The Detail Craft Trend for Men’s T-shirt and Sweatshirt

Men's T-shirt and Sweatshirt

T-shirt and sweatshirt items constantly occupy the biggest proportion of fashion markets for their versatility, comfort and cultural heritage. Therefore, there are countless evolved detail crafts. In this season, designers pay more attention to the structure design. The destructive structure design is noteworthy for its visual impact; classic double-layer structure design provides newness and continues its popularity. Rich changes and decorations are also applied on the structure of pockets. And with the development of craft and technique, deconstruction design has more possibilities and diversification. Notably, the distressed design at structural edges is not too extravagant but ingeniously integrates whole body with details.

Men's T-shirt and Sweatshirt

With more attention is paid to the pioneer structure design, destructive detail design emerges in the fashion markets. Loose T-shirt and sweatshirt silhouettes provide an intensive visual impact with the destructed structure. Creative tailoring is applied on flat tailored cloth to increase the structural layers and lead this detail craft to the vision of young consumers. This design well satisfies those who is pursuing free personality and unique appearance.

Men's T-shirt and Sweatshirt

Classic mock-layered design once led a fashion trend in the markets, and it is more delicate and ingenious this season. The double-layer design is mainly applied on neckline, sleeve and hem, which provides abundant layering visual effects in summer. And with the development of craft, double-layer structure is also presented on shoulder and front part through tailoring. No matter the creative design or reformed classic design, the mock-layer design occupies a large proportion in the T-shirt and sweatshirt detail design this season.

Men's T-shirt and Sweatshirt

Because of the extension of practicalism and the revival of functional elements, pocket design is applied by many big brands. In menswear fashion markets, the pocket design of T-shirt and sweatshirt is especially important. 3D patch pocket and welt pocket are rebuilt. Different textures will provide distinct effects. The additional pockets at unexpected positions increase the practicality and enrich the detail and highlight.

Men's T-shirt and Sweatshirt

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Fashion T-Shirt of Spring Summer 2020 Silhouette Trend for Menswear


Men’s T-shirts continue the street style for S/S 2020, and incorporate new influences such as functional patch pockets, Chinese characters and plaster sculptures. The most important point is that the whole presents a vintage and technical trend. The classic mock-layer T-shirts make a comeback.

fashion men's t-shirt

The functional style gains pace. Patch pockets, buckles and straps are widely used on short-sleeved crew neck T-shirts.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Functional Patch Pockets

Chinese characters start to emerge with Chinese brands attending four fashion weeks.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Chinese Characters

Classic plaster sculptures are reworked on men’s T-shirts through creative approaches.

Short-Sleeved Crew Neck T-Shirt -- Plaster Sculptures

Fashion webbing brings a street feel to short-sleeved hooded T-shirts.

fashion trend t-shirt style

Mock-layer T-shirts and letter prints are combined to show a vintage feel.

Long-Sleeved Mock-Layer T-Shirt -- Letter Print