The Fabric Trend for Women’s Puffa Jacket

Women's Puffa Jacket

With people’s pursuit of living quality, the clear spaciousness awakens human organs. Simple fashionable and protective puffa jackets attract rising attention among female consumers. They start to focus on their true mental requirement and present their original willingness. With no redundant ornaments, the minimalism and practicality better fit the living concept in this quick tempo era. This report will not only meet the public’s needs of healthy protection, but also endow fabric products with fashionable sense. Its minimalist style and lightweight comfort bring a brand new dressing experience to urban women.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Recycled eco-friendly fibers uses stable green fibers which is made from fused and spinning high-quality scrap materials of mineral water bottles and filaments. The application of dope-dyed technique is non-polluting and also can decrease the damage to fibers and maintain the original spinnability. The fabric has a soft and smooth tactile and base cloth. The application of quilted seams, a post-craft design which is popular in A/W 21/22 women’s puffa jackets, not only satisfies people’s needs of recycled fabrics, but also endows fabrics with new fashionable features.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Recycled eco-friendly fabric has a soft and smooth tactile and base cloth. The minimalist quilted seams checkers have good plasticity in tailoring and producing. The loose silhouette with waisted belts can present a feminine temperament. The new outlook is suitable for every kind of puffa outerwear via splicing and contrast colors.

Women's Puffa Jacket

Bamboo charcoal fibers used the bamboo which has grown in northern China for more than five years as material to carbonize, and then nanosize it into nanometer bamboo charcoal powder. After that, traditional viscose preparation craft process makes the powder evenly distributed, and mix into polyester to become high-quality fibers. The fabric with many trace elements and carbides has a cotton-like effect, which can promote body’s microcirculation and is good for one’s health. Besides, its features also including deodorization, anti-bacteria, moisture absorption and air-permeability.

Women's Puffa Jacket

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Men’s Classics and Innovation Jackets at Trunk Shows

Men's Jackets

The A/W 20/21 menswear trunk shows add creative designs to jackets. Baseball jackets, workwear jackets and fleece jackets are still popular. Simple design is dominant, with some details and decorative patterns to be more exquisite and fashionable. The denim jacket appears in a brand-new look, and will become a mainstream trend in A/W 20/21. Pattern design is necessary for each season. Dynamic colors and abstract designs make the style more statement-making and avant-garde. The outbreak will also drive the protective and functional jacket to be a new trend.

fashion trend jackets

The baseball jacket appears in many brands for A/W 20/21. Style change, diversified fabrics and decorative patterns polish the style. The bead on the chest and embroidered letters make the style more exquisite and lively. Plackets design and hemline change also add highlights. Stella McCartney creates a turn-down collar baseball jacket, and the unique neckline adds fun.

Slight Fashion Baseball Jackets

Flowers, birds, insects, beasts and natural landscape are common elements of the brand. Abstract patterns make the style more avant-garde and fashionable. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan uses brand-new illusive thermal pulse print to make the style more sci-fi and futuristic.

Jackets with Fashionable Prints

The new camouflage gets abstract, digitized and naturalized. The pattern change is more modern, with simple bright decorations to extend individuality. Valentino uses the eye-catching florescent green and virtual pink as decorations to make the style chic and individual.

Transformed Camouflage fashion style

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The Fashion Trend Analysis of Popular Jackets in Women’s Markets


In August, avant-garde brand sees a rise, holding 23%. Smart casual style almost stays the same, holding 34%. Girly&sophisticated style sees a slight rise because of the application of tweeds.

Analytical Data

Fashion-forward brands dominate top 10. The suit neckline is the direction, and splicing is popular in top 10.

Top 10

The cropped shape is often seen on the tee, shirt and sweatshirt. This season, it is also applied to the jacket. The broad shape and leisure decorations create the comfortable look.

the jaket

Tweeds gain traction this season. The jacket with the Chanel style is elevated with splicing and piping.

Tweeds jacket Fashion Tweeds Coat for Women

The cinched cuff stands out this season. The inside quilted elastic bands or drawstrings area applied to have the warm, cosy and sporty effect.

The Cinched Cuff

Different deconstructed details create a contrast. Contrasting or clashing fabrics used for main materials or accessories make a statement.

Deconstructing and Splicing jacket



Is Coach Jacket Really Versatile?

For most men, coach jacket is almost versatile. Italo Zucchelli, the creative director of Calvin Klein’s menswear, once described coach jacket as simple, lightweight and unpretentious.


Initially, this coat was designed for baseball coaches. The elastic cuff, hem with a drawstring, lightweight nylon and snap fasteners are all combined to meet demands of various activities. The neat silhouette and cool shirt collar highlight the identity.

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N.W.A made coat jacket faddish as a street fashion symbol in the 1980s. This hip-hop group from Compton not only contributed to gangsta rap, but popularized coach jacket.

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What’s more, FBI agents also favor coach jackets. You guess right. Because of the outstanding function and the practical quality, coach jackets are chosen as uniforms. Without the golden chains and baseball caps, coach jacket is modern and upscale.

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Up to now, coach jackets have transformed from uniforms into daily fashion items. Thanks to the minimalism in silhouette and style, designers could conceive lots of bold ideas on color and material. Prints, fleece and high-tech fabrics make coach jacket in every season attention-grabbing. Almost all famous fashion brands have their own classic coach jackets.

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As just we said in the beginning, the matching with coach jacket is easy to deal with. You could pick up what you like to go with coach jacket. For example, warm knitted hats, basic white T-shirts, loose work pants, soft track pants or ordinary sneakers are all fit with coach jacket.

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The best match for coach jacket is hooded sweatshirt. Sweatshirt could add depth, and meanwhile the hood is practical and functional. To avoid be voluminous, you’d better choose the larger size.

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In addition, you could also wear a coach jacket in a normcore style. The solid color style, shirts or knitwear in the same tone and a pair of leather shoes could create a Japanese daily style.

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On most occasions, coach jacket can be picked up. However lazy you are, coach jacket can make you dress with flair.

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