Analysis of Fendi’s Women’s Haute Couture Items


Inspired by Marmore Romana, this collection explore different kinds of marble, which provides a natural aesthetic. The mosaics in the ancient Roman ship and Domus Tiberiana tiles show the elaborate inserting technique. Jugendstil’s quiet tones are used with light yellow, rose tones, earthy tones and gold.

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Astuccio’s stripes are novel, applied to shearling and sheers. Marble texture adds interest.

Strip-Cutting Furs

The fur coat with Astuccio’s stripes are warm and smart. The floor length offers an opulent edge.

The Floor-Length Fur Coat

Elements from Marmore Romana, the mosaics in the ancient Roman ship and Domus Tiberiana’s tiles were seen in the show. The slick set in ivory is worn over the shirt with marble texture. Other items show the sfumato effect.

The Marble Texture

The occasionwear item with the tile pattern was inspired by the Tiberius palace’s tile patterns. The patterns are diverse and attractive.

The Ancient Roman Encaustic Tile

Two-layer geo cutouts and small-scale cutout panelling are special this season. In addition to fresh cutouts, gaps and splits are strategically applied in loose items. Leather and fur are even combined to add a cosy and lightweight feel.

Cutouts and Layering fashion style

The empire puff sleeves can be applied to slick formalwear and dresses.

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The lightweight and translucent long dress with feather petals, beading and raffias are seductive and sweet.


The handbags at Baguette and Minaudière, shoes and other apparel details are opulent. Leather and fur in different colors and with marble texture are combined.


Catherine Zeta-Jones, Carys Douglas, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, Susan Sarandon, Kiernan Shipka and Zoey Deutch showed up in the show.



Fend’s Trunk Show about Men’s Knitwear

Fendi fashion style

Fendi can also be playful sometimes. Fendi’s rich textures and luxe designs are popular among modern noble men. In every season, its logo is different. The logo of Fendi’s S/S 2020 men’s knitwear is very impressive. The logo designs on ready-to-wear garment provide more inspirations.

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Simple logos are made through basic stitches which are also used by Moschino. Embroidery or machine embroidery are recommended.

Stitches for Logos fashion style.jpg

The logos also appear in blocks. This kind of logos are seen on knitwear, fur, suits and T-shirts.

Logo Blocks fashion clothing style.jpg

Classic logos are updated. The 3D pressed logo on the pre-sale item and the logo combined with graphics are interesting.

Updated Logos fashion style.jpg

Different yarns form the blurred boundaries. Offset printing and machine embroidery can make the same effect on read-to-wear garments.

Blurred Boundaries fashion style

The all-over double “F” design is classic. Contrast colors are used to update the logo. The double “F” pattern is created through delicate stitches.

All-Over Logos fashion clothing style.jpg

Letter stripes are what POP predicted in other reports. The new double “F” is combined with diagonal stripes.

Letter Stripes fashion clothing style.jpg

Logos on the piping are subtle and creative.

Logos on the Piping fashion clothing style.jpg

Most of Fendi’s accessories are knitted items on which logos are applied. This is a classic practice which can also provide inspiration to young designers.

Logos on Accessories.jpg

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