials and techniques. High-waist shirring, vivid ruffle, sheer fabric and splicing personify items.

fashion girl's style

High-waist looks are frequently seen in this season, teaming with shirring and sheer fabrics to reinforce a sweet style.

High-waist Shirring

Sheer fabrics are applied to hems to lengthen items, emphasizing a vivid aesthetic.

Sheer Hem

Ruffles are widely used on dresses in this season, appearing on the shoulder, bodice, sleeve or pocket. Considered or exaggerated design underlines a three-dimensional effect.

Vivid Ruffle
Color blocks and mixed materials bring visual interest, resulting in bold and creative dresses.

Unlimited Fashion of Brand MANAN


Founded in 2011, MANAN’s style is dark street. The main tones are black and white. Cuts, materials and techniques are offbeat and novel. MANAN employs new ideas to create unconventional garments.

fashion children's style

The mock-layer style adds interest to A/W. Different kinds of necklines and sleeves are combined randomly. Color blocking adds depth to the tees and sweatshirts.

The Mock-Layer Style

The exaggerated batwing sleeve is eye-catching this season. A variety of spliced details enrich the sweatshirts and coats. Lettered tapes and exaggerated letter print are extraordinarily bold.

The Broad Batwing Sleeve

The sporty preppy style emerges this season, being the key direction for most brands. The classic three stripes and color clocking add vibrancy.

Sporty and Preppy children's style

The half-and-half spliced long-line sweatshirt, exaggerated kangaroo pocket, weatherproof fabric, lettered tapes and text print add an offbeat twist.

fashion details children's style

The smooth and warm mink fur stands out. The knitted vest and dress is combined, and the back split is unique. The exaggerated and bold jacquard letters are statement-making.


In addition to the practical jacket, the British long cardigan is a new item. The exaggerated Chinese embroidery makes a statement.

The Coat

Pants have an important position for MANAN. The outdoor workwear pants and leisure sporty trousers are key for A/W 19/20. The dimensional multi-functional pockets, adjustable tapes and stylish camo all add interest.

The Statement Pant