19/20 A/W Women’s Sports Suit Loungewear


As people pay more attention to the sport, sports suit become more and more sophisticated. The decorative letters, stripes and color-blocking bring freshness.

Sports Suit

The lettered edging is applied to the hood, pocket ,lower hem, side seam and trouser legs, creating various look.

Sport Suit with Lettered Edging

The loose silhouette in pastel shade creates a feminine elegant look.

Color-blocking Sports Suit

The colorful rib on collar and sleeves enlivens the sport suit and creates a more lively look.

Sports Suit with Colorful Rib

The design of multiple straps create a casual yet sharp look, as seen on Ambush, SJYP and BOSS, while the necklace-like strap is original, referring Kith’s design. Chest and back are key positions.

Sport Suit with Straps

The lace-up design on the shoulder, chest and back can perfectly complement the figure and makes the item more stylish.

Lace-up Sports Suit

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The Forthright and Free Cutting Craft for Women’s Knitwear

Women's Knitwear

As people advocate a simple and comfortable lifestyle, the cutting craft of knitwear is gradually developing towards ready-to-wear, aiming to make life simple and efficient. Because of soft lines outside and firm lines inside and the neat cutting, women’s knitwear needs just silhouette change instead of decorations like jacquard, sequins and rhinestones. The neat and proper silhouette makes it favored by the lady style and the mature lady style.


Asymmetric collar tips are individual and fashionable. Compared with the past, it pays more attention to the contrast of colors and the outline. The concave-convex texture of stitches is the key research direction. The clear layers are quiet and restrained, forthright and sincere.

Diagonal Collar

The feature of sloping shoulder is asymmetry and imbalance. Different materials and cables arranged in different directions are combined to create unique clothing. The tensile space sense breaks the tedium of regular pullover, fit for early spring.

Sloping Shoulder

Layered match is reflected by the one-piece pullover. To avoid the heaviness of mock sleeves, knitwear in this season chooses light and comfortable scarf-style panels. Thus resting indoors and walking outdoors will be freer and more casual, and the bleak season becomes more flexible.

Layered Attached Panels

As a symbol of Hanfu, diagonal plackets are increasingly applied to women’s knitwear in the new season and become a major wind vane for the simple and sophisticated style. Neat diagonal cutting is elegant, simple, nonchalant, individual and calm with the help of plain colors and soft cashmere. Buttons can highlight the forthright and sincere feature.

Diagonal Plackets

Buttons replace regular stitching, and this technique is bolder in knitwear. Buttons in the shoulder and sleeves are casual, showing the free and diversified wearing styles. It’s also helpful for cutting details of simple and neutral style.


Recommended Styles

Recommended Styles

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The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Popular Knitwear Sweatshirts

Silhouette Trend for Women's Knitwear Sweatshirts

Vigorous and fashionable trendsetters of the new era have completely different thinking mode and brand-new lifestyle, and pay more attention to casual wearing experience and unique details. Sweatshirts with both comfort and fashion are the first choice for youngsters. Knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocate the wearing experience of casual beauty with details as the main and the silhouette as the complementary. This report will elaborate main points of the trend from “layer contrast”, “spliced materials”, “layered sleeves” and “bracket-style sleeves”. This report also recommends comfortable and good-looking knitwear sweatshirts to help with the development of the young and casual style.

Women's Knitwear

The loose silhouette and neat bracket-style sleeves are main silhouette points of women’s knitwear sweatshirts in the new season, and can strengthen female temperament. The soft and tough lines and neat cutting show the fashionable sense of the wearer. Crisp bracket-style sleeves are combined with details to show the fashion and leisure temperament. The sweatshirt of Les Coyotes De Paris uses letters and slogans as topstitches. Simple but powerful outlines reveal the confidence and uniqueness, very representative.

Bracket-style Sleeves

Different from the flat color-blocking in previous seasons, knitwear sweatshirts in the new season advocates more layer changes. With the help of color-blocking, ruffles and layered fabrics display the layered sense of the item. Compared with simple color blocks, the space sense of the item is tensile and fully shows the youthful vitality. In order to avoid the heavy and thick sense of two pieces, lightweight yarns or small-scale panel are applied to design partially. The style of LOEWE is one of the best examples.

Layered Contrast

Spliced materials in the new season highlight the volume difference between knit fabric and woven fabric. The light woven fabric and knitwear with ribs are spliced together, suitable for early spring. The soft satin and lightweight cotton shirt fabric brings a layered sense together with knitwear. Neat cutting presents rich silhouette changes.

Spliced Materials

Sweatshirts with layered sleeves are fashionable and functional, and show the layered sense and the 3D sense. As a decoration in the neck, the slender scarf lengthens the visual proportion of the top body, and is suitable for casual occasion.

Layered Sleeves

Funny designs in cuffs emphasize both vision and touch contrasts brought by heavy-gauged 3D cables and the flat fabric. Color-blocking, shirring and ruffles show the individuality of sweatshirts, and are suitable for knit items or woven items.

Designs in Sleeves

Tapes with letters or ribs are more decorative in flat knitwear than previous seasons, which is clearly reflected in the chest and sleeves. The orderly arrangement of repetitive edge decorations and color-blocking strengthen the layered sense of sweatshirts, and give a nonchalant, free and casual beauty to modern urban females.

Decorative Edges


Spilled Chocolate Sauce Theme Design & Development for Kidswear

Kidswear theme

Emily and Matthew take out their favorite chocolate sauce that grandpa brought last week. They would secretly eat with their fingers every time. This time they take their favorite chocolate to their secret base – the tree house in the yard. The chocolate sauce is opened and Matthew can’t wait to reach out his finger. “Bang!” The chocolate sauce is knocked over by accident, and a rich sweet smell permeates the tree house. Now they can’t eat the chocolate but they can draw with it. The main keynotes are chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue. And terracotta, cloud pink and denim blue are paired to display a soft and elegant visual impact.

Colors Inspirations.jpg

The inspiration source is spilled chocolate sauce. Irregular new polka dots and geometrics are elegant and funny with the help of chocolate tones. Doodled stick figure made of various jams are favored by many designers and consumers with its fun and uniqueness.


The fabric like voile which is created by recycled polyester fibers, nylon and ultra-thin cotton with organza texture is suitable for layered match. Lightweight, soft and comfortable organic cotton and linen are used to create seersucker. Gentle checks, stitches, fading effect and washed effect endow the fabric with novelty. Sheen fabric after press-pleating has a superior and luxurious sense and textures, suitable to enhance the layered sense of simple styles.


Spring color palette dominated by chocolate chip, apricot white and dusk blue is expressed by geometric color blocks. As the main item, knitwear could be paired with washed straight pants with geometric color blocks, a turn-down collar shirt or a dress with irregular doodled polka dots to perfectly present new elegant leisure styles.

Clothing Collocation- Spring.jpg

Summer styles emphasize comfort. The pair of T-shirts and pants is the best choice. Cropped straight pants and loose pants endow the pair with more changes. A sheer dress can be worn with other items to add a layered sense.

Clothing Collocation- Summer

More Recommended Patterns

More Recommended Patterns

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The Color Trend for Women’s Scarves in Winter

fashion scarves

The classic and traditional beauty comforts hearts cherishing things. Currently, a classic and superior scarf is warm and healing. The scarf is also a decoration for winter looks. In A/W 20/21, dazzling bright colors refresh clothing and accessories. Lively color tones are the basic color palette, and versatile.

color trend

Red is indispensable in winter. It is bright and gorgeous, and displays the unique charm of females. The warm flame is one of the key colors in this season. It contains constrained saturation and elegance. The brand-new flame adds warmth to the desolate season.

Flame- Inspiration

Flame is the first choice to pair with basic colors or fashionable bright colors. Hermes adopts various complementary colors to coordinate the tedium of a single color. It brings positive energy, passion and excitement to the item.

Flame- Recommended Styles

Slightly glossy faded rose has the quiet elegance of lavender, the fragrance of rose and girlish loveliness. It has the tranquil charm.


Scarves in girlish pink tones is suitable to pair with clothing having big color blocks. It works well for layered styles and color-blocked visual impact.

Faded Rose- Recommended Styles

Golden yellow with high saturation reveals confidence, enthusiasm and happiness, symbolizes sunshine and vitality, and inspires the joyful and pleasing emotions. It is suitable for everyone.

Maize- Inspiration

Warehouse is good at color proportions. Yellow brightens the ordinary British checks and gives a younger visual impact. Margaret Howell pairs maize with mature grey, bringing a rational and calm visual sense and meeting consumers’ demand for comfort.

Maize- Recommended Styles

Malibu blue symbolizes the pure and natural sky, and is very romantic and elegant. This elegant and soulful color integrates with clothing and accessories, showing the clear and attractive charm. It is pretty suitable for modern looks to present the modern urban fashion.

Malibu Blue- Inspiration

Acne’s scarf with rainbow checks integrates nordic warm colors with blue tones. The color-blocking makes people in good mood. The ombre blue check scarf of Paul Smith is individual, retro and fashionable.

Malibu Blue- Recommended Styles

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The New Gentlemanism Polo Shirt Silhouette Trends for Menswear

polo shirt

The polo shirt will be the key item of 2021 S/S. The polo shirt is not only the professional clothing of tennis and polo any more. After the style released by Polo Ralph Lauren is popular to become the teiban, sales volume of the polo shirt is higher because of its simple lines, well-fitting silhouette and the combination with sportif style. The attention is the polo shirt made in knit fabric will attract new consumers due to its breathable and moisture-wicking feature.


The polo shirt is renewed by different shapes of diagonal plackets and buckles, splicing different fabrics like denim and shirts, and different collars. The simple shirt is leisure and exquisite.

The Creative Neckline Polo Shirt

The zipper, as the new neckline of polo shirt, accentuates the simplicity of polo shirt and reduces the cost of the placket production.

The Zipper Placket Polo Shirt

Pockets in different parts have different proportions in the shirt. Various bright colors make it brand-new. Preppy style is the key tone of leisure fashion in this season.

The Decorative Pocket Polo Shirt

As the popularity of the sportif top, the sweatshirt inspired fashionable polo shirt style much. The color-blocking collar and sportif loose cutting inject modern youth energy into the item.

The Sweatshirt Polo Shirt

The fine-gauge polo shirt of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Marni and Bosie is softer and more comfortable. The plain shirt is simply decorated by bright-colored cross stripes to create the leisure preppy style.

The Knit Polo Shirt

The original summer style is the main look in 2021 S/S. The polo shirt has some new elements like the repetitive cutout pattern, the loose silhouette and aiming at youngsters’ market.

The Cutout Polo Shirt in Summer


The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Suits


According to latest domestic market dynamics, the S/S 2020 four fashion weeks, and hot items of star and bloggers, suit will be the next popular outerwear item. This report abandons regular suit styles, and collects novel designs of suits from perspectives of the waist, the shoulder line, plackets, the neckline and fabric change of basic styles. These creative suits provide novel styles for the avant-garde fashionable brand, the athleisure style, the lady style and the young lady style.

fashion suits

Based on the waisted silhouette of basic suits, waisted designs are various through dart transfer and scattering. The featured waist designs are the cutout of YCH, and the waist arch bridge of Christopher Esber.

Tight Waist

Compared with previous wide-shoulder design, exaggerated shoulder line could create a nonchalant appearance better. Thus oversized shoulder pad is added to create a crisp visual effect for exaggerated shoulder line.

Crisp Shoulder Line

Based on the crisp shoulder line, exaggerated design technique is applied to the shoulder to express the big silhouette of suits. Pleats are also integrated into the armhole to show the exaggerated visual impact.


Double-layered plackets enrich the vision based on the loose silhouette. Especially the crisp and tough fabric makes a color contrast with soft materials to bring a design sense with both toughness and softness.

Double-layered Vision

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