The Queen of Spain fashion style is so beautiful

Queen Letizia

Many people say that the clothes of Megan in the European royal family are getting better and better. They are in the first position of the kings in the European royal family, but I feel that although Megan is dressed in diversity, it is one day a day. Like, but what is missing is a temperament and royal family! Compared with the British royal family, I think that the Queen of the Spanish royal family, the Lady Letizia, is a royal family and has a sense of fashion. Many people will say so Kate, and Kate’s dressing has also been seen. In the seven years of marriage to the royal family, almost all of them were very simple to wear, nothing new, so Kate has a dignified feeling, but lacks a sense of fashion, and the Queen of Spain has both, so say me More optimistic about the dress style of the Spanish Princess.

Queen Letizia and her husband

The usual hairstyle of the Queen of Spain is the kind of curly hair that is very feminine and feminine. This time, the Queen of Spain finally changed her hair style. This time it was beautiful and it was beautiful, and it changed red lips. Amazing beauty that is completely different from usual. It can be seen that the Queen of Spain wore a satin black dress with a sleeve in the day. The skirt of the dress has a very faint black embroidered flower, which adds some design and layering to the overall black.

Queen Letizia's black dress

But on the same day, Letizia’s hairstyle is her most extravagant place. The shape of the hair is like a goddess. The five senses of Letizia are very delicate. They used to be the female anchor of the famous Spanish TV station. The Spanish prince looked at it, so she said that she could still join the Spanish royal family when she was married, and later Letizia showed her wisdom, which can be seen from her dressing style. The Spaniard is very concerned about the local Spanish brand ZARA, so she often wears a few hundred pieces of ZARA clothes, and this is obviously for the local brands!

On the same day, the black dress of the Queen of Spain not only reflects its noble feeling, but also with such a red lips, the combination of red and black is always so classic and harmonious, you may see the British royal family Megan or Kate very much Less use of red lips, but for such a bright color royal family is generally discouraged to use, the royal family banned the kings are not allowed to use colorful nail polish, but Letizia has its own style.

Queen of Spain

This kind of style is not only from the side or from the front, it is a style, the left side is the braided style, and the right side is such a curled hair style, so the face of the Queen of Spain is simply awesome, and the day The earrings are also very exaggerated, and the combination of white and red on the top shows a luxurious texture.

I only saw the exquisite feeling from the Queen of Spain. At 46, can you see that she is 46 years old? It even looks younger than the British royal family’s Princess Kate. There is almost no headline and eye pattern. Her skin is very well maintained. She is now the mother of two princesses, but she is as slim as Kate.


I think she is more natural and refined than Kate’s Princess! And the other calf legs are also very good looking, so wearing a high heel gas field is even more powerful. Have you changed the hairstyle of the queen, have you been beautiful by her?


Prince Kate’s style from a few hundred affordable brands to Gucci

Kate's Styles

King Kate of the British royal family has been married to the royal family for seven years. Every appearance is so dignified, but Kate’s style of dressing has not changed in the past few years. It is very simplistic, so after you have seen it for a long time, you feel that there is no Fresh feeling. And Megan has brought a different feeling to everyone, Megan’s appearance is always individual and wonderful, very worth seeing.

meghankate's style

In the past few years, Princess Kate has been adhering to her classic royal style, insisting on the selection of big names such as Alexander McQueen and Catherine Walker. However, Kate has recently been found to have made some changes in dressing. Speaking of her recent transformation, celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage said: “Meggen brought a high-end fashion styling to the royal family. Perhaps it is this high-end atmosphere that inspired Kate to boldly enter the new world of Gucci.” The purple shirt with the shape of the black wide-leg pants is also a different way for everyone to see Kate. The £790 Gucci silk shirt is very girly because of the bow.

Gucci's green style

Some time ago, 37-year-old Princess Kate visited the Belfast Empire Music Hall. The £1,590 Missoni metal knit wrap dress, with her signature Gianvito suede heels (priced at £505) and the nude Mulberry clutch, has become a luxury.

The stylist continued: “Maybe it is this high-end atmosphere that inspired King Kate to venture into Gucci’s new world. For her, this is a new feeling.” Princess Kate began to try new brands and bolder. Creativity, including Missoni, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.

Some time ago, Princess Kate’s visit to Northern Ireland, wearing a £1,735 cloak jacket, accompanied her husband, Prince William, to the art center in Ballymena, County Antrim, and the renminbi was worth tens of thousands! Now the brand chosen by Kate is no longer so monotonous, and multiple brands mean that she is slowly starting to try various styles.

kate's black style

Earlier this month, the Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge, wore Dolce & Gabbana’s custom-made black tweed skirt to attend the Royal Foundation’s Mental Health and “Mental Health in Education” meeting. Kate has always chosen a solid color suit, this time also tried different fabrics and colors, black and gray reflected a full sense of high-level!

kate's pink evening dress

When Kate wears this sleek off-the-shoulder V-neck skirt to participate in the annual “100 Women in Finance” event, it is also a feeling that Kate is really changing. This is also from the Gucci brand, the exquisite mopping skirt features multi-layered pleated tulle and soft nude pink.

kate and meghan

And Megan still has a few days to have a baby, foreign media also said that Megan has stopped the official activities before the baby, and we probably look at the Look when Megan appeared frequently in the previous period, you can see Megan The dressing idea is indeed much broader than Kate. This white look, Megan with such a personalized hat, it really changed the traditional style of the royal family.

meghan's green style

And this set of green woolen coats equivalent to $10000 pieces, Megan Wang Hao is to wear such a very “aunt” color to wear a sense of high quality, Megan in the royal family less than a year of training, still quite Effective! However, Megan is now not going to grab the limelight with King Kate. Kate is estimated to have been under a certain pressure, so try to change it! In fact, I found that a person only knows his deficiencies when he feels the pressure.

Princess Kate couldn’t hold it anymore! From a few hundred high street brands to Gucci, influenced by Megan? I used to wear hundreds of cheap items before, but I rarely saw them recently!

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2019 Spring Summer Benchmark Brand for Infants and Kids


DENIM IN THE BOX is more ingenious on patterns and styles. In S/S 19, DENIM IN THE BOX released three illustration-style collections: Animals, Vegetables and Sky. Bright colors and funny hand-drawn patterns are novel.

Children's Style

Crazy Zoo
Big-nosed baboon, permed tiger and lion are key roles. This lively zoo is composed of graffiti patterns. Prints, jacquards, appliques and fringes all enliven up patterns. Paneling, distressed finish and rough edge make pants attractive.

Crazy Zoo Style

Crazy Zoo — More Styles

The exaggerated big nose, the hot-haired tiger and the lion are the main characters, and we present a fun and vivid zoo daily in the form of hand-painted graffiti. The pattern is displayed in the form of printing and jacquard. The details such as patch and three-dimensional tassels are added to make the image more vivid and the cost can be controlled. The style is based on the basic style, and the trousers have many highlights. The processing of splicing and worn burrs makes the basic single. The product has more highlights.

Crazy Zoo fashion style

Vegetables are indispensable for summer. DENIM IN THE BOX pays more attention to vegetable patterns. Leeks, peanuts, eggplants and carrots are all personified. Bright colors and sweet expressions are combined to be enticing.

Vegetables Styles

Clouds in the shapes of fried egg, fish and small hills are mainly used. Sun orange, iridescence color and sky blue are main tone for basic styles.

Children's Style.jpg

Sky — More Styles
The ovulation, fish, hills and other sky-like clouds are the main patterns. The sunset orange, iridescent and sky blue are the basic styles. The imaginative motifs are extraordinarily eye-catching and full of design.

sky styles

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20/21 Autumn Winter Simple Industrial Style Silhouette Trend of Women’s Knitwear & Pullover

Silhouette Trend

With the development of yindustrial technolog, people prefer simple and neat outfits. Simple unisex industrial style reflects that idea. Earth tones, grey and achromatic colors are mainly used. Loose silhouette could be matched with simple & sophisticated style. Neck designs are delicate, and ready-to-wear work style is included to emphasize structural lines. Stitches are paid high attention.

Fashion Trend Sweater

According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total, and so does it in Top 10. Color blocking on edge and changing stitches are mainly applied. On garment colors, neutral colors key.

Women's Knitwear&Pullover

Analytical Data for Pullover
According to statistics from Top 100, simple & sophisticated style takes half of the total. Street fashion and sports styles drop sharply. Modern folk style increases a little. Stitches and crafts are focused on. The application of patterns are used more than that of yarns. Geometrical color blocking is used in a small scale.

Silhouette Trend Analysis

Detail — Neck
IIIVIVINIKO and Nanushka use boyfriend-style shirt neck. Christopher Kane splices leather to stand-up collar and transforms extensive piece to a scarf. Leather on elbows shows a punk mood.

Knitwear Detail - Neck

Detail — Strength Structural Line
Changing stitches and accessories are used to enhance structural lines, delivering a traditional formal feel. Dividing stitches on Bottega Veneta’s V-neck pullover is three-dimensional and attractive.

Strength Structural Line Knitwear

Stitch — Print Plate-Like Striped Texture
Regular patterns look like plate print effect. Thick or thin stripes and different spaces between two lines on Le Ciel Bleu’s pullover are used to from hem-splicing effect.

knitwear swtich

knitwear swtich 1.jpg

Stitch — Textural Dividing
Changing stitches from dividing effect, making a three-dimensional effect. Akira Naka uses four basic stitches to enrich textures.

Knitwear Textural Dividing

Stitch — Heavy Industry Cable
Heavy-industry large cable is utilized to form three-dimensional effect. The rough texture neutralizes female subtlety.

Knitwear Stitch2

knitwear & pullover

Yarn — Metallic Lustre
Stamping or shining threads are utilized to show metallic feel. Veronica Beard’s bronze pullover has a distressed effect.

Knitwear Yarn

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2020 Spring Summer Unisex Style Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather Coats

Leather Coats

Spliced Bomber Jacket
There are lots of changes on materials and details of bomber jackets. Combination of distinct materials. and color blocks are the new trend.

Spliced Bomber Jacket

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit
Oversized suits are vintage. Wide shoulder and waistline-conceal design look masculine, breaking suits’ official and dull feel.

Wide-Shoulder Long Suit

Hooded Leather Coat
Tough leather is combined with loose and casual hoods. Men or women can all wear this style.

Hooded Leather Coat

Functional Deconstructed Sleeves
splits on sleeves are creative. Some splits are extended to elbow or even the upper arm.

functional deconstructed sleeves coat

Short Motorcycle Jacket
Motorcycle jacket is timeless. But short motorcycle jacket present a Rock&Roll feel, and women can wear it to be cool and casual.

Short Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket
Oversized motorcyle jacket is ideal for unisex images. Metal zipper, leather and oversized silhouette are combined to exude a leisure feel.

Oversized Motorcycle Jacket

Oversized Turndown Collar
Exaggerated necks are decorative, which are neat and handsome.

oversized turndown collar coat

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat
Drop shoulder is casual and slouchy. It can improve body shape.

Drop Shoulder Leather Overcoat

Drawstring is applied to leather coats, which is sporty and refreshing.

Drawsring coat

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20/21 Autumn Winter Women’s Fur Trends

women's fashion fur style

Sheepsink is high-class. It has swept almost all catwalks. Sheepsink can be applied on check overcoats or dresses. This report will gather trendy points of sheepsink: combination of fur and other materials, mixing of multiple kinds of fur and color-blocking effect.

fashion fur style
Splicing of Different Materials
The integration of sheepsink and other materials is individual, casual and stylish.

splicing of different materials trends
Large Color Blocks
Large color blocks can be arranged and mixed in plenty of ways. Color, pattern and fabric should be considered to enhance the effect of color blocks.

large color blocks fashion fur style
Hooded Coats
Athleisure Sheepsink or fur jackets have been popular. Cristiano Burani uses noticeable stitches to make garments refreshing; XII BASKET applies fox heads on sleeves.

Hooded Coats
Small Turndown Collar
Small turndown collar can keep more heat and improve neck line. Pockets on the front are three-dimensional. Short- and middle-sized designs are much neater.

Small Turndown Collar
Midi Coats with Waist Belts
Waist belt is elegant. The midi silhouette can better show feminine qualities.

Midi Coats with Waist Belts
Voluminous Silhouette
Sheepsink overcoats in large silhouettes are fashionable and functional.

Voluminous Silhouette fashion style fur
Straight Overcoat
Straight overcoat is very common. Its silhouette is neat, and the shoulder line looks clear and tough.
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6 Red Popular Style in Recommendation

Christmas is a holiday not only for foreigners but also for Chinese people. Red in China represents auspiciousness. What will happen if red meets with Christmas?

red style

We recommended the following 6 red popular style, which are eye-catching and dynamic. If you have not decided what present to give, then you could pick up red items.

Red Overcoat:

Overcoat is necessary in winter. If you’d like to hang out with friends or have a date, a red overcoat is outstanding and charming. With a white inner layer, the look is more attractive. With a pair of black boots, the colorway is suitable for the Christmas season.

red coat

Red Coat:

If you are not tall, this short coat is just for you. With a inner blue item, the whole appearance is fashionable. Jeans are classic and chic. A pair of short boots make the whole look stylish.

red style 1

Red Dress:

Red dress is popular with lots of women. And red could also be matched with green. Red dress in winter is attractive and energetic. But a red dress alone can’t keep warm, so a short military green coat is needed. This matching is suitable for not-tall women.

Red Dress

Red Pants:

Elaborate red leather pants are attention-grabbing and youthful. The top is white and furry. The appearance looks warm. The black shoes are matched with the white top. The red of pants can perfectly link the top and bottom.

Red pants.jpg

Red Hat:

In windy days in winter and autumn, a hat is needed to maintain your hairstyle. A red hat is practical and stylish. For example, the red cap in the picture is youthful. The same tonal matching is simple yet exciting.

red hat

Red Handbag:

Red handbag is the last one we highly recommend. In daily matching, if you are a little bit not satisfied with your style, a red handbag could help a lot. The small red handbag could liven up the look.

Red Handbag

These 6 red items could accompany you through the romantic winter.

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