The Fabric Trend for Comfort First Women’s Sets

Women's Sets

As people long for practicality and versatility, comfort becomes more important. In S/S 2022, women’s sets shift their focus from fitted blazers to loose and casual silhouettes, becoming more comfortable and daily. Soft fabrics are used, for they fit both leisure style and formal commute, including exquisite cotton and linen, double-faced four-way stretchy fabrics, lightweight acetate fabrics and matte acetate-like fabrics. Their soft tactility further drives comfort, and trans-season and durability become a key trend for S/S 2022 women’s sets.

Women's Sets

Organic cotton, natural plant fibers and tencel are blended. Comfortable cotton and linen and smooth tencel complement each other, making textiles draped and durable. Besides, the fabric is comfy, fine and crease-resistant, catering to sustainability. Exquisite and low-key medium tones and neutral butter exude the classic charm and interpret the plainness, elegance and comfort of S/S 2022 women’s sets.

Women's Sets

Practicality remains crucial. And consumers look forward to commute and everyday designs. Casual cotton and linen work well for simple and comfortable suits. Neutrals offer casual looks.

Women's Sets

Double-layered four-way stretchy fabrics are crisp, stretchable, warm, soft and crease-resistant, ideal for loose yet neat silhouettes. This kind of fabric displays a modern and chic side and makes minimalist styles more fashionable.

Women's Sets

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The Comprehensive Analysis of Knitted Fabrics on Womenswear Catwalks

Womenswear Catwalks

The four major fashion weeks are held both online and offline. Generally speaking, S/S 2021 knits move into comfortable, minimalist and eco-friendly home style. Soft and durable knitted fabrics work with classic basic silhouettes to promote the knitted loungewear. Soft fabrics and layered match become the first priority among priorities. It has been a key trend to use trans-seasonal neutral light colors to create versatile knits fit for both lounge and streets, tapping into value-inspired consumers. And in S/S 2021, knitted fabrics focus on creating simple, wearable, trans-seasonal and multi-scene knits.

Womenswear Catwalks

According to comprehensive statistics of S/S 2021 womenswear catwalks, we can find this season knitted womenwear develops towards practicality. Driven by comfort and tactility, soft versatile cotton T-shirt fabric, practical loop pile, flexible knit, and mesh fabrics emerge in casual and practical styles, becoming key fabrics in S/S 2021 fashion weeks. They co-create funky fashion items that can be worn as outerwear and inner.

Womenswear Catwalks

On S/S 2021 catwalks, cotton single jersey remains key this season. Basic tones team up with shoulder pads, straight shape and placement deconstruction, to turn organic cotton, bamboo fibers, lyocell fibers and functional eco-friendly jersey with nanofibers into comfortable, versatile women’s T-shirts, quite noteworthy.

Womenswear Catwalks

Loop pile, as a perennial fabric for sweatshirts, teams up with statement-making designs to deliver a minimalist feel. Natural and light tones are dominant, and the surface is fine and smooth. Combed cotton or cotton blend is mixed to elevate the quality and exude a casual feel.

Womenswear Catwalks

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The Anti-outbreak Knitted Fabric Trend for Womenswear

The Knitted Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Because of the outbreak, antibacterial and protective fabrics are being snapped up by major medical manufacturers. Exercise and immunity will become the focus of S/S 2021, and people will pay more attention to improving their immune system through various sports. This season the knitted fabric will tend to be more protective and functional, and become water-proof, antibacterial, comfortable and luxurious to be all-weather and durable.

knitwear design inspiration

Matte Dryness and Comfort

This quick-dry jersey is always matte, adding an exquisite feel to the sportif style. Light tones with low saturation can further enhance the effect. The dry and comfortable touch highlights the matte surface of smooth fabrics. It is also moisture-wicking.

Matte Dryness and Comfort

Recommended Applications

Panels in a solid color or pairing soft tones with brights are used to create a fluent silhouette and create a modern youthful style. Seams and stitched edges are folded to weaken the stitch. It is suitable for the dress, knitwear and the set.

Recommended Applications

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The Fabric Trend for Women’s Diachronous Romance Lace

women's lace

In S/S 2021, Belle Époque combines the romanticism of a century ago with contemporary aesthetics to present the new classical aesthetics. As a classic fabric for Belle Époque, the exquisite lace is a symbol of gentleness and beauty. Florals and detailed textures highlight the softness of females. Twinkling beads and sequins bring a luxurious feel. Lace in pastel colors drives girls’ daydream to bloom in S/S 2021.

lace dresses

In S/S 2021, the simple lace is used as the ground fabric and printed by sweet ditsies. Florals are brighter, with ditsies and cluster of flowers to show the romantic girlish style. And florals make a contrast with the simple lace, bringing a layered feel.

Spread of Florals

Lace is fit for the mid-length dress and the blouse. Exaggerated hemline and puff sleeves bring a retro royal court feel to the item. The accordion crinkled hemline is playful, and the irregular splicing of different fabrics bring a unique feel.

Recommended Applications

The lace with fine textures is pure, misty and likable. This season, the transparent lace takes on irregular lines, minimalist and good-looking.

Fine Textures

The lace fabric with fine textures is fit for undershirts and mid-length dresses. The translucent lace can be applied to layered match. Or ruffles are used to sleeves to bring a virtual and real visual impact.

Recommended Applications

The return of Belle Époque drives the gorgeous court style to be back. Twinkling hand-made sequins and beads are combined with lace to show the feel of haute couture and the linear beauty and endow classic elements with new vitality. The mixed feminine fabrics optimize the romantic style and make the dream more splendid.

Twinkling Beads and Sequins

The lace with beads and sequins can fully display the entry luxury feel, so it is fit for the evening dress, the dress and the blouse. It can be applied to simple silhouette, with romantic ruffles. And the dress is dominated by X-line.

Recommended Applications


The New Interpretation of Conventional Workwear Silhouette Trend for Women’s Leather

Women's Leather

First seen in the mid-18th century as protective clothing for work, workwear is made of durable fabrics with pockets designed to hold tools. With the development of times and the change of working environment, the workwear fabric has become lighter and thinner, and other styles like shirt outerwear have also appeared one after another. Workwear is equipped with a strong neutral style and simple looks. It is dedicated to utility and less decorations, which conforms with current trend of the minimalism and comfortable life. It is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

women's leather style

Hunting jackets mainly have four pockets to highlight the utility. Modern designs endow the hunting jacket with more possibilities through adding more chic elements while retaining multiple pockets and belt. In S/S 2021, geometric and cut are used as a guideline to emphasize the detachable structure, the flap and spliced materials, displaying a soft and tough image. It is retro but integrates the classic silhouette with modern aesthetics. The textured leather brings an avant-garde feel.

Retro Hunting Jackets

The denim jacket reminds of the gold rush of the industrial revolution in the 19th century. At that time, American workwear is loose, practical, rough and tough, showing a free and unruly attitude. The denim jacket is meticulous and casual. The street style can be tried to interpret elegance. Or the cropped silhouette is used to highlight the fun and lightness. Or soft splicing and subtle topstitch can be combined together to attract avant-garde consumers.

Classic Denim Jackets

Influenced by the workwear style and fashion function, outdoor clothing begins to apply workwear pockets, functional pockets and functional decorative shoulder strap. Spliced materials display diversified design techniques. Under the principle of subtraction, outdoor clothing pays more attention to unity. It chooses the same fabric or fabric in similar colors to create stacked pockets, 3D pockets and detachable patch pockets, creating wearable styles.

Functional Outerwear with Multiple Pockets

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The Fabric Trend for Womenswear Shearling

Womenswear Shearling

Environment and the apparel industry have a close relationship. Shearling is eco-friendly and sustainable. Shearling is elastic, absorbent and warm. In this age, the premium handfeel is the direction for all wool products. The understated, nonchalant qualities work well with consumers.

women's fur

Polar fleece is hot for A/W 20/21. The rich handfeel enhances the visual effect and warmth-keeping capacity. It is airy and elastic. Polar fleece works well with the elegant and playful girly style.

Polar Fleece

Tuscany shearling is refined, soft, thick and curly, adding a sweet and warm feel. Fashion colors provide a premium effect.

Tuscany Shearling

Mongolian fur is fine, even, soft, elastic, curly and separated, adding a noble and slouchy effect. The solid colors are clean and elegant, bringing the romantic and noble feel.

Mongolian Fur

Swakara shearling is produced in Namibia. The unique regional features bring the lightweight, soft , reversible and shiny qualities. Swakara shearling is one of the best kinds of wools for high-class fur apparel. In this season, patched materials, stylish color blocking, diverse accessories appeal to the youth market.

Swakara Shearling

Different kinds of shearling are spliced to add a rich and interesting visual. Simple and playful color blocking is bold.

The Mixed Shearling


The Elegant Textures and Luxe Wools Fabric Trend for Women’s Coats

women's coat fabric

The soft and comfortable tactility and exaggerated graphics bring newness. Comfort and updating are the mainstream for A/W 20/21. Simple and luxurious flannels and practical tech are combined. Refined wool surfaces are delicately shiny. Geometric animal prints collide with wools to bring a modern effect. The newly ombre dyed wools create the new mixed graphic effect. The combo of checks and alpaca is in line with the vintage trend. Slow-moving yarns are used to produce overcoats. The delicate approach on graphics on wools provide a nonchalant and luxe effect.

women's coat

The artificial animal print wools have a delicate tactile surface. With the updating of spinning techniques and printing technology, the animal print this season is more subtle and changeable. Different grounds show distinct fashion styles. The layout of patterns and scales bring a modern twist.

Wilderness Aesthetic -- Animal Print Wools

Brushed fleece and two-sided tactility update heritage patterns. The ombre effect show texture. The continuous variegated effect form the layering ombre colors, creating a warm and artistic image.


A variety of checks and larger sizes feature on alpaca. Grounds in deep colors and brights create a luxurious and elegant urban style. In this season, the bright colors in checks add interest.

Check Alpaca

In this season, overcoat fabrics feature classic and new elements. Eco-friendly dyeing creates a blurred and flawed aesthetic. The rich textures of upcycled fabrics make a strong effect with heritage fabrics. The tactile and eye-catching textural fabrics bring a premium quality.

Recreated Wools


Flannels are simple and luxurious. The added soft wools with short hair has a variety of shiny effects. Utility polyamide and nylon are added.

Refined Flannels

Recommended Fabrics

women's coat

The Natural Beauty Fabric Trend for Women’s Overcoats


Under the influence of the concept of “reshaping the nature”, overcoat fabrics of A/W 20/21 highlight comfort more than maturation. Complicated crafts like brushed and composite make the fabric natural, comfortable and luxurious. Soft texture and melton with a exquisite surface create a classic and luxurious sense. Curly fleece brings a creative fabric for overcoats. Colorful alpaca and creative rainbow checks add vitality to the young market.

fashion coat

Melton is a high quality woolen fabric, and gets its name because it was first produced in Melton Mowbray, Britain. The surface of melton is fine, clean and smooth. The cloth is firm and elastic, and has fine plush covering fabric grounds. In the new season, melton is brushed and finely processed, thus the surface is softer and has a stronger texture sense. The fabric is warm, wind-proof and water-proof, becoming one of the top products in woolen fabrics.


The splicing of melton with checks, woolen and puffa is the key point of the new season. It caters to the mix & match trend.

Fabrics Recommendations

The oversized granular yarn dyed or the short terry are main expressions of curly fleece. The comfort makes it ideal for overcoats. The combination of fabric and functional elements conforms to the mix & match trend.

Curly Fleece

This kind of fabric is suitable for overcoats in all styles. The color-blocked and spliced materials can be the focus of various styles.

Fabrics Recommendations1

The alpaca is added by mohair based on the alpaca fiber to make it fluffier, glossier and warmer. The alpaca with high brightness adds more warm colors to overcoats.


Alpaca is soft and comfortable, and favored by many designers. Simple silhouette and creative cutting provides more possibilities for overcoats in the new season.

Alpaca fabric

Large-scale checks and bright color proportion add vitality to the unfailing check overcoat. Rainbow checks bring more choices to young market, displays the balance of the retro and the innovative, and is worth investment.

Rainbow Checks

The color proportion of classic checks is changed to retain the classic style and create a lively design. Splicing and large-scale application add a street sense to overcoats.

Rainbow Checks fabric


The Leather and Fur Trend for Menswear


With Gen Z’s preference of interesting and delicate details, multicolored combos and playful designs are the key direction for A/W 20/21 accessories. Dynamic embellishments and interesting patterns grab attention. Amekaji embroidery is often presented through intarsia to emphasize the homespun feel. Patterns include more scenes. Metallic accessories are cool and attractive for the simple and fine design. Tapes are short and delicate as well.

fashion menswear

Patches now have become a fashionable element to express statement attitudes. For A/W 20/21, Gen Z needs more statement-making and special design, and patches and badges with simple outlines and statement patterns go popular. Interesting mixing and irregular scattering create a delicate and fashionable look.

Interesting Patches

Decorative embroidery continues into A/W 20/21. With the increasing popularity of oriental culture, more fashion-forward brands are look for more striking embroidery patters. Amekaji embroidery with contrasting colors elevate the look. More lively, humorous and interesting patterns and highly dense embroidery are introduced into the mass market.

Amekaji Embroidery

Woven labels with logos and brand information are applied at the cuff, hem and pocket. The combo of woven labels, embroidery and appliques is novel and interesting. Text can be printed on checked wovens, leather and fur.

Novel Woven Labels

There are more colors in tapes which can be applied to the zipper, edge of collars and hem. Lettered tapes make a street statement, novel when applied to the collar and back. Tapes are shorter and more delicate.

Micro Tapes

Functional metallic chains brighten up items. For A/W 20/21, chains is more delicately modern through simply layering, back fringing and statement wearing. Single or multiple chains at the shoulder and sleeve are novel.

Delicate Chains

Studs symbolize the rebellious punk spirit. Influenced by Gen Z’s playful attitude, studs are injected with delicate, opulent and creative elements. Placement embellishments and trims still prevail. The combo of studs and metallic shoulder straps are novel. Checks, lines and geometrics can also be paired with studs.

Opulent Studs


2020 Spring Summer Womenswear Lace Fabric


The Scottish classic embroidery, chantilly lace, chemical trimming create exquisite dress or top. The application to the worn-out jeans, denim or suede jacket delivers a casual yet retro appeal.

fashion lace style

The lace embroidery on the ground fabric of silk and cotton lends a flowing and elegant appeal, with floral patterns and understated colors to highlight the delicacy of the item.

cotton fabric fashion style

The Scottish classic embroidery on the translucent or opaque ground fabric creates an immersive effect. The floral fabric, geometric patterns and the surface texture bring a stereoscopic effect.

Classic Embroidery

The lace embroidery on the thin and transparent tulle creates an effortlessly sexy look, it is often applied to the dress and top.

Light-weight Lace

With the return of the 90s reference, the retro chemical trimming revives again, and it evolves more sophisticated and original in this season, pairing with large-scaled retro totems and floral patterns creating a more glamorous look.