S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Brand Fashion Week

Menswear Brand

S/S 2022 Paris Menswear Fashion Week was held from June 22th to 28th. Most brands still released their latest collections online. However, the pure digital fashion show has gradually transitioned into a mixed form in the post-pandemic era. The offline events absolutely promoted the attraction of this fashion week. There were 72 brands involved in the show, including Louis Vuitton, DIOR MEN, LOEWE, Yohji Yamamoto, Hermès and Lemaire. Meanwhile, the classic French fashion house Courrèges(founded in 1961) will also return with the first collection of its new creative director Nicolas Di Felice. Dior’s cactus garden, Loewe’s disco look and the beaches of Rick Owens and Lanvin compose the hedonistic atmosphere of 2022 spring.

Menswear Brand

DIOR MEN — Inspired by the story of Christian Dior, Kim Jones invited the Houston rapper and musician Travis Scott to present this S/S 2022 menswear collection. Memories of Christian Dior’s childhood gardens are fused with the cactus-heavy Texan landscape to create a cross-cultural and cross-era fantastic runway, reviewing the artistic charm from the perspective of Dior.
Hermès — Abandoning the traditional formal wear, designer injects a sense of leisure into light-hearted and lively designs to outline minimalist lines, which accentuates silhouette and exquisite tailoring. Bursts of color and graphic stitching are used more in this season, and mixed multiple materials enliven the whole collection.
Louis Vuitton — The seventh collection of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton was named after the classic song of The Winstons — Amen Break. This mysterious, isolated and weird atmosphere creates a dystopia future, especially reflecting the historical track of Black art and culture. Except for the performance of multiple African artists and hip-pop music, the clothing of this collection also presents the unique personality. Oriental belted element, draped dress hem and athleisure baseball sportswear present intensive visual impact. These bright and eye-catching colors bring us a fashion feast.
Burberry — Burberry S/S 2022 menswear collection has released. The creative director Riccardo Tisci combined freedom with unity to jump out of the constraint. Sleeveless drop-shoulder jacket and deconstructed outerwear try to challenge the traditional principle. The flowing silhouette design is fused with abstract printed patterns and self-fabric straps. Classic brand elements are integrated into the theme to express royalty. Black halter-neck vest, outerwear and shorts are filled with the bravery of young warriors.
Ami Alexandre Mattiussi — The S/S 2022 collection L’Échappée Belle brought by the founder and designer Alexandre Mattiussi leads us to a childlike and mysterious amusement park. The boys in this surreal space are interpreting a romantic night journey and their carefree attitude.

Menswear Brand

Lemaire S/S 2022 collection presents the peaceful, soft, lightweight and informal elegancy, which is daily and relaxing. The light fabrics in gentle saturated tones are integrated with the unique and personalized concept of multi-functional wardrobe to meet different situations and people. The artworks of African American artist Joseph Yoakum are printed on basic light silk and cotton textiles.

Menswear Brand

The designer of Jil Sander, Luke Meier took us back to the early 1990s through the Eclecticism and individualization of New York street style. Pale yellow, pale blue, mint, pink, lilac, pale orange, sage green, tobacco brown and hot cocoa are edge-cutting and sensitive. Inspired by every corner of street, improvisation allows all the details to be casual.

Menswear Brand

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2022 Early SS Paris Louis Vuitton Men’s Ready-to-wear

Anyone wanting to know more about the Louis Vuitton’s Menswear SS22 Collection is in for a real treat. There is an entire universe behind LV’s latest collection and Creative Director Virgil Abloh is at the helm.

The collection is captured by the film “Amen Break” featuring GZA, Goldie, Saul Williams, Issa Perica, Caleb Femi, JIM JOE, Kandis Williams, Thelma Buabeng, Octavia Burgel, Lupe Fiasco, Julian Eugene Tsukasa Williams, Damian Eugene Nagisa Williams, Shabaka Hutchings and Malik Le Nost, and other friends of the Creative Director.

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2022 Cruise Christian Dior Womenswear Ready-to-Wear on Paris Fashion Week

A series of photographs of one of Monsieur Dior’s haute couture lines, taken near the iconic Parthenon in 1951, was the inspiration for the Dior cruise 2022 collection. In the heart of the city dedicated to Athena, Maria Grazia Chiuri reinvents her genealogy and tweaks the codes – art lies not in the object created, but in one’s ability to create – such as the peplum. The goddess tunic, evoking marble and ancient statuary, is resolutely ethereal thanks to its fabrics and handmade pleats, a chiaroscuro in fluting.

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The Analysis of Mixed and Diversified Culture Ahluwalia The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

The London designer Priya Ahluwalia won the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, and became the fourth winner of this prize. This award commends Priya Ahluwalia’s sustainable purchasing and production practices, as well as her efforts to tell stories for cooperated communities and garment workers. Priya Ahluwalia founded her homonymic brand in 2018, and won the 2020 LVMH Prize and 2019 H&M Design Award.

Menswear Designer Brand

Ahluwalia S/S 2021 collection takes inspiration from Priya Ahluwalia’s photos on newspaper, posters and in the 1960s protests in Nigeria. The palette of this whole collection is gentle, including mustard, forest green, beige and gray. Fluffy textiles are collaged together, and the patterns have various prints and geometric shapes.

Menswear Designer Brand

Patterns are spliced with monochrome parts to present vitality and playfulness.

Menswear Designer Brand

Simple geometric stitch appears in all the positions on the garment to separate colors and underline the durability of seams, fully presents its renewed property and quality. The patterns made by geometric stitches can improve the fashionable and avant-garde sense.

Menswear Designer Brand

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The Catwalks Analysis of Gucci’s Masculinity Menswear

deisgn Inspiration

This is Alessandro Michele’s fifth year at Gucci. Michele leads us to rethink the definition of masculinity through the nonlinear time travel to the moment of birth. Gucci jumps out of traditional concepts and rewrites the powerful male chauvinism. Without social restraints or power limits, boys are wearing Mary Jane shoes, stockings and skirts in bright colors and a well-fitting silhouette. Gucci breaks male rules and neutral beauty, showing diversified sides of men.


Star Guests

Gucci’s ambassador Kim Jong In (Kai), artist Maurizio Cattelan, rapper Tyler the Creator, musician Mark Ronson and actor Earl Cave all wear different styles to the Gucci A/W 20/21 menswear show.

Star Guests

Retro Check

Check is still an important element in this season. Gucci uses feminine and neutral designs to bring retro charm. Retro check set and fresh blue check fabric bring a lethargic and free feel, and display the retro and preppy charm.

Retro Check

Retro Knitwear

Knitwear in this season is strongly retro. The hand-crocheted florals, loose cardigan and color-blocked knitwear all bring a romantic and retro feel to the simple silhouette.

Retro Knitwear

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The Leather and Fur Trend for Menswear


With Gen Z’s preference of interesting and delicate details, multicolored combos and playful designs are the key direction for A/W 20/21 accessories. Dynamic embellishments and interesting patterns grab attention. Amekaji embroidery is often presented through intarsia to emphasize the homespun feel. Patterns include more scenes. Metallic accessories are cool and attractive for the simple and fine design. Tapes are short and delicate as well.

fashion menswear

Patches now have become a fashionable element to express statement attitudes. For A/W 20/21, Gen Z needs more statement-making and special design, and patches and badges with simple outlines and statement patterns go popular. Interesting mixing and irregular scattering create a delicate and fashionable look.

Interesting Patches

Decorative embroidery continues into A/W 20/21. With the increasing popularity of oriental culture, more fashion-forward brands are look for more striking embroidery patters. Amekaji embroidery with contrasting colors elevate the look. More lively, humorous and interesting patterns and highly dense embroidery are introduced into the mass market.

Amekaji Embroidery

Woven labels with logos and brand information are applied at the cuff, hem and pocket. The combo of woven labels, embroidery and appliques is novel and interesting. Text can be printed on checked wovens, leather and fur.

Novel Woven Labels

There are more colors in tapes which can be applied to the zipper, edge of collars and hem. Lettered tapes make a street statement, novel when applied to the collar and back. Tapes are shorter and more delicate.

Micro Tapes

Functional metallic chains brighten up items. For A/W 20/21, chains is more delicately modern through simply layering, back fringing and statement wearing. Single or multiple chains at the shoulder and sleeve are novel.

Delicate Chains

Studs symbolize the rebellious punk spirit. Influenced by Gen Z’s playful attitude, studs are injected with delicate, opulent and creative elements. Placement embellishments and trims still prevail. The combo of studs and metallic shoulder straps are novel. Checks, lines and geometrics can also be paired with studs.

Opulent Studs


The Animals Observatory of Winter Newness Fashion Style


The Animals Observatory, a fashion designer brand in Barcelona, Spain, was founded by Laia Aguilar and Jan Andreu. It’s plain palette and fashionable styles are popular among customers. For A/W 19/20, artistic painting elements are combined with popular colors to update products. Knitted items and outerwear are key.

kids fashion style


The Animals Observatory puts emphasis on color for girls’s knitwear. Jewelry blue and holiday red are classic colors reused. Deep olive brightens up the palette of A/W. Contrasting jacquard details on heavy-gauge items are stylish.

Girls' Knitwear

Deep red and orange are key colors. Jade green from S/S 19/20 is teamed up with artistic graphics and multicolored stripes to elevate boys’ knitwear.

Boys' Knitwear

Solid styles and simple artistic patterns in outerwear continue into this season. Knits, woven cotton, tweeds, lambswool and corduroy enrich styles.


Suspender pants feel a little sweet. The Animals Observatory adopts a range of fabrics and colors to add interest.

Suspender Pants

Stripes are common yet important. The Animals Observatory’s highly saturated contrasting colors and double-stripe prints are distinct. The disconnected stripes add newness.

stripped fashion style




The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Leather Clothing Street Snaps


Street snaps are like the record of a mobile fashion show. People who are photographed may be models, fashion bloggers or just passersby. However, their distinctive clothes reflect their extraordinary dressing tastes and become an important inspiration source of colors and collocations for designers. In terms of leather and fur industry, 2019 pre-fall Instagram bloggers prefer leisure fashion style. The entire look has bright colors and high saturation. The key items are the suit, the workwear outerwear and the trench coat. They pay attention to the subtle change of silhouette and superior leather texture. So the entirety is casual, comfortable, simple and exquisite.

fashion street style

The suit is females’ armor in the modern metropolis and the first choice of daily commute clothing. The solid color style is the unfailing classic and in 2019 pre-fall it is mostly in yellow and brown tones. The wide-shoulder silhouette extends from spring and summer to autumn and winter. And the waisted design weakens the previous sense of aggressiveness and add a little softness.

The Commute Suit

The practical suit is the key item to span the season. The design sense can be accentuated by cutting details. For example, the mock layer design splicing denim and extended plackets to create visual space, make the entire look more casual.

The Commute Suit Styles Recommendations

The shirt appears frequently in street snaps. In 2019 pre-fall, the shirt is loose and plays the role as outerwear. Added by tassels, it strengthens avant-garde sense and female charm.

Simple Workwear Style

The workwear shirt has a loose silhouette and is more suitable as the outerwear. Combining with the environmentally-friendly green, the irregular hemline cutting and the multi-pockets design, the shirt is more fashionable and versatile.

Simple Workwear Styles Recommendations

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Designer Brands’ Skirts


Skirts are romantic and interesting in summer. The classic silhouettes and details provide inspiration for S/S 2020.


The retro and luxurious style makes a comeback. Opulent decorations such as sequins, rhinestones and pearls on the skirt add a luxurious feel.

Opulent Decorations skirt

Contrasting colors and materials add depth. Different lengths make a high-low effect.

layering skirt

Shirring at the side of skirts adjusts the length of splits. Gathering adds depth.

Shirring skirt

Panelling on the skirt makes a two-piece effect. The combo of two skirts or the mixing of the sweatshirt and skirt bring newness.

Deconstruction and Panelling skirt

Frills are romantic, girly and feminine. Different colors of frills add interest.

Inserted Frills skirt

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Benchmark Brands for Women’s Elegant Sentiment Knitwear

fashion sweater brand

Elegance is a life attitude. In women’s knitwear, Elegant Prosper, JUZUI and PSALTER show the simple and modern spirit. For A/W 19, Elegant Prosper took cues from the Forbidden City, and used designs to interpret China’s imperial aesthetic. JUZUI joined hands with Liu Tao to interpret resurgent elegance. PSALTER explored the poetic world to show the spirit of modern women.

fashion trend style

For A/W 19, Elegant Prosper took cues from the Forbidden City to combine oriental and western elements. Dragons and clouds are put on silky materials panelled with solid knits to add a contrasting and luxurious edge. PSALTER uses horizontal and vertical cable textures to enhance the feminine vibe.

Silky Materials

For A/W 2019, PSALTER took cues from reading and travelling to explore the inside and outside worlds for modern women. Baroque print, puppytooth and metallic accessories enhance the poetic preppy style. Elegant Prosper interprets the special and charismatic quality via chevrons in similar colors, and the stretching effect accentuates form.

Poetic Preppy

Elegant Prosper, JUZUI and PSALTER use elegant solid color and cuts to accentuate feminine form. Refined fine gauge creates layered textures. The gentle and soft layout shows a “trickling” effect.

fashion sweater

Delicate and utility aesthetics are key for modern women. Tight or loose shapes show a casual aesthetic. Contrasting stitches at the neck and cuff, the outline and lines made of dots add interest to the minimalist style.

fashion sweater

White, grey and camel create an elegant feel for lady brands. Elegant Prosper and PSALTER opt for nude pastels for A/W to add soft and elegant glamour. The smooth and even knits are combined with lightweight sheers and soft lace to show elegance and romance.

Subtle and Graceful Splicing sweater

For A/W 2019, pointelle is smaller and denser. In addition to PSALTER’s carving-like textures, Elegant Prosper and JUZUI use stitches to show the fresh and airy quality. With simple solid color, softness and power is mixed to show modern elegance.

Fresh Pointelle fashion sweater

The classic Chanel style is elegant and soft. PSALTER uses lightweight yarns and delicate stitches to show fashion and simplicity.

The Chanel Style

The theme of PSALTER’s A/W 19 collection is reading and travelling. Ideas, experiences and beauties are incorporated into garments.

Rhinestones fashion sweater

Neat cuts, contrasting trims, pearls and image buttons add interest. The solid, asymmetric or one-piece necks show confidence in modern women.

Simple Collars fashion sweater