The New Interpretation of Conventional Workwear Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather

Women's Leather

First seen in the mid-18th century as protective clothing for work, workwear is made of durable fabrics with pockets designed to hold tools. With the development of times and the change of working environment, the workwear fabric has become lighter and thinner, and other styles like shirt outerwear have also appeared one after another. Workwear is equipped with a strong neutral style and simple looks. It is dedicated to utility and less decorations, which conforms with current trend of the minimalism and comfortable life. It is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

women's leather style

Hunting jackets mainly have four pockets to highlight the utility. Modern designs endow the hunting jacket with more possibilities through adding more chic elements while retaining multiple pockets and belt. In S/S 2021, geometric and cut are used as a guideline to emphasize the detachable structure, the flap and spliced materials, displaying a soft and tough image. It is retro but integrates the classic silhouette with modern aesthetics. The textured leather brings an avant-garde feel.

Retro Hunting Jackets

The denim jacket reminds of the gold rush of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. At that time, American workwear is loose, practical, rough and tough, showing a free and unruly attitude. The denim jacket is meticulous and casual. The street style can be tried to interpret elegance. Or the cropped silhouette is used to highlight the fun and lightness. Or soft splicing and subtle topstitch can be combined together to attract avant-garde consumers.

Classic Denim Jackets

Influenced by the workwear style and fashion function, outdoor clothing begins to apply workwear pockets, functional pockets and functional decorative shoulder strap. Spliced materials display diversified design techniques. Under the principle of subtraction, outdoor clothing pays more attention to unity. It chooses the same fabric or fabric in similar colors to create stacked pockets, 3D pockets and detachable patch pockets, creating wearable styles.

Functional Outerwear with Multiple Pockets

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The Minimalist Urban Clothing Collocation of Women’s Knitwear


With the rapid development of the society, we enjoy the fast-paced city life, feeling down-to-earth yet a little lonely. We are busy with life but eager to pursue true selves. We are social men, and also sober urban bystanders. Therefore, the minimalism becomes an important part of searching for selves and also influences clothing. The minimalism focuses on details, full of vitality, and particular about silhouette, comfort and the superior but basic texture. It is very suitable for the workplace clothing of the simple & sophisticated style.

clothing collocation

The minimalism takes up a high proportion in knitwear, and it highlights the silhouette and yarn texture. Based on this, the minimalism in the new season lays more emphasis on structure lines, outline changes and clothing collocation. Fashion bloggers on Instagram push this style to a peak. Sets apply buckles or belt to the neck or the waist. The retro dress has a lowered waist line. And there is also irregular deconstruction. These all display the brand-new minimalism concept of “less is more”.

Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

The minimalist undershirt emphasizes bright colors with high saturation. And stitch change is combined with structure to make the clothing more comfortable. It can be paired with trench coats and suit trousers with a strong silhouette sense. Exaggerated jewellery and bright-colored shoes make a strong contrast to display the individual charm of urban females.

Bright Color-blocking (Undershirts)

Irregular pullover cuts diagonally from the right to the left. Soft earth tones are the main choice. And the key is soft and high-quality yarns. Major designs are added to the neck and edge. Change of stitch and yarn is also a main design. It is mainly styled with light-colored denim and boots to show a simple and neat feel.

Irregular Cutting

The key recommendation is the sleeveless overknee style. And the tonal match is a good choice. Trousers need to be well-fitting and high-waist. The overknee silhouette could strengthen the proportion and make the wearer slim visually. Ruffles and overlocking make the clothing more exquisite and finer.

Overlength Cardigan

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The Artistic Portraits Pattern Trend for Menswear

pattern trend

Different expression techniques of the designer endow the portraits with different soul. In the latest S/S 2020 series of MSGM, simple hand-drawn figures have hilarious facial expressions, showing the slight fashion sense. Designers of Moschino wear Picasso’s classic paintings in S/S 2020 show. The abstract figures, color blocks and texts make a strong visual impact, very unique and fashionable.


Hand-drawn figures and texts are like doodles which record thoughts and jotting of the painter. Hilarious facial expressions and movements bring a relaxing and leisurely visual feeling. This kind of pattern can be printed and embroidered.

Hand-drawn Figures and Texts

Seemingly casual brushwork expresses the gesture exaggeratedly. The minimalist style requires exquisite skills to express the gesture and mood of the figure. Letters strengthen the expressive sense of patterns. When added with brushwork, the pattern shows an artistic feeling.

Abstract Figures

Figures in illustrations have exaggerated facial expressions, pretty humorous and funny. Illustration normally implies the reflection or irony of the reality. Good illustrations can resonate with people and highlight their individuality.

Illustration-style Figures

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The Craft Trend for Men’s Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Under the changeable fashion, warm and soft cashmere refuses complicated utility, and adopts fine stitches and the superior texture of the cashmere to display the fashion charm of urban business style. The fine-gauged texture in the new season creates an orderly linear space, adding elegance and calmness to pre-fall.


In the new season, business leisure men’s knitwear insists on compact stitches and meticulous beauty. Different from basic ottoman stitches in the past, this season men’s knitwear pays more attention to crossed stitches and the dense gap between 12 stitches and 14 stitches. The orderly crossed stitches create a tensile spacial sense and bring a 3D impact. Black, white and grey tones bring simple and charming fashion items.

Fine-gauged Knitwear

The structure of points, lines and plane is significant in men’s knitwear of urban business style. Unlike the previous seasons which adopt orderly points to create lines and patterns brought by crossed lines, the knitwear in the new season emphasizes the crossed planes more. The purl and kwise textures can imitate lines and gradually shape a geometric plane. The irregular contrast of planes has richer textures and comfortable touch than the flat jacquard.

Crossed Line and Plane

Previous seasons adopt rough heavy-gauged cables, while in the new season, men’s knitwear of the urban business style uses simple lines to be modern. Compactness and fineness become the key to fine-gauge. Rhomboid checks are not restricted to graceful cables, and use neat straight lines to display the clear checks, reinterpreting modern classics and easily creating an elegant image of business men.

Compact Rhomboid Checks

The combination of multiple stitches is a key craft to show the personalized business men’s knitwear. Fine-gauged cables are softer and more soothing when applied to cashmere. The stitch integrating purl, kwise and jacquard in a dotted line can create fine textures, with blue and green tones having moderate saturation to create a cultured and elegant image of business men.

Diversified Textures.jpg

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The Craft Silhouette for Men’s Outdoor Jackets

Men's Outdoor Jackets

The outdoor jacket is one of the essential equipment for outdoor sports, necessary for extreme sports like climbing, hiking or skiing. It’s thanks to the fabric and three functionalities: wind-proof, rain-proof and breathability, which brought by jaw band, breast pocket, inside shoulder straps and taping.


Throat tab can withstand the cold. And the drawstring gathers the tab when cold. Currently, the drawstring is fixed to the neck, retaining its own function and more fit for the market.

Drawstring and Tab

The laser seamless taped pocket is added to protect from wind or snow, and provide a closed space for entertainment.

Inside Music Player Pocket

Tabs are sewn in the waistband to join the jacket together. This design is warm in severe environment, and convenient for moving.

Linking Tabs

Straps are added inside of the jacket. This detail allows people to backpack the outerwear when take off the jacket. It is suitable for puffa jackets, parka and trench coats. It can also be simplified according to backpack shoulders.

One-piece Shoulder Straps

Seams are taped to protect from the rain in the outdoor environment. Seams are laminated to stick to the fabric, so the fabric will be more durable. Besides, with the development of technology, taped seams get narrower and narrower, so the clothing will be more breathable, comfortable and good-looking.

Taped Shell


The Comprehensive Catwalk Analysis of Women’s Delicacy and Utility Leather

Women's Leather

In catwalks of S/S 2020, natural keynote and digital style are influencing colors of women’s leather and fur. In terms of middle tones and neutral colors, retro earth tones and green tones inspired by environmental protection and outdoor theme are outstanding. Black dominant in leather is added to create a rich and calm dark color palette which makes a contrast with fresh and bright colors.

Key Colors

Earth colors are versatile and enduring. In S/S 2020, earth colors come back to nature, and conform to the trend of delicacy and comfort. The S/S 2020 leather series of Fendi, Tod’s, and Ermanno Scervino all explore the exquisite charm of neutral colors in warm tones. Earth tones are suitable for well-fitting and loose voluminous silhouette.

Key Color Tones- Earth Tones

Blue tones of S/S 2020 express human’s understanding of nature, enhance the simple silhouette, and add a dramatic sense to strongly glossy and solid leather fabrics. The bright and dynamic princess blue of Rochas becomes popular. The flowing gloss of Sportmax brings a sheen of universe to clothing, and displays female power in a calm way.

Key Color Tones- Blue Tones

Green becomes one of the important colors of S/S 2020 leather. It is born with an outdoor sense. The tonal match of Givenchy is reflected by different materials. Givenchy has exquisite and ingenious decorations, new expressing way and the clam and restrained color tones. Neutral tones with different brightness form various color combinations of Lacoste. Soft sea bubble green and calm storm green are added to make a contrast in comfortable and functional fabric, showing the urban sporty sense.

Key Color Tones- Green Tones

Motorcycle jacket is simple but classic. Cool rivets, unique and exaggerated design and classic pocket cover lead the cool street fashion.

Street Fashion Brands

Sporty leather clothing declines a little in S/S 2020. But its loose style brings a casual and comfortable sense. Color blocks and strings in placement add vitality, and bring a cool and chipper feeling.

The Athleisure Style

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The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Journey of Denim

Men's Jeans

Jeans are a hundred years old, but they still look young. Their vitality and changeable styles make them ever-lasting in the fashion industry. Jeans have come a long way from the workers’ uniform to the symbol of youthful rebellion, then to the high fashion item. And its invention is also quite interesting.

men's jeans

The tampered jeans have wide top but narrow bottom, and become the key item with various styles. Deconstruction and splicing are bold and creative in jeans. Splicing different materials is highly acceptable in the market, and gradually grows. The waistband is obvious in trousers of this season. The high-waist is lengthened. Splicing multi-layered fabrics as well as the combination of waistband and belt add more possibilities to conventional tampered jeans.

Tampered Jeans

The original straight silhouette is always the necessary item for fashionistas. In A/W 20/21, worn-out decorations will be the key to this silhouette. The worn-out in the knee and fringes strengthen the appearance. The zipper in the waist and the mock-belt also add some points to the straight silhouette.

Straight Jeans

The 1960s is an iconic moment for flared jeans. Compared with flares hot in 1972, flares in A/W 20/21 are more eye-catching. Well-fitting waistband makes a contrast with loose and voluminous legs. Metal ring decoration, worn-out decoration, text printing, buttonholes in side seams or splicing in the leg improve the exquisite silhouette. The stone washed effect can be achieved by preprocessing the fabric, or chromatography after eco-friendly wash and snow wash.

Flared Jeans

Skinny trousers are a kind of wonderful trousers design between straight leg and boot-cut pants. They are favored by casual brands and street brands because the leg cutting is fit for ergonomics. In A/W 20/21, more novel skinny jeans appear. Inspired by the new punk movement, skinny trousers in this season become more eye-catching with doodled texts in the leg, many metal rivets in side seams and large-scale worn-out effect in the leg so that skinny jeans could meet young customers’ demands for individuality and become one of the hottest silhouettes currently.

Skinny Jeans

Utility is still popular. Fashion designers create classic workwear styles constantly, but abandon the highly practical aesthetics. In this new season, pockets are less obvious and pay more attention to the size, length and stitch angle. Zipper and button are necessary elements and become the decorative detail to make one-piece jeans tough.

Workwear One-piece Jeans

As avant-garde consumers prefer the straight style, oversized silhouette becomes the first choice to replace the classic silhouette. Loose pleated jeans of this season reinterpret the retro and the classic through the voluminous sense, the casual sense, double layers in the leg opening or multiple pleats. In addition, they create a new fashion.

Loose Pleated Jeans